Ariarne Titmus Workout & Diet Plan, Fitness Journey (2023)

Australian Swimmer

Ariarne Titmus

Born: 7 September, 200.

Staring at the mirror and wishing for a different body is not the right way to get the body of a goddess. Instead, you need to work on your body. You need to train hard and build muscle. But how and where to start from, how to become the Ariarne Titmus you want to be? Did you know that Ariarne Titmus is also a model? Yes, she has been featured in many magazines and fashion shows. She has a gorgeous body and flaunts it with sheer grace. But achieving that masterpiece all by yourself is an arduous task, so it is better to take advice from the goddess herself. Here is all that you need to know about the Tararne Titmus workout routine and diet plan.

Ariarne Titmus Workout & Diet

A little glimpse into the personal and professional life of this world-class swimmer.

Ariarne Titmus is an Australian swimmer born on the 7th day of September in 200. She is the one who has won the 200-meter and 400-meter freestyle titles at the 2016 Rio Olympics. In the 2020 Summer Olympics held in Tokyo, Ariarne was among the Australian representatives and was able to secure two gold medals for her country. She competes in International Swimming League for the Cali Condors team.

In search of better career opportunities, Ariarne, along with her family, shifted to Queensland from Tasmania in 2015. Her current coach is Dean Boxall, who leads the St Peters Western based in Brisbane. The club is the home of many renowned swimmers, including Stephanie Rice and Leisel Jones. She owns a cute dog named Lucy, whom she adores very much.

Despite not looking so hot after post-preliminary heats, Titmus managed to beat Katie Ledecky by just 0.69 seconds! In the finals of the 200-meter freestyle relay event, Ariarne lagged behind Siobhan Haughey most of the way before sprinting ahead in the last lap, winning against Hong Kong’s champion. For the women’s 4×200 meters freestyle relay, Ariarne and her team had to settle as 2nd runner-ups, behind China and USA teams, respectively. At the 2018 FINA World Swimming Championships, Titmus not only secured a gold in the women’s short course 400-metre freestyle competition but also set a new world record with a time of 3:53.92 at the same event.

As a representative of Cali Condors, Ariarne was a member of the inaugural International Swimming League in 2019. She stood third in the final match held in Las Vegas, but she won multiple times in 400-meter freestyle events held in that particular season. 

Initially, at the 2017 World Aquatics Championships, Ariarne stood 17th in the women’s 200m- freestyle event. But at the 2018 commonwealth games, she proved her real worth by grabbing 3 golds and 1 silver in the 400-meter freestyle, 800-meter freestyle, 4 x 200-meter freestyle relay, and 200-meter freestyle, respectively. She bagged another gold and two bronze medals at other events in that championshipAriarne, along with 26 other swimmers, was chosen to represent the Australian swimming team for the 2019 World Aquatics Championships held in South Korea.

Again defining her strength, she won gold and also broke the Oceania record after she stood second in her heat of the Women’s 400-meter freestyle. It is not easy to supersede all the other professionals and mark your space on the leaderboard. Stay tuned as the article will spill the beans about the fitness routines and tips and tricks this swimming star follows. 

Current Stats

Height: 1.77 m or 5ft 9.7in
Weight: 63 kg or 160 lbs
Age: 21 (as of May 2023) 
Body Type: Athletic and Slim
Body Mass Index: 21(Normal)
Shoe Size: 7 US
Eye Color: Green
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Race: White

Ariarne Titmus Workout & Professional Life

Ariarne Titmus Workout

Ariarne has been going through some rigorous training under Coach Dean Boxall. He is the one behind some other famous swimmers, such as Mitch Larkin and Clyde Lewis. During an interview held on a Monday night, she explained that she had 2 swimming sessions and a gym workout in the morning. The training session was specially targeted for swimmers with longer laps and extended swims, and that is why she says it was tough but good.

She even narrates that the evening wrap-up is challenging at times, and the training schedule is still not back to the way it was before the pandemic. She was not a morning person, but professionalism made her one. Before the Olympics, she worked her way through the heat of summer and late training sessions. 

She started a lot early and has been into the game since then; that is why she says she had to juggle many things. She also says that she does not feel she’s famous and pictures herself as an ordinary being. On being asked what keeps her going, she responded that she loves the sport, which is why she follows it. Her coach is strict, and he definitely gives her a hard time, she says not everybody can cope with him, but she has a close bond with him.

On being questioned about the toughest part of training, she said, “Learning to back up double days as there’s not much time to reprieve during the week.” Saturday afternoons and Sundays are what she gets for recovery. But at times, that is not enough, and she suffers from mental pressure and faces a hard time. 

Before the race, she prefers listening to her mom’s playlist. It has songs by Bon Jovi, AC/DC, INXS, John Farnham, and adele too, but she likes to skip her. She admires her mother due to her competitive spirit. She is also not very fond of reading, but she forces herself to read about the life of people. During her interview with the Olympic team before the Tokyo Olympics, she says that she is very real and wants her followers to she what she believes in. That was all regarding the available workout info, but apart from the strict exercise plan guided by her coaches, she puts in extra effort from her end.

Ariarne Titmus Diet Plan

Ariarne Titmus Diet Plan

The importance of diet for any goal is crucial. As that is what is the fuel for recovery and outcome. That is why Ariarne stated that many people just don’t get the time that goes into the building of a professional athlete. She says it is not just swimming in the pools. It also includes going home, recovering, and doing things that can help divert your mind away from the hustle. And that activity that helps Titmus that helps her gets her mind away is cooking; that is another thing she loves to do and relax. She often tries different recipes and is fond of experimenting, which kept her hooked during the lockdown. She felt lucky to have this great hobby, but then she got a little addicted and had to stop because she could not eat so much food. 

Ariarne Titmus has been consuming a healthy diet to maintain her flawless body. Not just that, the diet is supposed to be enriched with nutrients and power-packed so that her performance is always at its peak. It should also have high energy content. After all, she has to cope with the intense workouts and training sessions. So, here are some of Ariarne Titmus’s meal plans. 

For pre-workout meals, make sure to include starchy carbs present in bread, rice, potatoes, etc. Veggies of all types and carb-enriched fruits are also a must. A serving of lean meat, salty foods, and liquid with minimum or no caffeine content. Before practice sessions or workouts, foods that you should avoid include:

  • Spicy or fried snacks
  • High-fat meats
  • Food with high sugar content
  • Other such items

Make sure to have a full meal 4 hours before your training or snacks an hour prior. 

Now for meals and snacks during the workout, they should be potent. These items should help your recharge yourself and energize for a prolonged period. Fruits, granola bars, crackers, nuts, bagels, fruit snacks, cereals, energy drinks and bars, etc., are great choices for that. Protein and carbohydrates consumed between sessions can help with better recovery. Proper hydration is always a good thing to start with. Start small to increase your tolerance and gradually increase the quantity of intake when fueling between workouts. 

According to Speedo, a general eating plan of Ariarne Titmus looks like this:

Meal 1

A black coffee along with toast with vegemite.

Meal 2

Oats with cream and almond milk; toppings include yogurt, honey, and fruits such as kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, and chia seeds.

Meal 3

A wrap including avocado, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, cheese, and eggs.

Meal 4

Rice cakes or rice cereal bowl with Black coffee.

Meal 5

Meat or fish and vegetables served with a good carb source.

She follows a routine of eating on time. The meals are pretty much similar regularly. Even on race day, the diet is not something out of the normal. The night before the official match, she prefers fried rice or pasta. And avoids meat as much as she can; it makes her feel heavy in the belly. On the race day, she may have her common training day oats. Or, for a change, if she feels like it, she can even go for eggs on toast. After her warm-up session, she may have an energy gel. She tries eating her meal 3 hours before the race.

How to be hydrated?

Drink well 2-3 hours before the training session and again 15-20 mins before the exercise program. Keep yourself hydrated in between sessions, perhaps every 20-30 minutes. After an hour or so, consume a carb solution. Consider looking at hydration charts and maintaining levels according to your body weight. Consume a proper diet and prevent exhaustion.

Ariarne Titmus’s Supplements

She takes the following supplements to keep up with her nutritional requirements.

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Whey Protein

It is commonly used by bodybuilders to support muscle building, but it even aids in recovery, which is essential for growth. Swimmers can benefit from faster recovery, better performance, and increased hydration.

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Creatine is used by many athletes and professionals around the world due to its benefits. It may enhance muscle function and improve overall performance. But one should be aware of the fact that it may also show side effects.

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Vitamin C and E

For muscle soreness and fatigue, vitamin C has been found to be very beneficial. Vitamin E as an antioxidant prevents the damage caused to muscles by oxidation. It may even reduce the muscle recovery time.

Inspirational Quotes from Ariarne Titmus

“Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do it. I was told when I was younger. I mean, I was never the most talented swimmer. I got where I am because I trained really hard from such a young age, and I was never strong. I was always quite a finely built girl. I never had any strength, and I finally started to build strength. When I was younger, people never thought that I would be successful in swimming. So I think if you believe you can do it, do it. Train hard and be dedicated. And that’s the way to go, I think.”


Ariarne Titmus’s workout routine and diet plan are very simple yet very effective. But if you are expecting just to follow it and have results, that is not happening. Each body and goals of all individuals are different. A workout can be inspired by someone worthy but should be infused with personalized workouts. The key to success is consistency.

If you can make sure that you do things properly, you will be able to achieve your goals much quicker. With a bit of effort, you will be able to reach your fitness goals and look fabulous in no time!

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