Beyond Body Review 2023: Is it a Healthy Choice? (Beyond Body Pros & Cons)

Fitness goals encompass healthy eating and regular exercise. However, we often find this regime monotonous and want an instructor to guide us throughout the fitness process. The downside is that it entails ample time, money, and effort to find a fitness instructor. If you have budget constraints, you might want to invest in cost-effective options that help you get real-time updates about your fitness journey.

Hence, in this article, we will discuss Beyond Body, a renowned brand that has gained traction with its customized approach to fitness. It is also popular on Instagram with a massive follower base. Of course, generic things do not work when you are serious about your fitness. In this regard, Beyond Body will provide you with step-by-step ways to achieve your goals. The Beyond Body review will tell what it has to offer, its benefits, and everything you need to know.

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Personalized Workout and Meal Plans
Beyond Body is the first wellness book in the world that is personalized to help customers lose and keep off excess weight according to their age, body type, and other critical characteristics.

What is Beyond Body? – Honest Beyond Body Review

Beyond Body Review

It provides a fully customized wellness book to fitness-conscious people. One needs only to attempt the basic questions about your sleep schedule, eating habits, diets and preferences, and it provides the hard copy and e-book. Undoubtedly, the questions for male and female respondents differ. Thus, you can expect extensive information about your body and health in this book.

You get a personalized 28-day meal plan, 30-min meal preparation guide, meal plan customization tools, a grocery shopping list on the go, reminders for every meal, your progress report, and what not. 

Who can Use Beyond Body?

People who are fed up with general weight loss books can use Beyond Body. Those who prefer a unique and customized way to maintain a healthy lifestyle can also consider it. The product is for those who want to lose weight in the least stressful way. The product may help you in the long run with a customized weight loss plan.

Of course, there is an Assistant App that acts as a friendly companion to stay accountable while tracking your fitness goals. Thus, those who would like to use the combination of a multifunctional user-friendly fitness app and customized wellness book can buy Beyond Body.

Where can you get your customized wellness book with Beyond Body?

Beyond Body Pricing Plans

The official website can guide you to a few multiple-choice questions about your basic health. Watching it consider your ailments and allergies while conceptualizing the wellness book is fascinating. Based on your age, desired weight, current height, and overall lifestyle, they interpret their observations about your health.

Afterward, you can download the e-book, or if you wish to keep it handy, you can order its hard copy. It takes a few days to be delivered. Regarding using the assistant app, you need to enter your credentials to log in. Afterward, you will be guided on your fitness journey.

The guide to a healthy lifestyle:

There is no need to change yourself completely to achieve fitness goals. Of course, you should be flexible and incorporate small changes to lead a healthy lifestyle. In this regard, Beyond Body has a kind approach with new habit formation strategies. It understands that everyone is different, and it takes time for the body to adjust to new meal plans and exercise regimes. It has a glowing skin guide, which will help you emphasize different health aspects. Thus, you can lead a sustainable life with Beyond Body. 

What makes Beyond Body Unique? – Beyond Body Review

Personalized wellness: The book underlines what your body requires. This way, you can know which meals will be favorable and which not. Besides catering to your personal needs, every chapter of the book is rechecked to provide you the authentic content. Thus, you can keep your fitness goals handy. 

Real-time progress tracking: The book has endless delicious menus that your taste buds will love. You can check your results in minimal time with the app. In many fitness goals, people often forget to track their daily water intake. In this regard, you can track your water intake and get meal reminders with the app. Thus, you can get digital access on any mobile device. 

The holistic approach to health: Of course, it takes time to form new good habits. Thus, Beyond Body emphasizes your regime and offers new habit formation strategies. It also provides mindfulness techniques and a glowing skin guide. You get tips to deal with health conditions. The tricks to navigate peer pressure would also solve your problems. Thus, it is a pretty holistic approach to health.

Is Beyond Body Safe? – Beyond Body Review

Everyone is different; hence the results of using Beyond Body may vary from person to person. You can start with the basic recipes of Beyond Body to be accustomed to the meal plan. It is best that while answering the questions about your health profile, it takes note of your allergies and eating habits. Hence, the meals are prepared considering your overall health. Moreover, consulting a doctor always works best before trying a new supplement.

Of course, the Assistant App of Beyond Body guides you comprehensively about your diet and health status. However, one should be mindful of what to consume and how much.

Before following the personalized educational content by Beyond Body, you must see how it aligns with your fitness goals. People with ailments should always be mindful; however, Beyond Body considers one’s health conditions, diseases, and medical history. Hence, you are safe using the product if you follow a doctor’s guidance and recommendations.

Top FAQ on Beyond Body

Who owns Beyond Body?

Lithuanian company UAB Kilo Grupé owned  Beyond Body. Christine Ellis is the head of nutrition, and Lina Jaisate is the CEO of Beyond Body.

Does Beyond Body give exercise?

Based on individual lifestyle choices, fitness levels, and other preferences, Beyond Body offers dedicated workout plans. Each of their exercise routines starts with a warm-up, and later it becomes a combination of strength training and cardio.

What if I can’t lose weight after purchasing¬†the Beyond Body book?

As we all know that everybody’s body structure is different, so the weight loss rate is also different for each individual. It is highly recommended that one should follow the plan written in the¬†Beyond Body book for best results.

When will I get my Beyond Body book?

If you order a Beyond Body e-book, then you will get it within 24 hours. But if you want to have a physical book of Beyond Body, then it will take 8 to 14 business days to reach at your address.

Does Beyond Body ship internationally?

Beyond Body book is in PDF format, and it is available internationally. If you want to have the physical copy of the Beyond Body book, they can even ship internationally.

Conclusion: Beyond Body Review | Should you really buy Beyond Body book?

Customization is the key feature in Beyond Body. The wellness book and the assistant app are perfectly crafted per individual needs. It makes the fitness journey convenient with easy meals, easy-to-obtain ingredients, and utmost comfort from home. There are ample happy customer reviews on its official website.

The best thing is that it is curated per gender-specific needs. You do not need equipment other than your mobile to get the most out of Beyond Body. 28 Days is a short period; hence it will not be difficult for you to work with Beyond Body. You can check the buying options to know the updated price.

Disclaimer: You should always consult a doctor before using the product. The article does not guarantee anything that you will experience the desired results. Before buying a product, you must check its official website for updated information about the cost, specifications, and other details. Some information in this article may update; hence checking with a product’s official website is essential. The article information is for educational and informational purposes only. The use of any information provided by us in this article is solely at your own risk. We are not medical health practitioners.

8.5Expert Score
Beyond Body Review

At Beyond Body, it will design a 28-day training regimen tailored to your current level of physical activity. This Beyond Body program will help you safely and effectively improve your fitness level, so that you can reach your goals.

Brand Transparency
Information Inside Book
Results after Implementing Book Ideas
Overall Value
  • You get colorful pictures in the book for your weight loss journey.
  • For a fraction of the price, you can get a personal nutritionist.
  • The online book and hard copy make it possible for every fitness enthusiast to read.
  • It does not ask you to incorporate significant changes in your lifestyle.
  • Instead, you can follow the 28-day meal plan, which comprises simple, easy-to-prepare, and delicious recipes.
  • We cannot make it to purchasing the fancy ingredients. Thus, you can cook with simple ingredients by following the Beyond Body.
  • You also get a personalized post-program guide to help the fitness goals.
  • Additionally, you get 24/7 support and track everything, including calories, water intake, etc.
  • With the app, you can find all your meal plan ingredients quicker and easier with a categorized weekly shopping list.¬†
  • You may not track everything about fitness goals with the e-book.¬†Hence, you need the Assistant app.
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