PrimeShred Review 2023: Does this Fat Burner Work? [Pros & cons]

Who doesn’t want a slim body? Who doesn’t want to get rid of those bulges and curves and belly fat? Who doesn’t want to be mistaken for a celebrity? We all want to, right?

But with life so stressful and engaged, we hardly get time to breathe, so how can you even afford to get fit. And even if you try, you don’t get the desired results. And gyming after-office becomes impossible because your energy has been exhausted.

And with these evergreen problems that fall one above the other, the aim of having a fit body becomes a mere fantasy. Worry not, for every problem has a solution. What if I told you there is a fat-shredding supplement that not only burns fat rapidly but also provides mental energy for that. PrimeShred is one such supplement that provides you with ultimate performance. Read our PrimeShred review to find out everything you need to know.

What is PrimeShred? Honest PrimeShred Review

PrimeShred @ Special Discount

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Gluten-Free, Vegan, Non-GMO, Dairy-Free
PrimeShred is a fat-burning supplement that boosts thermogenesis and increases energy levels.

A super-efficient fat burner that is tried and tested. It is a lifesaver for people who want to start their weight loss journey without losing their muscles or falling short on physical energy. It is a blend of thermogenic, appetite suppressants, and energy enhancers. All these combine to give you the ultimate results that you would not have even dreamed of. These capsules help increase your metabolism leading to intense calorie burning and overall performance betterment.

A proper diet regime and consistent workouts combined with PrimeShred will show you that miracles do happen. The formula consists of 10 active ingredients that are clinically backed, which helps it to provide you with maximum satisfaction. A serving delivers up to 2000mg of its fat trimming nutrients, making it rise higher than its competitors.

It may even provide you with better mental clarity. It can even tone your muscles and give you that shredded physique that you have always appreciated. 

Initially, it targets your fat deposited areas, releasing the fat stored in the cells through lipolysis. After the liberation of fat, it increases metabolism and promotes Thermogenesis, which decreases tiredness and boosts the weight loss process. This advanced high potency formula is vegan-friendly.

PrimeShred Ingredients – Is PrimeShred Vegan/Dairy Free?

PrimeShred Ingredients

Ingredients are the most vital part of the proper functioning of any supplement. says their experts have ‘exhaustively’ researched and developed an innovative, up-to-date formula for quick and effective fat-burning. Their ingredients are extensively tested and proven. They flaunt to have made a formula that helps you achieve the best results in the shortest possible span of time. So let’s have a look at each of its ingredients:

1. Green Tea Extract – 500mg

Green Tea Extract is one of the most common ingredients found in most fat trimming supplements. Green tea speeds up fat burning by increasing your metabolism and enhancing the effects of fat-burning hormones such as norepinephrine. Triglyceride levels are a form of fat that is stored in your fat cells; PrimeShred has also been credited for its reduction.

2. L-Tyrosine – 300mg

L-Tyrosine works its way up by slowing down the depletion of neurotransmitters which in turn improves your focus, alertness, and concentration. Neurotransmitters play a vital role in mental cognition; they turn out incredibly important during stressful situations such as an intense or vigorous workout. Studies have shown that this amino acid works efficiently to promote weight loss while preserving muscle mass and also as an appetite suppressant.

3. L-Theanine – 250mg

It turns out to be of great help in increasing attention and focus and works as a mood enhancer that increases the number of happy hormones. Metabolism is increased as it contributes to reducing the number of fats and carbohydrates absorbed by the body. That makes it perfect for weight loss supplements.

4. Rhodiola Rosea Root – 250mg

It helps in increasing the oxygen supply to the muscles, which gives you an energy boost and peak performance. That makes your workouts manageable, giving you faster and better results. It activates an enzyme which is very helpful in breaking down deposited fat. It has no side effects and multiple benefits.

5. Caffeine Anhydrous – 225mg

It increases the production of hormones that help burn fat; these hormones break down fatty acids inside your fat cells, which triggers metabolism and speeds up burning extra body fat. It also boosts mental energy as it is beneficial in increasing energy, alertness, and focus.

6. Cayenne Pepper – 200mg

Cayenne pepper, this key ingredient, promotes Thermogenesis, burning off more calories and fat. It also increases metabolism and levels up the activity of the fat-burning enzymes. It also plays the role of an appetite suppressant. And therefore, it is an essential part of this fat-burning supplement.

7. DMAE – 150mg

It helps in increasing the production of acetylcholine, a critical neurotransmitter for cognitive performance and muscle contraction. It enhances your gym performance by improving focus and mind-muscle connection. It also improves collagen fiber thickness which is very supportive for people on a calorie-controlled diet.

8. Green Coffee – 100mg

Thermogenesis and metabolism are both increased by the effects of green coffee, bringing you a step closer to your dream physique. It helps overcome lethargy and sleepiness by increasing the release of transmitters, which also makes you feel more energized and focused.

9. Vitamin B Complex

B vitamin not only helps us omit tiredness and fatigue but also contributes to normal, energy-yielding metabolism. PrimeShred formula includes 15mg of Vitamin B3, 1.3mg of Vitamin B6, and 24mcg of Vitamin B12. Each of these has its qualities that lead to an increase in energy levels and efficiency.

10. Bioperine – 5mg

The presence of these particular active ingredients increases the bioavailability of others by 30%. That means the digestion and absorption of all ingredients become fast-paced, providing you with fruitful results. Along with this peculiar quality, it also brings along other benefits that contribute to your overall betterment.

These plant-based vegetable capsules made from hypromellose are perfect for fat reduction. They are an excellent pick for vegans and vegetarians as the blend is composed of all-natural ingredients. The list is pretty impressive, as each individual ingredient has a job: fat burning or enhancing mental health, or preserving lean muscle mass. It also triggers the body’s natural fat-burning processes, which ensures safety.

How does this Triple Threat Formula Work?

  • Makes your fat cells break down and release stored fat

The process of breaking down fat is known as lipolysis. After lipolysis, fat cells are moved into the bloodstream to take part in energy production. Lipolysis is triggered by an increasing level of essential enzymes and hormones.

L-tyrosine, Rhodiola, caffeine, green tea, and capsaicin are some of the ingredients present in PrimeShred that trigger lipolysis by increasing the release of epinephrine and norepinephrine. Other ingredients help shirk stubborn fat cells. The complete formula speeds up the rate of fat breakdown.

  • Increases the fat burning rate

The rate of fat burning and metabolism are both increased by the presence of certain ingredients. Catechins in green tea and chlorogenic acid in coffee are known to boost metabolism. The Vitamin B complex included in the blend converts calories from food into energy rather than fat, which is essential for a smooth metabolism.

L-tyrosine can directly be linked with thyroid hormones. Studies have proven that an increase in these thyroid hormones leads to increased weight loss and rapid fat shredding.

  • Boosts energy levels and enhances mental focus

by blocking adenosine, ingredients like caffeine, green coffee, and green tea help in reducing tiredness and lethargy. Rhodiola improves ATP and EPO production, which in turn increases your energy and endurance during workouts. It boosts exercise performance and decreases perceived effort exerted.

Caffeine effects are boosted with the help of l-theanine so that you feel more focused and less tired. L-tyrosine reduces mental focus and improves concentration. DMAE improves the quality of your sleep, helping you feel refreshed and energized. And all of them combined together to form a powerful enemy to your nasty fat.

Is PrimeShred Legit or Fake? (100% Transparency)

There are a lot of supplement brands in the market, and each one claims to have used pure and quality ingredients. But their formulas are completed by including mystery proprietary blends. This does earn them a certain amount of profit, but their customers are left unsatisfied and cheated. This is not the case with every brand.

And one such company is PrimeShred, which openly discloses the 9 ingredients used in the supplement with their exact dosage. Now, that is what is noteworthy. There are no fillers, secret ingredients, or proprietary blends included. Not just that, it is also free from soy, gluten, and dairy products. It is Non-GMO and prohibits the usage of artificial coloring and preservatives. It is proudly manufactured in the USA.

The facility is FDA approved and GMP certified. It uses clean, high-quality ingredients to manufacture the supplement. PrimeShred does really care for its consumers, and that is why they provide 100% transparency and quality.

PrimeShred Guarantee – Does PrimeShred Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Quote unquote, “Jaw-dropping results or your money back.”

Wow! Now that’s interesting; I don’t think any other company would provide that guarantee unless they are well-versed with the success of their product. Other companies will make false claims and trick you into buying your product. They will make sure that their product is shiny enough to catch your eye by posting not so sure guarantees.

And once the purchase is made and the product fails to satisfy their claims, they will make you beg for your own money. Refunds or exchange policies are many times fraud. Even if not, you have to go to extreme lengths just to make peace with the company. 

What Makes PrimeShred Different

Their claims are fair and straightforward. Their product will help you burn fat intensely, even from those stubborn areas. It will provide you with the energy and focus required during hardcore workouts. It will make your cut more bearable while enhancing your mood and reducing mood swings.

And if still, you are not amazed by the results, you can send any unopened or intact box of their supplement within 100 days of placing the order. They will readily give a 100% refund, excluding the shipping charges. Visit their official site for complete assurance.

Their Perks:

  • The longest guarantee period in the market(100 days)
  • Nothing else to return, just your unused PrimeShred
  • No questions asked, Fuss-free refund

PrimeShred Dosage and Caution?

As the official site states, you are supposed to consume 3 pills approximately 30 minutes prior to your breakfast. A tub of PrimeShred contains a total of 90 capsules that will last up to 30 days. Take it regularly on training as well as non-training days. Follow a low-calorie diet and properly schedule a workout plan for best results. Check their official site for more information.

CAUTION: Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, or individuals with a known medical condition should consult a medical professional before consuming this or any other supplement.

PrimeShred Pricing – Where to Buy PrimeShred?

PrimeShred Pricing

PrimeShred provides impressive benefits with no negative, so you might assume that it is expensive. But the twist is it is not.

  • 1 BOTTLE OF PRIMESHRED will cost you $49.99 and additional shipping charges of $7.95.
  • 2 BOTTLES + 1 FREE, this combo will only cost you $99.99 and free of cost shipping
  • 3 BOTTLES + 2 FREE, which is a great deal at the given quantity. The combo costs $149.99 and offers free shipping.

The price range is pretty impressive and affordable. This product breaks the market if you look at the qualities and benefits. And therefore, it is worth it.

Side Effects of PrimeShred

PrimeShred is 100% natural; that is why the chance of side effects is heavily reduced. Not just that, it is also free from meat, eggs, dairy products, and any other animal-derived substances, which makes it safe for vegan and vegetarian consumers. Along with that, it also does not contain soy, gluten, GMO, artificial colors, sweeteners, or preservatives.

Caffeine anhydrous, which is a stimulant, may have potential side effects. If you are not suitable for caffeine or stimulants, you may experience minor side effects like headaches or stomach aches. But L-Theanine is specifically used to combat the negatives of caffeine, so there are no chances of any side effects, and the product is safe for consumption.

What do Customer Think of PrimeShred?

results and highly praised its quality. It does exactly as it says- burns fat and protects muscle mass. Reviews also stated that it is a great appetite suppressant with no jitters and crashes.

A weightlifter said that he tried multiple thermogenic, but many of them caused side effects, but this one worked wonders. Other blogs and reviews also mentioned the uniqueness of Prime Shred in their supplement reviews.

Top FAQ’s on PrimeShred

Can women use PrimeShred?

Yes, the product is unisex. Though most PrimeShred’s buyers are male, women can benefit from this. It aims for hardcore fat burning and provides a fat-free body regardless of gender. Anyhow, there is an exception for pregnant or nursing women. They are not recommended to consume this dietary supplement.

Does PrimeShred really work?

Yes! The supplement turned out to be super effective for many of its buyers, and you can figure out from their positive reviews. Their claims are supported by a 100% satisfaction guarantee that assures you results or a money-back policy. The ingredients used are also legit and natural, making it reliable.

Where do they ship PrimeShred?

They ship PrimeShred worldwide so that all can benefit from this fantastic product. A few countries that do not ship their supplement are Angola, Brunei, Chad, Cuba, French Guiana, Iran, Liberia, Madagascar, Mauritius, North Korea, Republic of Congo, South Sudan, and Yemen, and a few other countries.

How do I take PrimeShred?

Approximately 20 minutes before breakfast, take three PrimeShred capsules. PrimeShred should be used on both training and non-training days.

Is PrimeShred a safe and effective weight-loss supplement?

Yes. PrimeShred is entirely legal and safe to use. An FDA-approved company makes it, so you can ensure that all of the ingredients are 100% natural and won’t harm your body.

How long does one tub last?

Each tub contains 30 servings (90 capsules), enough for a 30-day supply.

Final Verdict: PrimeShred Review – Should you really buy PrimeShred?

PrimeShred is an excellent fat burner supplement that helps in weight loss, appetite reduction, and increase metabolism. It not only reduces fat but retains muscle giving you a well-toned physique. It also helps in maintaining optimal energy levels and provides better focus. It also offers reduced recovery time that enables you to perform even better. Better body composition is what you can be sure of.

The company also offers a 100-day money-back guarantee. These diet pills do not have any side effects, making them safe for consumption. The reviews are positive, and the price range is also moderate. The use of quality ingredients with 100% transparency is a win-win situation. PrimeShred really is a unique product that offers all that you need for a shredded body, and we say it is worth trying.

8.8Expert Score
PrimeShred Review

PrimeShred is one of the most well-known diet pills available. It is made from 100% natural ingredients and is entirely safe and free from all side effects. We recommend PrimeShred could be a good investment.

  • Helps maintain muscle mass while burning fat
  • Vegetarian &amp
  • vegan friendly
  • High potency formula with a 3-step approach
  • Free of soy, gluten, dairy, GMOs, artificial coloring, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives
  • Transparent fat loss formula
  • Improves Energy and focus
  • Increases Thermogenesis
  • Supports Metabolism
  • Comes with a 100-day money back guarantee and an easy refund process
  • High caffeine content
  • You can buy this supplement only from the manufacturer's website
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