How to Get Stronger Triceps? 7 Exercises to Improve Your Strength & Shape

If you’re a gym rat who can’t get enough of working out, then you probably know what a struggle it can be to build your triceps. After all, your forearms are the primary muscle group for flexing your elbow and swinging your hand up. The good news is that training your triceps does not have to be such a challenge.

In fact, there are so many great ways to target this neglected secondary muscle group. With
consistency and persistence, you are sure to see results. Keep reading to learn more about
getting stronger triceps with a few simple exercises that can help you build your upper arm fast and smartly.

How to Get Stronger Triceps? – Best Triceps Exercises

Here there are best stronger triceps exercises.

1. Super Set and Reps

Super Set and Reps

Superset and rep training is excellent if you want to train your triceps at high intensity. It is a method where you train one muscle group followed by another muscle group at a much lower intensity so you can rest and keep fresh and vital.

This method is perfect for maximum triceps gains as you will train your muscles to fail. You will need to find the proper exercise and rep range if you want to superset your triceps exercises with low-intensity biceps muscle training. However, you can also superset your triceps exercises with your chest exercises.

2. Hang-Suspended Push-Up

Hang-Suspended Push-Up

Push-Up is a great exercise for those looking to build the size and strength of the triceps. It is a fun, challenging exercise for the upper body and core strength. To perform the push-up, start with an overhand grip on the handles.

This is where you will be holding throughout the entire exercise. While keeping your elbows high, bring your chest about an inch below the bar. This is where you will do your push-up. Lower your chest back to the starting position.

Keep your elbows up and your back straight the whole time. This is a great exercise to work your entire core and upper body. You will be using your arms to push against the handles and your core to keep your spine straight.

3. Bicep Curl Variation

Bicep Curl variation

As you may have noticed, biceps are often grouped with triceps, but they’re a different muscle group from the forearms. Bicep curls are a fantastic exercise for targeting the triceps, and you can do them in many different variations.

Bicep curls are great for your triceps as they provide a specific range of motion. They are also helpful for training your abs, glutes, shoulders and other parts. Tricep curls are another good way to solely target that particular muscle group and be the owner of toned and more muscular triceps.

4. Close-Grip Bench Press

Close-Grip Bench Press

Although overhead presses are great for building your upper body, they don’t work your triceps nearly as well as they do your biceps. The bench press is the right thing for targeting the triceps and building a solid core as you bring your weight back down.

To perform this exercise, place two hands on a bar shoulder-width apart with your wrists under your shoulders. With your elbows up and back, push the bar up until your elbows are locked. Lower the bar back to the starting position.

This is a great triceps exercise that has many variations. Some people prefer to use a bar attachment to do the movement, but doing it with your hands works just as well. You can also use a weight belt if you have one.

5. Overhead Triceps Extension

Overhead Triceps Extension

Overhead triceps extension is one of the very effective tricep-targeted workouts. During the exercise, when the weight is at its lowest, the triceps stretch is at its greatest. The workout brings along at least 75% muscle activation, making it one of the best.

It brings the action to tricep muscles such as the medial head and lateral head.You can do this exercise with a variety of weights. Lighter weight with fewer repetitions will work your muscles at mediocre intensity, allowing you to rest and keep your strength up.

6. Dip Station

Dip Station

Dips are one of the most effective exercises in best stronger triceps exercises for strengthening your upper body and working your triceps well. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart to do a dip, with your hands on your hips.

Bend your elbows to lower your body until your elbows are at least parallel to the floor. Keep your elbows up, and your shoulders back the whole time. Push yourself back up to the starting position and repeat. It works exceptionally well for developing overall strength and power in your triceps.

7. Overhead Press

Overhead Press

This is one of the best exercises for building your upper body and triceps. To perform an overhead press, grab a pair of dumbbells. Place your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and your arms by your sides. Bend your knees slightly and keep your elbows up and back the whole time. Press the dumbbells up above your head in a controlled motion.

There are many different ways to perform an overhead press. You can use a pronated hand position. This is one of the best exercises for building overall strength and your triceps. In addition, you can also vary the arm position you use during the movement.

What are the benefits of triceps exercises?

Increasing triceps strength helps stabilize your shoulders and arms and improve flexibility and range of motion. This prevents injury and allows you to use your upper body more easily in daily activities such as pushing heavy loads or upper body sports such as swimming, rowing, and boxing.

How often should I do triceps exercises?

As a result, beginners should aim for four total chest and triceps exercises per session. Advanced lifters should aim for six to seven reps. Because the triceps are activated during pressing lifts (and they are smaller muscle groups), you should do more chest work than triceps exercises.

Which exercises increase tricep strength fast?

Using bands and chains on the close-grip bench press is an excellent way to increase triceps involvement. Because the close-grip bench press is a multi-joint exercise, you can increase the strain on your triceps (more weight = more growth).

Do triceps need heavy weights?

Instead of medium or lightweight, use heavy weight and reduce the number of repetitions for each set. No exercise set should include more than eight reps.

Do triceps require a lot of repetitions?

To maximize strength, muscle growth, and overall muscle development, the biceps and triceps should be trained with rep ranges ranging from 5 to 20 reps.

Final Words: How to Get Stronger Triceps

Triceps are an extraordinary muscle group and make your physique shine out. They can be a little challenging to train, but the list of exercises mentioned above will surely help your speed up the journey. Make sure to take proper references before performing the workouts. They puff up to give your arms the ultimate look of a professional bodybuilder.

Best Stronger Triceps Exercises They require a good amount of strength and work capacity to grow, and they are usually neglected by people who can’t quite get their forearms to pop. But with a little effort, you can achieve what you have always dreamed of.

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