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Maggie Q

Born: 1979, Hawaii

Margaret Denise Quigley is an American Actress, popularly known as Maggie Q. Q’s slender athletic physique is always a top choice for action-packed roles for directors. She is featured in Mission Impossible 3 and Live Free or Die Hard. She has gotten a late spotlight from series like Nikita, Divergent and Designated Survivor.   Maggie has 2 siblings and 2 half-siblings from her mother’s side. She was raised as Catholic, but now she has been practicing Buddhism for the last 8 years.

Maggie Q Workout & Diet

Maggie Q: Everything you need to know about her.

Maggie Q is one of the most popular female stars in Hollywood. And with her international appeal, she has become an icon in Asia and China. However, she started as a struggling actress and had to work twice as hard to achieve success. With her career still going strong, Maggie Q has reached the pinnacle of success in Hollywood.

Maggie Q is a superstar that everyone knows the name of. However, few know what sacrifices it took for her to get there. Maggie Q’s father was an American serviceman who met her mother in Vietnam; She was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on May 22, 1979

Maggie Q might not be the most famous actress as other leading actresses, but she has been in many successful movies and television shows and mark her unique, appealing charm. Maggie Q is one of those celebrities who would agree to participate in any fitness challenge. Maggie Q is known for her roles in the action thriller Nikita (2010-2013) and FBI special agent Hannah Wells in Designated Survivor. She starred in “Live Free or Die Hard” with Bruce Willis

As an actress, Maggie Q has been nominated for various awards, including Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actress: Asian Excellence Award in 2007 for supporting role in Mission Impossible III and the Hawaii International festival award in 2009. 

Maggie Q is known for her varied filmography and her physically fit lifestyle. Maggie Q has been in roles such as Nikita (TV series), Divergent, and Mission Impossible III. Maggie is known for her slender physique, and many of her followers are curious about her special diet and exercise routine.  

Current Stats

Birthdate – May 29, 1979
Height – 5’5 ft.
Weight – 106 lbs.
Accolades – Hawaii film festival winner 2009
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Maggie Q Workout & Diet Plan

Maggie Q workout routine is relatively simple but very efficient. 

As she said, “I believe in the importance of getting a good diet and exercise, but I also never have time to go to the gym or do anything else.”

Maggie Q Workout Routine

She has been building up her workouts for the past few years, focusing on body strength. Her workouts are designed to be effective and efficient. In addition to that, she also makes sure that they are fun.

👉 Love for yoga 

Q loves her yoga. She says it keeps her flexible and strong and helps her focus, which she needs on the job. Her efforts in these areas allow her to have a long career in the industry.

👉 Training with different variations 

Q works out every day with a trainer to ensure that her body stays in peak shape for her demanding career. She has followed a rigorous workout routine which has allowed her to maintain her career while still enjoying life.

👉 Routine warm-up exercise 

Maggie Q follows a schedule that includes core exercises, plyometrics (jumping), and martial arts to stay physically fit. Maggie Q believes that the routine has helped her maintain a perfect figure, but more importantly, she believes it has made her an action movie star.

Maggie Q Workout Routine

Let’s look at the daily workout routine of Maggie Q.

We know that exercising is essential, but finding the time and energy can be challenging. In this case, a model like Maggie Q does not go to the gym daily to lift weight and hardly has any days off from training because she knows its importance for her health.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Yoga and Walking 10,000 Steps

Maggie Q does not do any yoga or meditation as a part of her routine. Doing 20 years of yoga and meditation is not some magical power that she has. She attends the session, which has a fitness trainer or yoga guru. Yoga certainly helps her in better circulation and oxygenation in the body. Q she practices these disciplines daily to get better at them

  • Shin Cradle: Shin Cradle is a safe and effective way to strengthen the muscles of the lower body, hips, and calves.
  • Crow Pose:  The Crow Pose is a yoga pose, which can be performed in three variations: seated, kneeling, and standing. It is often done to strengthen the wrists, arms, upper back, and abdominal muscles. Long-time yoga practitioners believe that this pose can energize and cleanse the body.

Tuesday workout routine: Spin Class

Maggie Q attends spin classes, which are a great way to get in shape without being confined to the gym. You can use the class to break up your routine and exercise differently. It’s also a fantastic way to meet new people and make friends. Spin classes allow you to work up a sweat while staying focused on your music. The class helps you stay motivated while improving your heart rate, benefiting overall health. Maggie Q loves to meet new people; furthermore, spin class is a fantastic way to meet new people and make friends.

Thursday workout routine: Swimming

Hawaiin actor loves nature, hills riding, and swimming. She loves to go swimming on Thursday to relax and strengthen muscles while enjoying the water. 

Sunday workout routine 

Sunday is a fun day for Q. But instead of resting the whole Sunday, she indulges herself in the activities of several sports, including Boxing, Tennis, and Soccer. 

Maggie Q Diet Summary

Maggie Q Diet Summary

👉 Staunch vegan

Maggie Q is an animal rights activist and vegan. She has been involved in animal welfare advocacy since she was a youngster, which led to her role as a vegan spokesperson.

Maggie Q is also a successful model and actress in her own right. 

👉 Controlled carb

Maggie Q is a vegan advocate who advocates eating complex carbs. Unprocessed grains digest more slowly and contain fiber, making it less likely that you’ll have a spike in blood sugar. Maggie Q has been advocating for plant-based diets since her teenage years. Q is especially vocal about the importance of eating unprocessed carbs such as brown rice, quinoa, and sweet potatoes. Many celebrities have embraced Maggie Q’s low-carb diet. 

👉 Glumping the tasty juice

Q’s love for the juice is not a secret thing; she loves to glump her favorite fresh juice, including apple, kale, celery, parsley, and ginger.

Let’s see the detailed meal routine of Maggie Q.

Q takes 3 meals in a day. 

Meal 1: Breakfast 

  • Grains
  • Fruit 

Meal 2: Lunch 

  • Lentils
  • Ginger 
  • Brown rice 

Meal 3: Dinner 

  • Green salad 
  • Beans 
Maggie Q advises to eatMaggie Q advises to avoid
✔ Grains✘ Meat
✔ Fruit✘ Fish
✔ Lentils✘ Dairy Products
✔ Ginger✘ Eggs
✔ Green Salad ✘ Processed Foods
✔ Beans✘ Artificial Ingredients
✘ Junk Food

Maggie Q Supplements 

#1. Probiotics 

Probiotics are essential supplements because they strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation, and boost your body’s healing ability. If you take probiotics, it will help you fight off disease and maintain a healthy weight. It also helps the body produce antioxidants to fight against free radicals.


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#2. Vegan Omegas

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#3. Bone Support

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Bone Support

Contains Vitamins C, D, Magnesium, and Calcium
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#4. Digestive Enzymes 

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#5. Energy Formula

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Maggie Q Lifestyle

Maggie Q Lifestyle

Struggling to get into the Action 

Maggie Q started her career as a model in Japan when she was 18. She tried multiple times to go to Taiwan but failed to start acting in Taiwan. She finally broke the social stigma and started working in Hong Kong as Maggie Q. For Hong Kong people, the pronunciation of Quigley was difficult. 

Vegan Activism 

Maggie Q is an actress who has been vegan for more than 10 years. She has been part of a segment on food activism with other celebrities, including Ellen DeGeneres, Pamela Anderson, and Matt Damon.

In her own words, Maggie Q is “vegan for life.” She believes that humans’ eating today is unsustainable and needs to change.

Maggie Q says that she was “helped” by her parents to adopt a vegan lifestyle – which she credits with improving her health and reducing stress levels in the process. Maggie Q has a collection of 8 rescue dogs. She is working with the PETA against animal cruelty in Asia. 

Phoenix Tattoo

Maggie Q has 5 tattoos, the biggest of which is a large phoenix on her hip. Phoenix tattoo was carved in Vancouver; Phoenix represents the struggle in the career early on and rises to fame.

Furthermore, she says the phoenix represents her free spirit and hope for the future.

Inspirational Quotes from Maggie Q

“We rarely grow when we are happy, we grow when we are hurt.”

“When people go through tragic circumstances, it’s not that there is no love there, but it’s so hard to deal with, and sometimes the gap starts to happen.

I, Maggie, personally cannot tell you that you’re going to save the planet.”

As women, I think it helps that we are complex creatures by nature so just being a woman helps to understand a woman’s journey.” 

“I, Maggie, personally cannot tell you that you’re going to save the planet. But what I do know is that we can draw a line to an issue that can conserve what we already have and what’s left in a way that we can breathe the air, drink the water, actually grow things in soil – that matters in a real, practical way.”

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