Amy Myers Leaky Gut Revive Review 2023: Is it Worth It?

Before we delve into studying Amy Myer’s Leaky Gut Revive review in detail, let us understand what a leaky gut is. Leaky gut, also known as IBS or Irritable bowel syndrome is a hypothetical condition that is based on the concept of increased intestinal permeability, which occurs in some gastrointestinal diseases.

This increase in intestinal permeability is related to the intestinal barrier that controls what can and cannot be absorbed into the body. When the intestinal lining is unhealthy, it allows undigested food, toxins, waste products, and even parasites to enter.

Leaky gut symptoms can range from bowel issues, excess gas, abdominal pain, inflammation, Excessive diarrhea bloat, and even skin issues. Some studies show that a diet high in sugar and low in fiber can give rise to a leaky gut, in addition to excessive alcohol consumption and stress.

Who Gets Leaky Gut?

  • Young people

If you’re below fifty years of age then you’re more prone to experience some level of IBS. You can take protective measures to help reduce the risk.

  • Male & Female

Females are more likely to have leaky gut syndrome as estrogen and menopause can be the leading factors.

  • Genetics

If a family member suffers from IBS disorder, you will be more likely to experience it. That is why is it very important to diagnose it early on, so you don’t pass it on.

  • Mental Health Users

If you have been a victim of mental health issues in the past or are still going through them, you are more likely to get a leaky gut. Stress can aggravate the pain so you should take extra safety measures.

Leaky Gut affects over thirty million people in the United States. It can be annoying but can be prevented and cured relatively easily. However, if you’re experiencing heavy weight loss, rectal bleeding, unexplained vomiting, or difficulty swallowing, then you should see a physician as this could be a severe underlying issue.

There can be internal causes of Leaky Gut such as nervous system malfunction, Muscle problems in the intestines, Inflammation, Infection, Lower levels of Microflora, allergy to certain foods, and hormonal changes.

Women are more prone to getting IBS and will usually find that the problem only gets worse while they are menstruating. Stress doesn’t lead to leaky gut syndrome, but it will make it more difficult to overcome as the symptoms are typically heightened. In this article, we are going to review Amy Myers MD Leaky Gut Revive. This product can change your life in many ways when it comes to strengthening your gut lining, helping in regular bowel movements, and helps repair damage. So let’s get started!

Detailed Amy Myers Leaky Gut Revive Review

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Amy Myers MD’s Leaky Gut Revive is a gut health supplement that works to purify the body of harmful bacteria and promotes relief from flatulence, digestive pain, and other gut-related issues.

Amy Myers MD Leaky Gut Revive is a leaky gut health supplement that is formulated to help soothe and fix your gut quickly. This powdered drink supplement contains several natural blended nutrients and ingredients.

It aims to heal the gut, support a healthy level of intestinal permeability and increase the gut microbiome so the user experiences an overall balanced digestive health.It gets rid of the body’s toxic bacteria and gives relief from flatulence, bloating digestive pain, and other issues to maintain and form a healthy gut lining. It also promotes healthier skin, enhances mood, and can help with weight loss.

Found exclusively at, the Amy Myers MD Leaky Gut Revive supplement’s ingredients work to reduce or finish off all sorts of problematic issues inside the intestinal barrier.

Potential Benefits of Amy Myers Leaky Gut Revive

The Amy Myers MD Leaky Gut Revive supplement does claim to offer you several benefits. Let’s have a look at them. 

  • It may help in promoting regular bowel patterns.

So when you have a more regular pattern of Bowel movements, you get to experience smoother movements, less constipation, less gas and lack of diarrhea. And this Leaky Gut Revive can help people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

  • May reduce bloating 

The uncomfortable and uneasy feeling you get in your stomach and intestines can sometimes be caused due to leaky gut. Leaky Gut Revive can quickly help you out from these symptoms and address the root cause of the problem and help you deal with it.

  • It may help in soothing the stomach and intestinal barrier

Amy Myers MD Leaky Gut Revive contains arabinogalactan, which is the active ingredient that can be beneficial bacteria for your gut and help in soothing the stomach and intestinal barrier.

  • Could help in restoring gut lining

The gut lining can become irritated and inflamed quite easily when you intake foods that can irritate it. Also, you can feel a sense of discomfort, but the ongoing damage and even autoimmunity can occur over time. But thanks to Leaky Gut Revive, which contains healing nutrients that can restore the lining of the gut to where it should be.

  • May help regenerate gut cells faster

Leaky Gut Revive contains L-glutamine, which is among its main ingredients, which helps nourish and support the regeneration of the cells inside your gut and helps it function efficiently.

Where to Buy Amy Myers Leaky Gut Revive?

We recommend you purchase Amy Myers MD Leaky Gut Revive From its official website only as that will guarantee that you are buying the authentic product.

The Pricing of Amy Myers MD Leaky Gut Revive starts from $49.97 per jar, though this price comes down if you purchase multiple jars.

So here is the pricing overview about the product: 

  • 1 Jar – $49.97 + $5.99 Shipping Fee 
  • 3 Jars – 127.44 + Free Shipping 
  • 6 Jars – $224.88 + Free Shipping 

These options include free shipping, so users only have to pay for the product they buy. Chances are less that it will be available in stores anytime soon, but the fact that users can get it without paying any additional charges attached is incredibly helpful. On the contrary, it could cost you a lot more to get diagnosed by a doctor, and then the regular medicine you will need prove even more expensive.

Amy Myers Leaky Gut Revive Ingredients – What’s Inside Leaky Gut Revive?

Amy Myers Leaky Gut Revive Ingredients

Amy Myers MD Leaky Gut Revive comprises a specific blend of ingredients that work well together to offer a healthy gut. Let’s study each of them in detail.

  • L-Glutamine
  • Arabinogalactan
  • Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice (DGL)
  • Marshmallow Root
  • Slippery Elm Root
  • Aloe Vera

1. L-Glutamine

L-Glutamine is an essential amino acid used to form new proteins naturally, which is necessary for cell reproduction. Most sports persons use it to improve cell regeneration, which helps in the recovery process. L-Glutamine can also restore our intestinal lining in a way that supports a more efficient and effective digestive process. It can also undo free radical damage, reduce gut and body inflammation as well as balance the mucus production in our stomach and intestines.

If you’re worried about weight loss, L-Glutamine can make easy the process of burning calories a more efficient and fast manner. It also impacts our body’s insulin response, which can result in weight loss as well.

2. Arabinogalactan

Arabinogalactan is mainly used to help form healthy bacteria in the gut. There is a lot of evidence that supports its use for assisting with toxic gut flora, reducing the growth of yeast, and protecting against viruses. Another study adds that arabinogalactan, which is derived from tree bark, can support the immune system.

3. DeglycyrrhizinatedLicorice (DGL)

DGL is required by the gut to help maintain a particular type of mucus in the intestines. This mucus is vital for protecting the body from new infections, and it has regularly been linked to improvements in the digestive system. The reason why it is effective is that it protects the lining from getting damaged over time, allowing it to defend itself in the right way.

4. Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow root is an herb that has a high percentage of mucilage, which can protect the gut from both physical and mental stress. When you take it regularly, marshmallow root can help reduce gut inflammation, heal ulcers and soothe any existing inflammation. People who take marshmallow roots often see a decrease in the amount of gas and bloating they experience.  Some people use it to get relief from constipation, making it far gentler than other unverified products on the market today.

5. Slippery Elm Root

Slippery Elm Root is a remedial formula for gut repair and there are three ways they do so-by increasing mucus, stimulating the nerves, and weight loss. The first two benefits are more about the gut, helping the body stay calm without causing diarrhea. The effects also help in managing gas and pain in the lower abdomen, compelling the body to have more regular stools. With these benefits, it shouldn’t be surprising that weight loss is made a little easier since the ingredients can absorb a little more.

6. Licorice Root

Licorice root in Amy Myers MD Leaky Gut Revive can mend the inner gut lining when damage has taken place. This is done by promoting the production of new mucus and the regeneration of cells. It can reduce the number of bad bacteria that is present and discard free radical damage.

7. Aloe Vera

You’ve probably applied aloe vera on your skin for sunburn, but there are many other benefits that you can get when it is ingested. From the point of view of a leaky gut, aloe vera can protect and soothe the lining of your gut. This will enable mucus production, replacement of essential fluids, and even improve immune function.

Aloe leafwhich is filled with vitamins A, C, and E can also inhibit the overgrowth of Candida and the growth of bad bacteria.  As it soothes the gut lining, users will see an improvement in their immune system.

How to Take Amy Myers Leaky Gut Revive? 

It is quite straightforward to take this supplement. You only have to take one scoop of Leaky Gut Revive and mix it into any smoothie, beverage or juice of your choice. You can even add it to plain water if you like. And the best part is that you can drink it at any time of day, with or without a meal.

How does Leaky Gut Revive Work?

Leaky Gut Revive contains ingredients like Slippery elm bark, Licorice and arabinogalactan that aid and support your gut lining. Its formula contains flavorless powder. This powder then easily mixes with juice or water, or even smoothies. You can even take it with your morning coffee or shake and make your gut balance healthier. Now let’s check out individually how these ingredients help you get optimal gut health.

  • The Slippery Elm Bark and Marshmallow root help in enhancing the mucosal lining of your gut. And if you are suffering from a leaky gut syndrome, then chances are that your gut’s mucosal lining may be thinner than usual. But Leaky Gut Revive claims to support your gut’s mucosal lining with natural ingredients like Marshmallow root and Slipper Elm Bark.
  • The arabinogalactan present in Leaky Gut Revive helps in boosting immune function. It is also a type of fiber found naturally in plants and other living organisms. And about it, Amy Myers, MD, claims the arabinogalactan in Leaky Gut Revive boosts immune function, and as you know, 70% of your immune system is found in your gut.
  • The Prebiotic Fiber in this supplement helps promote a healthy gut microbiome. And when we talk about gut health, Fiber is another crucial element because it soaks in the water in your intestines and pushes the waste out of the digestive tract.
  • Also the Licorice Extract in Leaky Gut Review can also help in supporting normal Blood Pressure. The sales page of Amy Myers, MD, suggests that licorice is not associated with elevating your blood pressure. Instead, it is not quite the same as lowering it, but the licorice extract could support a gut lining on its own.

Leaky Gut Revive Review Summary

Leaky Gut Revive makes helps users have control over their bowels, flush out toxic bacteria, and improve the body’s power to combat and protect against disease. Since it comes in powder form, it is easy for users to drink the supplement and entirely absorb it into the digestive system. While the use of Leaky Gut Revive does not require other dietary changes, people who want to improve their bodies naturally may alter their diet by reducing their intake of junk food, fried foods, or gas-inducing ingredients like beans and broccoli.

Leaky gut revive is a flavorless remedy for a leaky gut. You can have this supplement mixed into water, juice, smoothies, or as any drink of your choice. It offers a rich source of L-Glutamine to nourish your cells and infuse good health in them again to absorb adequate nutrients.

About Amy Myers MD

The Leaky Gut Revive supplement was founded by Amy Myers, MD, who was featured six times on Doctor Oz and has rendered a large number of online publications helping people treat the leaky gut syndrome from the grass root level. Millions of people from several countries have trusted Amy Myers MD for their IBS condition, which is why you can try it without any worries.

She is also a doctor who works out of Austin, Texas, and graduated from UW in Seattle and Medical School at LSU. She has also traveled to South Africa to provide medical care. And now, she has become quite famous and among the world’s most knowledgeable functional medicine professionals.

In addition to all this, Amy Myers has also written two New York Times Best Selling Books which are titled The Thyroid Connection and The Autoimmune Solution. She has also crafted The Autoimmune Solution Cookbook.

Dr. Amy Myers created Leaky Gut Revive to put your problematic life back on track and help relieve the constant pain and agony of your poor digestive system. If you wish to return the supplement for some reason, you can do so and can claim a refund.

Given that the dietary supplement industry is growing day by day, having a doctor-formulated product is a huge asset as compared to the rest of the nutritional formulas on the market. Then, this product is powerfully backed by scientific research carried out by Dr. Amy Myers and the frightening side effects of dealing with a leaky gut, and you can’t really argue much on whether or not Leaky Gut Revive is right for you.

Amy Myers MD Updated Leaky Gut Breakthrough Program

If you require additional guidance for your leaky gut, We recommend you take a look at this special program from Amy Myers. In this program, you get access to The Myers Way Guide to the Gut eBook along with the Leaky Gut Breakthrough Guide.

It also includes a broad-spectrum blend of proteolytic enzymes, probiotic capsules with 14 different probiotic strains, The Myers Way 30-Day Leaky Gut Breakthrough® Recipe Book, Vanilla Bean Paleo Protein, and the Leaky Gut Revive supplement. All of these products together ensure that you get the right results along with a changed routine.

Amy Myers Leaky Gut Revive Refund Policy

The makers of Amy Myers Leaky Gut Revive do stand by the product, and therefore they offer a whopping 90-Days Return Guarantee. So for any reason, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can contact them, and they will initiate your refund request.

But do remember that Amy Myers, MD, charges a restocking fee of $7.99 for your refund. Aside from this fee, you get a complete refund on your purchase, including shipping cost, which is bundled into the prices above. 

To get a refund for your purchase, you simply have to:

  • Contact their Customer Success team at 512-721-0424 or [email protected] within 90 days of purchase. 
  • Then specify the lot number provided on the bottom of your supplement bottle.
  • And then, their customer success team will send a return shipping label to the email address included in your profile.

Amy Myers Leaky Gut Revive Shipping Policy

The company clearly states that it does not ship to P.O Boxes. 

For shipping across the United States, the shipping rate is calculated after coupons/discounts and applicable taxes have been applied. The free shipping only applies to ground shipping on all US orders placed by Specialist Insider Pass Members and above. The Novice Pass Members will get free shipping on orders of $75 or more.

Expected Shipping Time

The company aims to process orders within 1-2 Business Days. Also, overnight, 2 Business Day and 3 Business Day shipping exclude weekends. And the Overnight orders placed before 11 am CST will arrive the following day. Ans the Orders placed at 11 am CST Friday will arrive on Monday. For shipping to Miltary Bases, Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico, they recommend upgrading to 3-day or faster shipping. 

For International Shipping 

Few duty tax fees may be applicable, which cannot be predicted. So they recommend you to refer to your customs agency for more info. 

Expected International Shipping Time 

The company here as well aims to process orders within 1-2 business Days. Once they are processed, the international shipments may take 2-6 weeks to arrive. This timing can vary greatly based on the country and its customs process.

Along with this, the following are the countries that cannot receive Amy Myers MD® deliveries per their customs laws and restrictions:

  • Spain
  • Mexico 
  • Austria
  • South Africa 
  • Sweden 
  • Poland 

What does Leaky Gut Revive taste like?

Leaky Gut Revive has a light and good flavor. Some people simply love it when mixed into a glass of water, while some others prefer to camouflage the taste by having it in the form of juice or a smoothie. Try having it mixed in water at first, and if you find it distasteful simply mix it into organic cranberry juice or a breakfast smoothie.

What time of the Day should you take Leaky Gut Revive? Should it be taken with or without food?

You can have Leaky Gut Revive any time of the day, be it morning or night. You could ideally have one or two scoops mixed in a glass of water first thing in the morning, or if you are having a protein smoothie for breakfast, mix it in for a strong gut-nourishing boost. You can also consume this supplement with or without food.

Is Leaky Gut Revive safe for children and pregnant and breastfeeding women?

While Leaky Gut Revive is generally safe for kids, it is always recommended to speak with your child’s pediatrician or nutritionist if you think any of the ingredients might cause a problem or about adjusting the dosing for them. Likewise, it is recommended to consult your physician, midwife, or other qualified medical practitioners if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Will the licorice in the Leaky Gut Revive raise blood pressure?

No. While it is true that unprocessed licorice root can increase blood pressure, the licorice in Leaky Gut Revive has the component that acts against this effect. This is called deglycyrrhizinatedlicorice, an herbal licorice form that is harmless.

Conclusion: Amy Myers Leaky Gut Revive Review – Is it worth your money?

Investing in your gut health is always a sensible investment. Because our gut health is co-related to so many different bodily and mental functions .it’s a good idea to invest in supplements like Amy Myers MD Leaky Gut Revive that can improve your gut health and signal what’s happening in your GI system.

If you know that your gut health needs a boost, we recommend considering Amy Myers MD Leaky Gut Revive. It is a comprehensive product that has been formulated with different ingredients that soothe your gut lining, replace beneficial bacteria, inhibit the growth of unfavorable bacteria, decrease inflammation, and more. It’s got good tolerance and is easy to use, so why not give it a try?

8.8Expert Score
Amy Myers Leaky Gut Revive Review

Leaky Gut Revive focuses on improving the lining in the gut to reduce pain and inflammation. The ingredients included can easily handle ulcers, inflammation, and other problems.

Easy to swallow
  • Can reduce inflammation in the body
  • Aids in more regular bowel movements
  • The powdered form can be mixed in water and can be drunk as juices and smoothies, unlike a chalky tablet that requires the body to digest.
  • Helps in more efficient digestion, less bloating, regular bathroom trips, efficient weight loss, regulating blood sugar, and enhanced energy
  • Can alleviate symptoms of bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, and more
  • Inhibits toxins from entering your bloodstream
  • Can improve several skin conditions, including rashes, acne, and eczema
  • Balances your microbiome
  • Helps to restore gut lining, soothes the stomach, fortifies the gut mucosal layer, and regenerates gut cells faster.
  • Product is Third-Party Tested
  • Offers Free Shipping
  • Has a distinct flavor but you may be able to camouflage it in a smoothie or other beverage
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