AuraGlow Review 2023: Is AuraGlow Safe for Enamel?

The options are endless when it comes to choosing an oral care company that’s best for you. While some brands offer immediate results, others are less effective than promised. Auraglow is an oral wellness company that has something for every type of user.

Made in America, there is so much to love about the brand. Their thousands of happy reviewers agree this brand offers the best the industry has to offer. Let us know the products, uses, price point, and a lot more about the Auraglow. Let’s get started with our AuraGlow Review!

What is AuraGlow? – Detailed AuraGlow Review

Teeth Whitening Kit

Made in the USA
These products are effective in teeth whitening, safe for Enamel, and do not cause teeth sensitivity.

Auraglow is a USA-based oral care company that provides teeth whitening kits, whitening trays, strips, teeth whitening pens, teeth whitening gel, toiletry bags, toothpaste, and more. Their products are effective in teeth whitening, safe for Enamel, and do not cause teeth sensitivity. They are dedicated to giving their users authentic, brighter, and whiter smiles.

The very essence of their creation is to create enamel-safe products that are also suitable for sensitive teeth. The brand has received several thousands of positive reviews and is featured on prominent sites like Health, Self, Reader’s Digest, MENS JOURNAL, and Allure.

AuraGlow Products: AuraGlow Review

Auraglow offers a huge variety of Teeth whitening and oral care products. Let us look at each of them.

1. Teeth Whitening

Complete LED Whitening Kit: This is probably their hot-selling item. This whitening kit includes clinically proven professional gel with LED light technology to remove stains in up to 10 shades in 7 days. It uses 35% carbamide peroxide, which is both safe and effective. The price of this product is $80.00

  • Teeth Whitening Pen: This teeth whitening pen quickly removes stains. All you have to do is click the bottom of the pen, brush your teeth with it and achieve whiter teeth. It’s priced at $26.00.
  • Teeth Whitening Strips: These teeth whitening strips, priced at $40.00, stick comfortably to the teeth to remove the stains in just 30 minutes per day.
  • Custom Teeth Whitening Kit: It includes teeth whitening trays along with their professional whitening gel that removes stains in 30 minutes per day. It costs $45.00.
  • Prefilled Whitening Trays: Contains slim trays, prefilled with their peroxide whitening gel to whiten your teeth in just half an hour. The price of the product is $45.00.

2. Refills & Accessories

  • Teeth Whitening Gel: Removes stains and whitens teeth in just 30 minutes per day.
  • Teeth Whitening Light: The LED teeth whitening light, priced at $30.00, accelerates the whitening process when used alongside their gel products.
  • Toiletry Bag: This toiletry bag, made of soft leather, comes in handy to carry your oral wellness products wherever you go. The cost of this product is $28.00.
  • Toothpaste: Priced at $12.00, their wintergreen flavored toothpaste strengthens the teeth and prevents cavities.
  • Electric Toothbrush: Docks magnetically and features wireless charging. It includes a toothbrush with 1 head, a charging dock, and a brush head cover.

Why Choose AuraGlow? – Benefits of AuraGlow

Let us look at the reasons why Auraglow makes it to the top position in the field of dental care.

Have given effective whitening results

Auraglow teeth whitening kits have yielded proven results. They use ingredients that are used by dentists. So there is no doubt about the efficacy of the ingredients in their products. Every product they make contains top-quality ingredients to help you be the best version of yourself. Their clinically proven teeth whitening kit whitens up to 10 shades in just a week.

It contains 35% carbamide peroxide whitening gel to disintegrate and eliminate stains on the surface of the teeth from coffee, tea, wine, soda, smoking, and more! 100% of Participants experienced considerable teeth whitening results after use.

Each product contains professional-grade ingredients that are 100% enamel-safe. Their thousands of positive reviews from global customers talk about its efficacy and ease of use. One thing about Auraglow that stands apart is that it can achieve results in a short span of time. This is partly due to its LED teeth-whitening technology, which can brighten teeth much faster than using the gel alone.

Product and ingredient transparency

They believe their customers should know exactly what’s in their oral care products. This is why you will have complete ingredient information listed on every product, and they vow to only source the best.

Honest guidance

The team at Auraglow is also there to help you improve your oral wellness. You can learn about how to maintain an oral care routine and get recommendations on products that would be most effective in supporting your oral care needs. There is a smile quiz featured on their website that helps customers find the best products for their whitening needs.

30-Day money-back guarantee

They want you to have perfect smiles, and that’s why they promise to give you a full refund if you are not fully satisfied with their product at the end of one month. This allows you to trial Auraglow products risk-free for 30 days. So go try them and see how you feel after a month. The refund policy is applicable only on purchases through

Prompt and easy customer support

If you have any questions, their smile experts are always there to help you out with their prompt answers. All you have to do is get in touch with them. They are courteous, prompt, and personable. Auraglow products are kosher, non-GMO, vegan, cruelty-free, organic, and gluten-free and contain no artificial colors.

Enamel Safe

​​The teeth-whitening ingredients they use remove that stain while keeping the Enamel safe.

Made in the USA

Causes no significant gum irritation or tooth sensitivity

Less pricey

Their products are notably less expensive than its competitors

How Much does AuraGlow Cost?

Auraglow sells a multitude of teeth-whitening products at different prices. Prices start at $26 for a teeth-whitening pen and go up to $80 for their bestselling teeth-whitening kit. Shipping is free on all USA orders purchased on their website. Auraglow also provides coupons that can be used to get discounts on the company’s website.

Does AuraGlow Actually Work?

A large number of people have purchased Auraglow’s teeth whitening kits and witnessed very good results. Based on customer reviews on their website, most users have seen quick results within just a few days of product use without experiencing any sensitivity issues.

According to Auraglow, it’s probable that you would see results instantly or after a few daily uses. Much of this depends on the initial shade. Auraglow recommends using the light and gel for 30 minutes daily for at least seven days for the best results.

Shipping Information: AuraGlow Review

Auraglow ship their products worldwide.

1. Shipping to the U.S.

All orders from the U.S. are shipped within 1-2 days of purchase. Most shipments arrive within 2-4 days, and the buyer will be provided with a tracking number when the item ships. They ship to residential and commercial addresses, P.O. boxes, and APO/FPO/DPO. Orders are shipped on the same day when orders have been placed before 12 pm ET Monday-Friday. Orders placed after 12 pm will ship the next business day. They do not send shipments on weekends.

2. International orders

All international orders are shipped within 1-2 days of purchase. Shipping time and delivery speed vary from one country to another. You will find the shipping costs and shipping methods at checkout. Most packages are delivered within 4-10 days. It’s important to note that International orders may be liable to import taxes/duties when arriving in your country. The buyer has to pay these charges, and Auraglow will not be responsible for paying these import duties, customs fees, or any additional charges (if any).

3. Order confirmation and tracking

After placing an order, you will get an order confirmation email. They then begin to process your order and get it ready for shipment. After your order is shipped, you will receive another email with tracking details to track your package.

4. Order changes and cancellations

You can make additions, changes, and cancellations to your order before shipment. You can do so by reaching out to their support staff as soon as possible. If the item has already shipped, order changes or cancellation will not be possible until you receive the item. In such a case, please contact them to return or exchange your order.

Return Policy of AuraGlow

Auraglow provides a 30-day refund policy on all its products. If your purchase from Auraglow hasn’t made you happy for whatever reason, you can get your money back only if you request a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Refunds are only valid 30 days from the original purchase date and with proof/receipt of the purchase.

You can avail of the 30-day refund policy only if you’ve purchased from their official website. If you’ve purchased from other online retailers or physical stores, you are subjected to that retailer’s return policy.

For items purchased from, they will process a full refund on your original mode of payment, usually within 3-5 business days. If an item needs to be returned to their warehouse, shipping costs are non-refundable. For the best results, we recommend you try their products for at least 2 weeks. If you find any problems while whitening or have queries, you can contact one of their smile experts for assistance.

What if my product arrived broken, malfunctioning, or defective?

Please contact them so that they can fix the issue and send a replacement.

How do I track my order?

Once your product has shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information to track your package.

How to Contact AuraGlow?

Get in touch with their smile experts through the Live chat. You can also ​​see answers to common questions in their FAQ section. If you have questions related to their products, your order, or anything about their brand and policies, kindly fill out the form below. Our team will get back to you within one business day.

AuraGlow Customer Reviews

The teeth whitening kit has hundreds of happy reviews from customers who were awestruck with the difference in their smiles, with some even claiming that their teeth have never been whiter.

Let us read a few reviews posted by verified users on their official websites.

A certain user stated, “I loved my smile before, and I love it more now! After a few treatments, I saw noticeable results without the sensitivity I have experienced with other products.

Another one posted,” I have never whitened my teeth before, so this was a new experience for me. I was pleasantly surprised after my teeth were whiter from just a few treatments with Auraglow.”

A customer remarked, “I’ve used many products to whiten my teeth over the years, and nothing has come close to the results I see with Auraglow,”

A happy user stated, “I’ve been a smoker for most of my life, and Auraglow is the only product that has helped lighten my teeth and give me more confidence when I smile.”

Top FAQs on AuraGlow Review

Is teeth whitening safe?

Yes, teeth whitening, when conducted properly, is generally safe. It effectively removes stains from your teeth and boosts your smile. In general, the most common threats of teeth whitening include tooth sensitivity or gum irritation, which go away after a little while.

How do Auraglow products work?

Their products contain safe and potent whitening ingredients that make teeth whitening easy for anyone and anywhere. You can find the details of each product in its package and on the product detail page.

Are Auraglow products safe?

Yes. Their products contain the same ingredients used by dentists, i.e., carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. At the most, one could experience tooth sensitivity or gum irritation, which only lasts for a little time.

Who cannot use Auraglow products?

Children under 14 years of age or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are not recommended to use their products. Their products are also not recommended for individuals wearing braces or those who have had dental fixes. Their products whiten only natural teeth.

After how long do their products show results?

For best results, it is recommended to use a product for 7-10 consecutive days. The instructions for each product can be found on the product and the product page. You must also take care of your teeth and avoid consuming caffeinated drinks, soda, and beer, as these leave stains on the teeth.

How long will the whitening last?

The results of teeth whitening vary from one person to another, but most results usually last for 1-3 months with proper oral hygiene and restricting the intake of staining food and beverages.

What are the ingredients in their products?

Their products contain carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, both effective whitening ingredients used by dentists. To know the exact ingredients and their amount in a product, you must check the product page.

Are their products safe for dental work (caps, crowns, braces, etc.)?

Their products do not affect dental restorations like caps, crowns, and veneers but will not whiten these. Whitening on dental braces can be messy, irregular, and uncomfortable and thus is not recommended.

How often should a person whiten their teeth with their products?

This differs from product to product, but generally, they recommend whitening for 7-14 days for best results.

Can their products cause any sensitivity or irritation?

People who use their products by following the directions to use seldom experience discomfort or tooth sensitivity. However, if you do experience sensitivity or irritation, it is suggested to wait 24 hours before using the product again, or you can reduce the whitening period. Any tooth sensitivity or irritation that occurs is short-lived and needs no medical treatment.

When can I eat or drink after using their products?

They recommend waiting at least 1 hour before eating food or drinking beverages. Whitening makes your teeth more porous, making them easier to stain. The best time to whiten your teeth is before bed or after meals, with long intervals in between.

What is the shelf life of their products? Do they need to be taken care of in a special manner?

The expiration date for all their products is generally two years, and it is mentioned in the product itself. Their products should be stored in a cool, dry place. The whitening gel may lose its efficacy if kept under heat or in varying room temperatures, and thus it’s better to store them in the refrigerator.

Are their products tested on animals?

No. Their products are not tested on animals and are 100% cruelty-free.

Final Verdict: AuraGlow Review – Should you really buy AuraGlow?

So now that we have come to the end of our AuraGlow review, all we can say is that if you want a whiter, brighter, happier, and healthier smile, choose Auraglow. Their teeth whitening kit is an ideal solution for people who want a whiter smile without paying exorbitant.

The brand consistently receives excellent reviews from global customers and brightens smiles without impacting the tooth enamel. The brand is more reliable and affordable than most of its competitors. So place your first order of Auraglow products, and we assure you you’ll become an Auraglow fan for life!

9.5Expert Score
AuraGlow Review

Auraglow is a dental care company in the United States that sells teeth whitening kits, whitening trays, strips, teeth whitening pens, teeth whitening gel, toiletry bags, toothpaste, and other products. Their teeth whitening products are effective, safe for enamel, and do not cause tooth sensitivity.

Ingredient Quality
Value for Money
  • To help you improve your oral wellness.
  • This allows you to trial Auraglow products risk-free for 30 days.
  • Free of kosher, non-GMO, vegan, cruelty-free, organic, and gluten-free, and contain no artificial colors.
  • They also provide coupons that can be used to get discounts on the company’s website.
  • Causes no significant gum irritation or tooth sensitivity.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • None
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