IBgard Review 2023: How Long Does It Take to Start Working?

IBgard Review
Daily Gut Health Support for Abdominal Comfort
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Irritable bowel syndrome and gastrointestinal disorders are common gut-related issues. Bloated stomach, diarrhea, constipation, and gas are some symptoms of gut-related problems. This problem can be really dangerous but today we have brought forward IBgard, which is formulated to support abdominal comfort. The gastroenterologist-recommended brand is gentle, fast, and reliable to support your abdomen during gut-related issues. So we decided to bring in our IBgard Review. This product works to the source of occasional symptoms and has a fast-action formula.

Furthermore, irritable bowel syndrome worsens when left untreated. It may result in frequent and irregular bathroom visits leading to constipation. Thus, IBgard is a formula that treats gut problems like cramping, diarrhea, cramping, gas, etc. We have dug deep into finding IBgard pros and cons, side effects, dosage, and many factors. Please read on to know its benefits and implications.

In-Depth IBgard Review | What is IBgard?

IBgard is a gastroenterologist-recommended brand that provides daily gut health support. It is formulated to treat occasional abdominal symptoms and utilizes patented Site-Specific Targeting (SST®) technology to help you relieve. In addition, its fast-action formula helps reduce the chances of heartburn. Interestingly, it helps deliver peppermint oil where it is required in the gut. It starts acting in as less as one day. 

IBgard is an herbal medical food treatment not approved by the FDA. It is designed to help alleviate the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, an often debilitating condition that can be difficult to deal with. Over the course of many weeks, its use has helped many people who suffer from this condition and its associated symptoms cope much easier. This condition can be debilitating for the intestines and is not entirely understood by medical experts. IBgard brand claims to help normalize digestion that Irritable Bowel Syndrome has compromised, help relieve its symptoms, and help balance bacteria in the gut microbiome.

It is suitable for daily use and supports gut health. The capsules are mainly designed to support abdominal comfort. Moreover, IBgard is powered by science and helps manage various occasional symptoms. It has numerous success stories on its official website

The active ingredient in IBgard is peppermint oil. Peppermint has used historically been used for digestive disorders, as its soothing properties help relax muscles, reduce hypersensitivity and take a bitter edge off the pain. The manufacturers claim that they use “ultra-purified peppermint oil, which is different as they have specially encapsulated “microspheres” of peppermint inside of a slow-release enteric coating.

Capsule-based peppermint products have been shown to be more effective and have reduced side effects compared to standard peppermint supplements. These capsule-based products are a convenient way for users to take the supplement and can be easily contained in a purse or pocket for use when one is on the go. The website of these products also encourages the people who are suffering from IBS to consult their doctor before using their products. 

Ibdard is an over-the-counter product that has been clinically tested and proven to improve symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome within 24 hours, making it a great example of the benefits that can be achieved by those who suffer from IBS. IBgard has developed a unique, triple-coated formula microspheres of peppermint oil, that delivers a capsule and 45% concentrated peppermint oil to the small intestine.

To support these claims, there are various clinical trials that were done. One such trial results have been overwhelmingly positive in the test group where 61% of the patients needed only 1-2 capsules to get relief from IBS symptoms which include abdominal pain.

Some products to try from IBgard | IBgard Product Details

Some products to try from IBgard:

  • IBgard
  • IBgard with Vitamin D

1. IBgard

IBgard Daily Gut Health Support Dietary Supplement

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as of June 13, 2024 5:26 pm

It is designed for abdominal comfort and contains ultra-purified peppermint oil. It is clinically shown to manage occasional symptoms like cramping, gas, bloating, diarrhea, bowel urgency, and others. It starts working in as less than twenty hours. Moreover, the herbal ingredients facilitate recovery faster. In addition, the product is available in various sizes like 12 ct, 48 ct, etc.

IBgard ingredients

It contains ultramen peppermint oil as the active ingredient. Furthermore, its other ingredients include microcrystalline cellulose, Hypromellose, gelatin, Methylcellulose, Less Than 1% Of Triethyl Citrate, Polysorbate 80, Titanium Dioxide (Color), Yellow 5, Green 3 and Methacrylic Acid Copolymer. Peppermint oil has various benefits for gut health. For example, it helps relieve stomach cramps and farting when having irritable bowel syndrome.

IBgard suggested dosage

Adults should take two capsules, once or thrice daily. They should consult with a healthcare professional. In addition, they should take it thirty to ninety minutes before the meal with water. The official website also suggests not to exceed eight capsules a day. Furthermore, if you miss the pre-meal dosage of IBgard, please take it with or after the meal.

2. IBgard with vitamin D

IBgard Daily Gut Health Support with Vitamin D

as of June 13, 2024 5:26 pm

The primary difference with this IBgard product is the vitamin D content. It provides 25 mcg of vitamin D to help your gut. Additionally, it delivers 180 mg of ultra-purified peppermint oil to your system. The product supports bone and immune health for a better gut. It states that people with any GI symptoms may benefit from vitamin D content. 

IBgard with vitamin D ingredients

It comprises ultramen peppermint oil and vitamin D as cholecalciferol as the active ingredients. In addition, the other ingredients include microcrystalline cellulose, gelatin, Hypromellose, etc. 

IBgard with vitamin D dosage

Adults should take two capsules daily. They can also ask the healthcare provider for more information. It can be taken thirty to ninety minutes before the meal with water. The official website suggests not to exceed six capsules a day. Furthermore, people can also take IBgard with or after the meal when the pre-meal dose is missed.

IBgard side effects

The makers of IBgard do claim that their product is encapsulated and also have a microsphere design that can minimize a few of these symptoms. 

As with any dietary supplement, one should opt for adequate precautions. IBgard may suit some people as it is not a magical formula to cure gut problems instantly for everyone. People may face side effects when not used properly or have allergies to ingredients. Peppermint oil is a natural substance that has been used for centuries as an effective way to promote digestion. Some of its possible side effects may include heartburn and burning around the anus after digestion. The makers of IBgard do claim that their product is encapsulated and also has a microsphere design that can minimize a few of these symptoms. The IBgard side effects may include nausea, vomiting, etc. Please consult the doctor if these conditions worsen or hamper your health. 

Furthermore, some people have allergic reactions to some ingredients. Therefore, knowing the allergies and skin reactions before a dietary supplement is essential. There are many positive results for many customers, and success stories depict no significant side effects with IBgard.

What can you expect from IBgard?

Of course, one should have the patience to observe the results of a dietary supplement. Interestingly, IBgard is a valuable gut support supplement that starts working in less than twenty-four hours. Thus, you need not worry about the results for a prolonged time. However, the only requisite is to be consistent and take the capsules daily for better results. 

Furthermore, it is a gastroenterologist-recommended brand, so one can be confident in using IBgard. Occasional abdominal symptoms do not let us focus on other meaningful life activities. So, IBgard helps manage these symptoms daily to lead a quality of life. People can take IBgard capsules daily to manage such symptoms.

How can you take IBgard?

Adults should use IBgard after taking the doctor’s approval. Children should not use it; they should use other medication and feasible techniques to relieve abdominal symptoms. IBgard contains peppermint as the active ingredient. Thus, it is not viable to state that it is just peppermint oil. Furthermore, peppermint oil is uniquely formed in tiny spheres in three coating layers. Hence, the three layers work to release peppermint oil to the source of occasional symptoms. A gradual release is a gentle approach to relieving the abdominal symptoms. Hence, unlike single coating technology, the product has a unique formula to relieve many symptoms. 

Additionally, it has other ingredients that add to its overall effectiveness. IBgard is a valuable product that helps treat occasional abdominal symptoms in many ways. It uses ultra-purified peppermint oil to support your gut. IBgard customer success stories help us a lot in understanding its benefits. Thus, IBgard facilitates the stomach with peppermint oil. Since time immemorial, peppermint oil has been used as a traditional remedy to treat cough. In addition, it helps relieve gut issues like cramping, bloating, and others.

Where can you buy IBgard? | IBgard Pricing

It is recommended to take a total of six capsules of IBgard daily for four weeks when IBS symptoms are active. This is because taking IBgard daily results in a significant improvement in symptoms. While the cost of a 48-capsule box IBgard on Amazon is $29.48, which would last about 8 days, when you don’t have any active symptoms, it is recommended that you take only 2 capsules. You can also buy IBgard from other online retailers like (Nestlé Health Science) Walmart, Target, CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens. The cost would vary depending on the retailer.

Symptoms of Irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome influences the large intestine and results in abdominal pain. Its symptoms include gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and others. These are the mild symptoms, and they even worsen when you do not treat them properly. The severity of irritable bowel syndrome may reduce with some stress management activities and lifestyle changes. However, these tactics may not work for everyone in every situation. It is essential to see the doctor when the intensity of the syndrome increases. If you experience difficulty swallowing and frequent vomiting, please visit the doctor. In addition, you must not take unexplained diarrhea lightly.

Causes of irritable bowel syndrome

It is essential to know the potential causes of irritable bowel syndrome. Moreover, the major cause would be bacterial infections in the digestive tract. In rare situations, unpleasant or unhappening life events can cause the syndrome. In addition, food intolerances may cause irritable bowel syndrome in most people. Many times, some mental disorders like anxiety and depression cause such syndrome. It is better to treat irritable bowel syndrome before it worsens and causes other problems.

IBgard Daily Gut Health Support Dietary Supplement

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🌟 IBgard FAQs

Is IBgard safe?

After reading many of the reviews online, IBgard seems to be safe but for short-term use. At the same time, some people can experience heartburn or anal burning because of peppermint oil. Also, in some rare cases, few people might also be allergic to peppermint oil.

Does IBgard really work?

Research conducted on 72 patients in 2016 showed that IBgard worked well in reducing the symptoms of IBS. Also, a study that was done in 2017 showed that peppermint oil could temporarily reduce the symptoms of IBS.

Can IBgard be considered a probiotic?

No, IBgard is not a probiotic product as probiotics contain microorganisms that offer other health benefits to the body, whereas IBgard intends to treat irritable bowel syndrome symptoms by using the chemical properties of methanol within the peppermint oil as its active ingredient.

Can you take IBgard daily?

As stated in our IBgard review, the recommended adult dosage is 2 capsules three times a day. It should be taken at least 30 to 90 minutes before each meal with water. You should not take more than six capsules per day.

Does IBgard work immediately?

IBgard has come up with a unique triple-coated, sustained released formula that delivers a capsule with 45% I-Menthol (concentrated peppermint oil) to the small intestine. Research even concluded that 75.6% of patients surveyed reported improvement in the symptoms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease within 1-2 hours.

Does IBgard give you relief from acid reflux?

Our review found that IBgard is not intended to treat or cure acid reflux. The only comment we can make is that IBgard has a unique enteric coating that can reduce acid reflux in comparison to uncoated peppermint products. In contrast, some people can even develop acid reflux by taking peppermint oil products.

Can IBgard work on gases?

IBGard releases peppermint oil into the digestive tract of its users, which helps to relax the bowel and relieve discomfort. You can take it either as a source of relief or as preventive medication to avoid experiencing any gastrointestinal issues.

Can you take IBgard without doctors prescriptions?

IBgard® does not require a prescription, but it must be used under medical supervision. You also need to know that IBS requires diagnosis from a proper health care physician. The adult dosage of IBgard is about 2 capsules per day.

Can you take IBgard empty stomach?

IBgard must be taken with water empty stomach at least 30–90 minutes before a meal. Also, people with any medical condition should consult a doctor taking IBgard or any supplemental product for safety purposes.

Whats the difference between IBgard and Peppermint Oil?

As discussed in our review, peppermint oil is the active ingredient in IBgard. Also, IBgard is advertised as being different from the standard peppermint oil products as it has a special coating that allows the oil to reach the small intestine.

Can IBgard help in constipation?

As discussed in our review, IBgard has shown significant improvement in a group of patients with IBS with both constipation and diarrhea. It has also shown improvement in patients with diarrhea-predominant IBS.

After how many hours after meal can you take IBgard?

You can take IBgard pills 30 to 90 minutes before your meal with water. And if you miss your pre-meal dose, you can take it after your meal as well.

Which probiotic is best for IBS?

Probiotics are essential to the digestive health of many people, and Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium probiotics are among the best strains to consider taking for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. You can also look for gluten-free brands which have a high number of colony-forming units(CFU) to get the best results. Another strain is the S. boulardii, which is a beneficial strain that is yeast.

Final Words: IBgard Review

IBgard has useful products with many valuable active ingredients to support gut health. It does so with its peppermint oil, which has many benefits for your digestive health. Of course, we need more data and research to find more benefits of peppermint oil for gut health. Irritable bowel syndrome can cause various problems in the later stages of life, so an effective treatment and diagnosis is required. It can hamper your quality of life and even result in bad constipation and unpleasant bathroom visits. We hope our detailed IBgard review helps you know the product for gut health. Again, we will develop an exciting article to boost your understanding.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned with us for more updates.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is from different internet sources and may update. We advise you to consult your healthcare provider before availing yourself of any IBgard products. Before use, you should know its pros and cons, benefits, side effects, drawbacks, and other implications. 
9.5Expert Score
IBgard Review

IBgard uses peppermint oil to help the digestive tract, so it can help you with any digestive issues.

Ingredient quality
Value for money
Easy to swallow
  • IBgard has peppermint oil and delivers purity in an ultra-purified form.
  • The ones having gut problems and fed up with bloating and cramping can use it.
  • The product comes as capsules and is viable to take premeal.
  • The best thing is it is feasible for the ones who miss the premeal dose.
  • It can also be taken with the meal
  • hence people need not worry about the dosage.
  • It covers many gut problems in a unique solution.
  • The gastroenterologist-recommended brand also works after a meal.
  • IBgard helps the digestive tract with peppermint oil, so it helps you relieve any problems related to the gut.
  • It works for gas and bloating.
  • IBgard is safe when used correctly.
  • Its effects may also vary from person to person.
IBgard with vitamin D
IBgard is specially designed to promote abdominal comfort; it begins to work in as little as 24 hours.
Daily Gut Health Support for Abdominal Comfort
IBgard Review 2023: How Long Does It Take to Start Working?
IBgard Review 2023: How Long Does It Take to Start Working?
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