Huan Review 2023: Does it Live Up to the Hype?

Pets are a part of our family. Pet parents have a fear of their Pet going missing. As estimated by the American Humane Association, one in three pets goes missing every year; it may be once in the Pet’s lifetime. This equates to around 10 million pets a year. The traditional ways to find pets were by distributing posters and hoping for sightings by local communities. Now the upcoming trends and technological developments are able to share-real time news, meta-verses and many more. It has helped our lives to evolve with tech. 

A variety of innovative products have been made by tech companies. These products have provided us with a lot of better ways to utilize technology. Finding our fur members and friends got really quick and easy with tech. Huan, a company, provides you with a pet location service, which is a smart pet tracker. Let us go deeper into what Huan has designed for you and your pets. This Huan review covers all the points to be endured before you add the product to the cart. 

Detailed Huan Review – What is Huan? 

AirTag Collar Sleeve

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This product provides you with a pet location service and increases the chances of finding your Pet.

Huan is a pet protection and technology company that is committed to helping pet parents find their pets before any trouble occurs. Huan delivers digital services and physical products that aim to reunify pet parents with their lost family brutes. Huan manufactures smart pet tags that are super-resilient and made of medical-grade silicone material. The material is highly durable, efficient for stretching and non-toxic.

It comes with a good fit and comfort so that your Pet feels no bulk. The tags are fully resistant to water and are made to offer resistance to your Pet’s life. The Huan tags have wide-ranging sizes designed for 5-120 pounds of your Pet. This AigTag led to connecting your dog with the most reliable world’s largest location network.

The network is powered by billions of iPhones. AirTag has to be attached to your dog’s collar. Huan distinct itself from other smart pet tags on the market, driving forward with the product line they have and the power of its community. Huan markets at a lower price point compared to radio-based tracking and GPS services. They do not carry any monthly charges and give free access to their strong community and the app. 

Huan’s device has an amazing battery life that lasts up to a year. Other similar products don’t provide such impressive batteries. That generally lasts up to 6 months for the other. 

What are Smart Pet Tags?

Smart pet tags are Bluetooth-enabled devices that can be worn and used. These tags help you to find your Pet’s current location. They work on releasing Bluetooth signals that interconnect with smartphones or other devices. The device preloads the app to log the location when it gets a signal.

This helps the Pet’s partner to get notified about the recent locations of their roaming pets. Smart pet tags work to provide pets’ parents with contentment. They accompany the long-established collar tags with Id tags and microchips. Smart pet tags differ from GPS trackers. They do not link with satellites to track in real-time. 

Why Huan? – Is Huan Worth Your Money?

Huan says they have thousands of users in hundreds of communities nationwide. Users rely on Huan’s community network. Huan is designed in California and made with medical-grade silicone rubber. Huan works on Bluetooth technology and differs from GPS dog trackers. Huan does not provide GPS location tracking and also works with cats. You cannot track the activity of your Pet by Huan.

It weighs 4 ounces and is water-resistance, using high-quality material. Attaching the Apple AirTag is simple. It fits your cat’s or dog’s collar or harness effortlessly. The tags stretch over wide buckles and are flexible. Not only this, Huan has dozens of colors and optional laser engraving available.

Its classic Sleeve fits collars or harnesses up to 1 inch wide. You can hang the Sleeves to fit with any harness or collar. Huan does not require any registration and no subscription. Huan lets you connect with the world’s largest lost-and-found network. It aims to provide peace of mind to the pet owner and rescue the lost puppy. Huan’s AirTag is lightweight and uses Bluetooth to create a virtual network between the Pet and the owner.

If your feline passes by any other pet that uses the Huan tag, you will be notified instantly; interesting, isn’t it? Finding others using Huan similar to you does seem a bit like forming a social network.

How does the Huan Work? – Huan Reviews

Huan tag is to be attached to your Pet’s collar, belt or harness. It attaches securely and slides in easily. Other smart pet tags use velcro, which is not very secure. You can effortlessly set up the Huan tag and get connected to the Huan app. After getting the Huan app, you can link your Pet’s tag with Huan. The app is available for Android and iOS both. Huan automatically generates an information webpage, including the location and picture of your Pet. This can be later used to find your Pet.

To increase the chances of finding your Pet, you can encourage people to download the app and get to your Pet as quickly as possible. Huan provides a feature that is Home Alone Mode. This mode sends an automated text to your contacts. This can be used when your Pet is alone for more than 24 hours without any owner. You can add emergency contacts to this app after enabling Home Alone Mode. Just go to the Huan app, navigate to settings and toggle on the Alone mode and click on Manage Emergency Contacts and add more. 

About Huan Tags – How does it work?

Huan Tags are Bluetooth transmitters, and these tags can be detected by any smartphone with the Huan app. These tags can also be detected by Huan’s sensor network. Once you report a missing pet in the app, the app instantly notifies you. As soon as it finds other users or sensors within the 300-foot radius, you will be able to navigate the location on the map. Currently, Huan’s sensor network is limited. That is available in areas of Los Angeles. Huan has an automated service for posting pet detection events on the Twitter feed and live maps.  

The tag is featured with a replaceable coin cell CR2032 lithium battery with a long-lasting capacity. You do not need to charge it. When the battery runs low, the app will notify you and provide an Amazon link to purchase a new battery. The Huan Tag works with other people in your area as well. They just need to download the app that is totally free on their smartphones. Huan is working on making its own sensors to locate more community networks. Till Huan attracts more users and pervades, the tags will help you to get your missing Pet back. 

What are Huan Tags made up of?

Huan uses Medical-grade Silicone Rubber as the material for their smart tags. The material used has some properties. They are:

  • Durable
  • Stretchable 
  • Non-Toxic

This makes Huan Tags convenient to use.

Can Huan Tags be cleaned?

The care instructions suggest easy cleaning of Huan Tags. Huan Tags are water-resistant and easy to clean. You can wash them with running water. 

What is the Huan App?

The Huan app can be downloaded for free. It is available on ios and Android phones. After downloading the Huan app, you need to allow Bluetooth permission to the Huan. Signing in is easy in the app. Just sign in with your email Id, Apple Id or with Facebook. The app also asks for permission for the location service.

You will need to keep the location service that is GPS and Bluetooth turned on on the phone. Even if your smartphone’s screen is locked, Huan can detect your Pet’s location. Also, allow the Huan app to send notifications so that it can alert you about the location of your Pet. Once you launch the app after setting up the permissions, move to My Pets and then Add Pet.

Now you will see the Huan app asking whether you want to be a co-owner or add a new pet. Select add a new pet and input the name of the Pet, maybe of a cat or a dog. Now add a profile photo of your Pet. You now have to press Attach Tag and then enter a five-digit number (printed on the tag). Once done inputting the number, to activate the tracker, hold and press on the tag for five seconds.

Huan app will notify you are saying Tag Attached Successfully. Now attach the tag on your Pet’s collar securely, and you are now ready to leave your Pet free. In the app, you can do additional settings like adding phone number, address, and your contact information.

This will help others to contact you if they find your Pet.The app comes with four tabs on the bottom. They are My Pet, Huan Pack, Map and Notifications. In the map section, you will be able to see the location of your Pet and any missing pet. My Pet section shows you your Pet’s profile. Here you will be able to check out their last seen locations.

If your Pet goes missing, you can mark your Pet as lost, and Huan will start notifying everyone in your network. You may face some issues while testing the app. Pet Protection Disabled notification is popped by the app frequently. It can be resolved simply by closing the app and restarting it. The Huan app features the Huan tag battery.

If your battery runs low, the Huan app will alert you about it and provide a link where you can shop for a replacement. If the battery totally dies, the Huan app will send you alerts that it has not received a signal from your Pet. It works longer, sending you notifications of not receiving a signal after 24 hours, a month and 5 months. 

Huan app can be used by other users as well in your area. If you want to check the Huan network in your area, you can see that on the Huan app. The app displays a map showing other users nearby. It is an anonymous map. It is a heat map that opens in a new window on the site. You can also zoom on that map to see if anyone’s using it in your area. 

Huan Pricing – How much is Huan?

Huan can be purchased from the official website of Huan. The types of smart tags made by Huan include the Collar Sleeve tag, which weighs 4 ounces and fits 1-inch wide up to the collar. Then the hanging tag, which is an AirTag weighing 4 ounces, can be attached to metal rings. Huan’s standalone product AirTag Collar Sleeve is at $19. AirTags are sold separately. They are available in sizes that fit comfortably with 5-120 pounds of your Pet. It has a variety of color options and optional laser engraving available.

They have around 31 options available, including Charcoal, Blue Camo, Bubblegum Camo, Cobalt, Deep Fuchsia, Glow in the Dark, Periwinkle, Kelly Green, Malachite, Galactic Unicorn and many more. Another product by Huan is a Sleeves kit that costs $50. It has a regular price of $60. They are available in five categories, including, SleeveKit – Camo, Sleeve Kit – Summer, Sleeve Kit – Winter, Sleeve Kit – High Visibility, and Sleeve Kit – Halloween. On each of the Sleeves Kit, Huan offers three classic options. 

  • The Summer Sleeves kit has three classic options, Peach, Ocean and Sage colors. 
  • For the Winter Sleeves Kit, it is Forest, Kelly Green and Sage colors
  • The Halloween Sleeves Kit has Vampire, Toxic and Galactic Unicorn colors. 
  • The High Visibility Sleeves Kit has Tangerine, Tomato and Banana colors.
  • The Camo Sleeves Kit in Olive, Blue and Bubblegum Camo colors. 

Huan offers free US shipping on orders above $50. They provide fast shipping. The product is shipped from Huan’s LA warehouse. Huan provides a subscription on the purchase where you can sign-up and save 10% on the next order. The product uses medical-grade silicon as a material. You can return or exchange the product within 30 days after receiving it.

Does Huan smart tag have a desktop app?

No, Huan currently does not have a desktop app. You can download the app on your iPhone and join the largest community. 

Is Huan a GPS tracker?

No, Huan is not a GPS tracker. It works on Bluetooth location tracking service and is a Bluetooth Smart Tag. 

How big is Huan?

The types of smart tags made by Huan include the Collar Sleeve tag, which weighs 4 ounces and fits 1-inch wide up to the collar. Then the hanging tag, which is an AirTag weighing 4 ounces, can be attached to metal rings.

Conclusion: Huan Review 2023 – Should you go for it?

Huan Tag is a competitively priced Bluetooth location tracker. Other smart tag pet trackers are quite expensive. They do use location tracking with GPS. Huan tag is an affordable option for pet protection services and smart pet tags. Before making a purchase, ensure to download the app or do visit Huan’s online heatmap. If you find the network in your area, you can definitely go for the Huan Tags. 

9.5Expert Score
Huan Review

Huan delivers digital services and physical products that aim to reunify pet parents with their lost family brutes.

  • Simple setup and easy to use.
  • Securely attaches. 
  • Works with cats and dogs.
  • Long-lasting battery – lasts for an entire year.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Uses medical-grade silicone rubber.
  • Flexible and durable.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Have sizes that fit up to 5-120 pounds of Pet.
  • Comfortable with your Pet.
  • Limited networks. 
  • App lost connection while testing at times.
  • No pet activity tracking.
  • No GPS location tracking.
  • Limited community pet protection network outside LA.
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