Just Thrive Probiotic Review 2023: Is it Worth Using?

A good and healthy digestive system leads to overall good health, both physically and mentally. Digestive disorders are many and each one of them can cause discomfort and give rise to other related health issues. It is thus very important to have a healthy digestive system. The foundation of a healthy lifestyle is a healthy digestive and immune system.

Probiotic supplements target the effective working of the digestive tract in the human body. Among the many probiotic supplements found in today’s world, the Just Thrive probiotic stands at number 1. Let us review this probiotic supplement to understand its efficacy and worth.

Detailed Just Thrive Probiotic Review – What is Just Thrive Probiotic?

Just Thrive Probiotic and antioxidant is a unique blend of probiotics that is indeed very promising. Studies have revealed that the 100 trillion bacteria cells in the digestive system deeply affect our overall health and wellness. Their most important role is the digestion and assimilation of nutrients from food.

A probiotic is NOT a “probiotic” unless it enters the site of action (the intestines) alive where it works to provide probiotic benefits. A living active probiotic is critical to good health and well-being and that is found inside this supplement. Just Thrive is the latest probiotic whose proven results have exceeded the strength and effectiveness of the 3 most popular sources of probiotics – yogurt, Greek yogurt, and the top probiotic supplement sold at supermarkets.

Because Just Thrive probiotic survives completely, it’s able to assist in digestion, aid healthy bowel movement, produce important nutrients and antioxidants, as well as strengthen the immune system.

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Delivers Beneficial Antioxidants
Just Thrive Probiotic is the perfect choice for a potent and effective probiotic solution in one single capsule!

Unique Features of Just Thrive Probiotic

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten-free
  • Soy free
  • Dairy-free
  • Supports immune health in the intestine where over 70% of it lives
  • Paleo and Keto Friendly
  • Special Ingredients Probiotic Blend
  • Wheat free
  • Artificial flavor free
  • Devoid of artificial colors
  • Aids in Digestion
  • Supports a healthy bowel
  • 100% Survivability
  • Produces important nutrients, including antioxidants, at the site of absorption
  • Helps manage favorable bacteria balance and offers digestive health support.
  • no binders
  • no fillers
  • no flow agents
  • no GMO

Flavor:  Unflavored

Servings: 30

Dosage: 1 Capsule(s). It is recommended that adults and Children above the age of 6 take 1 capsule per day or as directed by your physician. You can also open the capsules and mixed with food for consumption.

Supplement Facts

  • Serving Size: 1 Capsule
  • Servings Per Container: 30
  • Amount Per Serving      
  • Proprietary Probiotic Blend: 500 mg 

Benefits of Just Thrive – Why you need Just Thrive?

Just Thrive is among the next generation of probiotic supplements that capture the power of centuries of nature’s design. Its specific bacilli formulation guarantees the survivability of the probiotics in the stomach and upper digestive system. It not only supports the digestive system and immune system stimulation, but it also provides antioxidants directly to the GI Tract through the patented probiotic strain called Bacillus Indicus HU36.

The usefulness of Just thrive probiotic

1000x survivability: probiotics can help regulate healthy microbiome balance in your gut only if they make it there! Just thrive probiotic is a 100% spore-based probiotic formula that has 1000x enhanced survivability, meaning it survives the unfavorable stomach environment and provides strong antioxidants and probiotics where you need them.

Delivers beneficial antioxidants: This proprietary blend consists of a patented strain called Bacillus indicus HU36, which produces antioxidants in the gut, where they can be absorbed in the best possible manner by your body.

Supports optimum gut microbiome balance: The four probiotic strains are chosen for their ability to survive, offer strong digestive support, provide nutrient absorption, and help maintain balanced intestinal flora.

Helps recondition the gut: your gut needs tender love and care. This probiotic blend works to eliminate harmful microorganisms, letting the good ones grow and thrive and overall supporting the health of your entire body.

QUALITY PROMISE: Just Thrive focuses on providing good health, and thus they ensure the integrity and quality of their products. They believe that everyone, including your pet, deserves to consume an effective, top-quality supplement to not just feel good but to thrive!

If these probiotics colonize the digestive tract, why would we need them every day?? How long can you take them?

There are many reasons why the recommended dosage is one every day. First, even though these strains colonize, they are not permanent because they eventually exit the body. Research bears evidence that these strains have a 21-28 day lifespan in the gut. Moreover, while they are there for that 21-28 day span, they are working in different regions of the intestinal tract. They travel from the small intestines to the distal colon, performing different functions in various sections of the digestive tract.

It’s okay to take a maintenance dose of one capsule of Just Thrive probiotic every day or even every third day, especially after an issue has been treated. However, it is ideal for taking the spores regularly because our gut faces attacks daily by environmental toxins, antibiotics, glyphosates, stress, and others. So, it’s important to offer support to our good bacteria and regularly eliminate our bad bacteria. Therefore, we recommend taking the Just Thrive probiotic blend regularly to give the good bacteria all the support to help win that daily bout with the bad bacteria.

The directions say that the capsules can also be opened and mixed with food for consumption. Can it also be mixed with water or a hot beverage? Yes, the capsule can be opened, and the content can be mixed with water or a hot drink beverage. In fact, you can even use them while baking. After testing these strains, we found out that they remain entirely stable up to 45.5°F.

Warnings about Just Thrive Probiotic

Make sure to consult a doctor before you use this product if you are a nursing mother or pregnant or taking any medication, or even if you have any medical condition. Keep out of the reach of children.

Just Thrive Probiotic Shipping Info

Just thrive offers free shipping on subscriptions & orders over $99 only for the U.S.A. You can purchase shipping insurance to cover carrier damage and loss for $1.99. If you don’t buy shipping insurance, Just Thrive is not responsible for packages damaged or lost.

When an order is placed on their website, the order will process within 1-3 business days. After the order is shipped, most orders are received within 3-5 business days. A valid tracking number is sent to the customer’s email as soon as it is created. Users can also log in to their accounts to see the tracking information.

If you stand qualified for free shipping on their website, the free shipping only applies to orders being shipped to the Contiguous United States. Shipping charges are levied and calculated at check-out if shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and many other countries outside of the United States. Just Thrive is not liable for any customs or duty charges. All customs charges are borne by the customer. International orders cannot be shipped with expedited options. The shipping Weight of one bottle is 0.05 Lb(s).

You can cancel, pause, or change your subscription anytime as needed. You can also Change your shipping date or cancel future participation at any time by logging into your account or with a call to their customer service or email them at [email protected]. They will ship your next order every 30 days so you save time and never run out. Any coupon code used applies to the first order only.

Ships Every:

  • 1 MONTH
  • 3 MONTHS

Also, if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase of the product, you can return it to get a full refund, even if you return the bottle empty.

Reasons Why Just Thrive is Clearly Superior to Other Probiotics

What makes Just Thrive probiotics unique from the other leading probiotics is that their 3 billion cells actually enter alive in the small intestine, where these good bacteria start colonizing to improve digestive health and overall wellness. Most other strains of other probiotics do not survive the unfavorable stomach environment.

Just Thrive has a very special component- Bacillus indicus (HU36), which produces antioxidants once it reaches the small intestine. This extraordinary probiotic formula produces carotenoids (red peppers and tomatoes get their red color from this nutrient) in your intestines where they get absorbed into your system. HU36 produces CoQ10, beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, astaxanthin, and zeaxanthin as soon as it enters your intestines. This gives it the distinction of being the world’s first probiotic/antioxidant combination supplement.

Another reason why Just Thrive IS a superior Probiotic is that it is genuinely a “probiotic” whereas most of the products on the food store shelves are NOT; they simply don’t fit the World Health Organization’s definition of a probiotic.

What is the Source of the Antioxidants in Just Thrive?

A patented strain in Just Thrive called Bacillus Indicus HU36 produces a large number and types of antioxidants in the intestines where they are best absorbed by the body. Studies have revealed that supplemented antioxidants face difficulty in surviving in the stomach and so the actual absorption becomes low when taken as a supplement by mouth.

However, With Just Thrive probiotic, the digestive system is replete with rich antioxidants and these important nutrients are best absorbed.

Just Thrive Probiotic Ingredients – Just Thrive Probiotic Review

Just Thrive Probiotic Ingredients

The three billion cells of this probiotic contain-

  •    Bacillus indicus HU36   †            
  •    Bacillus coagulans (SC-208)       †            
  •    Bacillus clausii (SC-109)               †            
  •    Bacillus subtilis HU58   †            

Other Ingredients: Cellulose (hypoallergenic plant fiber prebiotic), Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose HPMC (vegetable capsule).

Just Thrive Probiotic FAQ’s

What is the recommended dosage of Just Thrive®?

Adults and children above the age of 3 can take one capsule per day or as directed by the physician. Also, the capsules can be opened and even mixed with food for consumption. We also recommend you start out slowly to avoid any gastrointestinal discomfort, especially if you feel you are dysbiotic.

Can you take Just Thrive® if you have any medical condition or you are on medication?

As Antibiotics can damage the good bacteria which already exist in your gut, so it even becomes more important to take Just Thrive. The statement that supports this fact is that Just Thrive has the ability to remain stable in the presence of Antibiotics, whereas most of the other common strains found in probiotics are destroyed in the presence of antibiotics. But having said so, we still recommend that if you are taking any sort of medication, it is best to first consult a doctor or a health care provider before taking any supplement.

Can you take Just Thrive® if you are Vegan?

Yes. Just Thrive® does not contain any animal-derived products, which makes it best suited for vegans.

Is there any Refund Policy offered by Just Thrive®? 

Just Thrive® is clearly passionate about good health and well-being, and to ensure the integrity of the products, the company stands behind every sale with a 100% customer satisfaction “30-Day Bottom of the Bottle” Guarantee. So in case if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, then you can return the product in 30 days, and they will offer you a full refund even if the bottle is empty.

Does Just Thrive® offer any sort of loyalty programs for its existing customers? 

Yes. The brand does offer a loyalty program where customers can earn points from every dollar they spend with them to use for gift cards, money-off coupons, discount subscriptions and various other perks. Also, the customers can earn their way into higher tiers to earn even more discounts.

Conclusion: Just Thrive Probiotic Review – Should you buy this supplement?

Just Thrive is keen on providing good health, and they ensure the integrity and quality of their products. We recommend you add this supplement to your daily diet. You will see a marked improvement in your gut health, immune system, and overall health and wellness.

With the just thrive probiotic supplement you will be assured of getting your daily dose of good health. This effective supplement formulated with the best quality ingredients will surely not disappoint you. 

You can expect not only to feel great but also to thrive well! So, what are you waiting for? Quickly place your first order of just thrive probiotic blend and bid goodbye to digestive disorders and poor health!

9Expert Score
Just Thrive Probiotic Review

The digestive system is crucial for creating and maintaining physical, mental, and emotional health. Probiotics are therefore essential for optimal nutrition. That’s why nutritionists often recommend probiotics as an essential part of a healthy diet.

Easy to swallow
Value for money
  • It delivers the beneficial antioxidants.
  • It helps stronger immune system.
  • It supports optimum gut microbiome balance.
  • Helps recondition the gut.
  • It increases energy &amp
  • enhanced Moods.
  • 1000x survivability.
  • It may be used for your weight loss supplement.
  • It may gives you the healthier &amp
  • glowing Skin
  • Just thrive offers free shipping on subscriptions and orders over $99 only.
  • It is not suitable for pregnant women.
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