7 Best Heating Pads for Menstrual Cramps: Relieve your Cramp

Period pain and cramps are prevalent in most women. Periods are the most challenging days of the month and worsen some women’s pain. Cramps often hit the lower back and abdomen, and unbearable pain hinders our routine. Eventually, we land on dark chocolate to reduce the pain and distract the mind. However, one should find a top-notch solution to reduce period pain and cramps. Heating pads are undisputed to relieve the period pain. Moreover, traditional heating pads came with the idea of placing a wet towel on the stomach. 

Out of the significant population, few women cannot continue their everyday operations due to period pain. Heating pads provide slight relief when used correctly. Our detailed review of the 7 Best Heating pads for Menstrual cramps can help you find the best brands.

How do heating pads relieve pain?

Heating pads for cramps and period pain use heating therapy to relieve the pain. They help promote blood flow to help people feel better during the pain. Various heat settings help people assess their tolerance levels. The heating pads also come with chargeable devices. There are some pros and cons of using heating pads. First and foremost, people should not use them for longer. They should set the heat according to the tolerance levels.

7 Best Heating Pads for Menstrual Cramps 2023

1. Rael Natural Herbal Heating Patches

Rael Natural Herbal Heating Patches

as of June 15, 2024 9:47 am

The heating patches work for minor menstrual pains and soreness. They warm up to suit your health with a therapeutic temperature. Moreover, the patches help your muscles relax and are made without harsh chemicals. You get the goodness of iron, sodium chloride, activated charcoal, rose flower oil, etc. Interestingly, they warm up instantly to support the blood flow.

Furthermore, the product contains botanicals that help treat abdominal pain during periods. Eventually, once your pain decreases, it helps enhance your mood and energy. The naturally-derived ingredients are viable for comfort.

2. Homedics Heating Pad

Homedics Heating Pad

as of June 15, 2024 9:47 am

This budget-friendly on-demand heating pad can heat up in less than 30 seconds and includes a spray pad that can be used to create moist heat. It uses dampened sponge and calming heat therapy to relieve the pain. Its large size helps cover most pain areas to soothe you. In addition, it has a removable cover and ergonomically-designed handheld LED features. The dimensions of this product are 12 x 24 in and comes with a massive 5-year warranty. You get four heat settings and a removable sponge. There is also a two-hour automatic shutoff for the customized controls. It helps relieve common aches, cramps, back pain, etc.

Interestingly, the removable cover is machine washable, and you get an Analog LED controller. Heat therapy is best used for menstrual pain. Hence, it helps you upgrade the heat therapy.

3. The Original Sacksy – Microwavable Aromatherapy Hot/Cold Sack

The Original Sacksy – Microwavable Aromatherapy Hot/Cold Sack

as of June 15, 2024 9:47 am

Next on our list of Best Heating pads for Menstrual cramps is The Original Sacksy which is also the only microwavable heating pad on our list. It is used to manage stomach cramps, knee strain, etc. Its density can mold to any area to support your body. With the product, you can choose unscented and create the aroma using different fillers. This heating pad contains a blend of all-natural cherry pit & flaxseed filler that helps in retaining more heat and for more extended periods of time as well.

One needs to keep it for two minutes in the microwave, and that’s all it takes. It has a dimension of 13″ x 7.5″ and comes with a 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. Additionally, the ultra-premium herbal heating pads suit kids and adults. It has a calming subtle herbal aroma which is the companies special blend that promotes relaxation and relives stress and tension. Furthermore, it comprises hot and cold sacks for the best therapy for your pain and aches.

4. UTK Infrared Heating Pad

UTK Infrared Heating Pad

as of June 15, 2024 9:47 am

The makers of this heating pad say that the mains-powered heating pad contains jade stones because the company believes it can reach a higher temperature than other materials. Even the makers of this product state that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognizes this mat as a Class 2 medical device. The heating pad has a dimension of 31.5 x 21.65 in. The heating pad produces negative ions to penetrate the skin and provides long-lasting infrared heating. Moreover, it has a precise heat and time setting option. In addition, the extra-long cord and premium travel bag also make this product handy. Interestingly, there is a four-hour auto-shutoff option. It also provides a warranty and has a natural jade heating therapy for pain. It has a memory function and a better heating effect. The product comforts your muscles and provides a better effect on your back to manage the pain.

5. Heat Relief Patch by Cora

Heat Relief Patch by Cora

as of June 15, 2024 9:47 am

It stays warm for up to eight hours and is designed to manage period cramps. It delivers heat evenly to the abdomen and the lower back. Additionally, it comprises the goodness of soothing herbs like dandelion root, raspberry leaf, and cramp bark. The warming patch helps deliver heat and ease the cramps. It is portable and has a long-lasting comfort. It fits the underwear and has an on-the-go use. People should not apply the patches to the skin directly. Also, they should not apply it while sleeping.

6. GENIANI Extra Large Electric Heating Pad

GENIANI Extra Large Electric Heating Pad

as of June 15, 2024 9:47 am

The electric heating pad is powered by mains electricity. It provides three heat level settings and an automatic shut-off timer to ensure that it never goes off unexpectedly. This electric heating pads has a dimension of 12 x 24 in. Adjustable heat settings and large sizes help different people use the product. In addition, an advanced automatic shutoff option helps you use it without any hassle. Interestingly, it has a dry and moist therapy to relieve the pain. The cover of the machine is machine washable and heats up in minimal time. Moreover, it protects against overheating and soft micro plush fibers. It helps release a constant heat stream with electric power. 

Additionally, the three temperature settings allow flexibility. It is a pain relief for sore muscles that helps heat up in seconds. Thus, it is safe for use to relieve pain. You can pay for this heating pad using Health Saving Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts.

7. Thermotex Universal Platinum Radiant Energy Pain Relief Heating Pad

Thermotex Universal Platinum Radiant Energy Pain Relief Heating Pad

as of June 15, 2024 9:47 am

It helps relieve inflammation with far infrared heat therapy. In addition, it is a famous therapeutic device for relieving muscle pain and stiffness. It helps increase the blood flow that delivers the essential nutrients to relieve pain and inflammation. The dimension of this heating pad are 15.5 x 8 x 6 in and comes with a 1-year parts and labor warranty. The makers of this heating pad suggest that in just 20 minutes, the soothing infrared wavelengths penetrate up to 2.36 inches into the applied area. It is engineered to wrap and decrease pain intensity.

How to Use Heating Pads for Cramps?

Knowing the correct usage and settings when using a heating pad is essential. Many women find it challenging to put the heating pad. Hence, they can put the pad on the lower abdomen. Also, adjusting the temperature with the heat setting option can help you get started. You can put the heating pad where the pain intensity is the most. Furthermore, you can also put it in the lower back to experience relief. Some people also use some essential oils to reduce the pain intensity. 

Additionally, heat therapies have a history of easing pain and inflammation. Hence, a heating pad helps reduce the menstrual cramps by easing the blood flow and relaxing the muscles. Thus, they help calm your muscles and relax the pain. People should start with a low heat setting to get the hang of the heating pad. How long you should use the heating pad for cramps depends on the temperature and the pain.

The more the temperature, the lesser you need to use the pad. Furthermore, overuse of heating pads may affect the condition drastically. One must find the proper heat setting that suits the body. Other viable ways to relieve period cramps can also help. For example, some exercises, rest, meditation, and over-the-counter pain relievers can help decrease the pain intensity.

Effects of Heating Pads

They help relieve period pain; however, one should know their potential side effects before use. Moreover, a heating pad may make you addicted to its use. When people do not use the pad correctly, it may pose some implications like heat burn, etc. However, heating pads are convenient and, in most cases, safe. You must use the best heating pad for menstrual cramps correctly.

Heating pads help improve blood flow to the uterus, making your menstruation much easy than you think. People should not use a heating pad for a prolonged time. Sleeping with a heating or cooling pad to relieve the period of pain should be avoided. In addition, it may result in burns and even pose serious skin problems. Heating pads should not directly contact your skin for a prolonged time. They should be used till the specified time and temperature for best results.

Do heating pads really help with cramps?

Heating pads definitely can reduce pain from cramping muscles, but they can help in other ways, too. They are often used before exercise to warm up muscles. The heat helps muscles contract more smoothly and helps them to relax more quickly. Heat can also help reduce muscle tension, relaxing the uterus muscles, increasing blood flow and easing pain.

Can a heating pad make cramps worse?

Continuous exposure to the affected area will increase blood flow to the area. Cramping is a protective reaction. The muscles are relaxed by cramping and then contract again to help prevent painful movement.

What happens if you leave a heating pad on too long for cramps?

You can burn yourself on a hot heating pad when it’s left on too long. Leaving a heating pad on for too long can cause burns and potentially cause extreme inflammation in the body as dilated blood vessels bring pro-inflammatory cells to the warmed area.

What are the effects of using heating pads?

Heating pads provide major relief from pain and tension. Heating pads are beneficial in treating stiff muscles, back pain, arthritis, sprains and strains. Heating pads can ease tension and soreness in muscles, joints and arthritis.

How long should you use a heating pad for cramps?

You can place a heating pad on your belly for 15 minutes to help relax your muscles and relieve your cramps. The heating pad delivers real heat deep into your muscles, relaxing contractions and relieving period cramps for up to 8 hours.

Where should you put the heating pad for cramps?

A person who is experiencing cramps should place the heating pad as close to the area of the body that is cramping. People with menstrual cramps often experience pain in their lower back, abdomen, and legs.

Can the heating pad make you bleed more in menstrual cramps? 

While researching the Best Heating pads for Menstrual cramps, we also tried to find out answers to this question. So for this, we talked to many experts who told us that being in a hot climate simply does not make your menstruation worse. Instead, it can worsen the symptoms that you experience alongside your period.

Conclusion: 7 Best Menstrual Heating Pads for Cramps

So that was our List of 7 Best Heating pads for Menstrual cramps. The heating pads work to minimize the menstrual cramps with heat therapy. Since old times, heat therapy has been used to treat inflammation and other aches. Likewise, heating pads work by penetrating deeper into the trigger points and relaxing the muscles. However, one should reach the doctor when the cramps worsen. These products do not guarantee to treat cramps and period pain instantly. We hope you get the best heating pads from the 7 Best Heating pads for Menstrual cramps.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned with us for more updates.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is from different internet sources and may update. We advise you to consult your healthcare provider before availing yourself of any products. Before use, you should know its pros and cons, benefits, applications, side effects, and other implications.

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