Carnivore Diet 2023: Is It Really Healthy or Fat Building?

Carnivore Diet

Among men and women, if we take a survey asking about what is their all-time favorite diet is? Then, I am sure that more than half of the population will say “Carnivorous Diet.” Regardless of whatever the season is, and whichever country they belong from. Now, we all know what a carnivorous diet consists of? They mainly include all types of meat, eggs, fats, and seafood.

Now, we should probably come to the title. You must be wondering that how we could include a carnivorous diet in the health chart? For years, the common myth that follows us is “Meat cannot be healthy“; well, I am here to break down that chain for you.

In this article, I will talk thoroughly about the numerous health benefits of meat that you could have never imagined are possible! I will tell you all about all the upsides and downsides of eating a carnivore diet. If there are health benefits, then there are also some risks associated with eating meat.

I investigated what will happen to your body if you omit all kinds of fruits and vegetables from your life! I know most of your reactions will be either “Aha meat!” or “Ahh meat!?“. I hear you guys. Do not go anywhere! Because I am sure that this article will clear all your doubts about carnivore diet and how healthy/unhealthy it is for our body!

What is the Carnivore Diet?

Carnivore Diet

The carnivorous diet consists of animal foods alone. As long as your animal walked, swam, run, flew, and had parents, it could be there on your plate (Don’t think I am making fun, okay, your wish). If you are a meat-eater, you probably could relate that nothing can stop you when you feel that urge to eat meat! ( I generally have cravings for boiled eggs!)

For any meal, you can take your favorite meat and toss them up with your favorite dressings! You can grill them, bake them, boil them or even cook them. It is upto your choice. ( I am feeling hungry now).

Carnivore Diet Food List

Just have a glance on what is the various types of constituents in a pure carnivore diet:


They could include everything literally! Steak, beef, meat, pork, chicken, fish (all sea-food animals), and the list goes on. If you are not eating carbs or any other vegetables or fruits, it must include protein to your diet’s fullest. Meat could also include different consumable organs of animals. Lie bacon, kidney, liver, etc.

Whole eggs

Whole eggs

You will get the fat from the yolks present in the eggs. Eggs are a rich source of protein and calcium, and dieticians always recommend them to be in your breakfast and whole-meal diet. They can be in the form of boiled, fried, or poached. It is your choice. (I prefer eggs in all types)



Did someone say cheese? I heard it. All dairy constituents like milk, cheese, dairy, and yogurt are technically derived from animals. You can combine them with the carnivore meal to make it healthier.

One of the main approaches of the carnivore diet is to omit the unnecessary nutrients from your body. Therefore, you can try including the dairy constituents to see how your body reacts with the combination. (To assure meat and dairy combination is entirely healthy)



Whether we are talking about reading meat, chicken, salmon, or bacon, just salt and pepper are enough to give them the kicky taste! Although you are going for a more spicy meal, you can include various other spices. That can consist of basil, coriander, red chili, thyme, oregano, etc.

Food Supplements

Carnivore supplements

No, not at all. You cannot take food supplements or carnivore supplements along in your diet and rely on them.

If you are concerned that you are not providing enough vitamins & minerals to your body, it may be a good idea to include a multi-vitamin or protein supplement in your diet.

Okay, now, I will not take much more time explaining all the carnivorous diet’s health benefits. Keep this in mind, and you need to read this section more carefully. Because we both know how much we like to eat meat and how fast we have to learn the health benefits associated with it.

Carnivore Diet Benefits

Eating meat & meat may sound like a nightmare to your physician. But let me tell you, there are specific proven facts about eating meat established in research and anecdotally.

Weight Loss

Weight loss

Are you surprised to hear this? So was I when I came to know about this fact on carnivorous diet. Most of the people’s reaction to a meat-only diet will be, “Oh! That means putting the health and gaining fat.”

That is not at all true. Having a carnivorous diet can help you with weight loss to a significant extent. The meat contains protein, and the protein contains all the rich sources of nutrients that your body requires to keep going and function properly.

If you are among the people who crave mid-night snacks, cookies & cheesy foods all the time, then you can go with a carnivorous diet to keep your taste buds in control. It is easier to crunch that packet of potato chips any time, but you cannot accidentally cook a steak and eat a hamburger. You will only eat that when required by your body, and it will keep you satisfied for a longer time. If you want to put on your weight, then you have to eat at least 4-6 pounds of meat a day. If your diet is under that figure, you are likely to lose weight instead of gaining weight.

Ryan Munsey, a performance mentor with a degree in food science, states that “I went on a Carnivorous diet, without the intention to lose weight. But in the first week itself, I start noticing that I have lost almost 6 pounds! I was surprised to see that; then I came to know the difference between physiological hunger and mindless eating.”

Ryan Munsey

Finer Heart Health

Finer Heart Health

We can count that the enormous amount of saturated fat can worsen your heart health. If you are already suffering from high cholesterol or sugar, I will highly recommend not consuming a more significant amount of saturated meat like red meat, bacon, or steaks. Some meat like turkey, chicken, and any other birds can make your heart work more adequately. How is this possible?

The truth is the poultry birds contain less amount of fat and a much amount of protein in them. That way, they can help you with more blood circulation in your heart, resulting in the excellent heart working. Also, unsaturated fatty animals like salmon, lobster, or oyster could bring a rich source of vitamins & proteins to your body as well as to your heart.

Lower Inflammation

Lower Inflammation

The first question is, what is inflammation? When you do not eat healthily, do not engage yourself in exercises & are under a lot of stress, your body responds by triggering inflammation. Study shows that carnivorous diet is one of the healthiest diets you can include in your chart. Although, over fatty meat like red meat can trigger further inflammation in your body.

So, you have to stay clear from including red meat in your diet chart. However, protein-rich constituents like chicken, salmon, and eggs can lower your body’s inflammation rate. Now, how does that work? Suppose you are taking a healthy diet and combining your carnivorous diet with dairy products. In that case, it can work as a soother to your body, which will eventually result in a lower inflammation rate.

Higher Testosterone Level

Higher Testosterone Level

In the past few years, over consumption of red meat has become a severe health concern. However, if taken correctly and in the right amount, ground beef and roasted turkey could be a rich source of zinc and Vitamin D, resulting in a more significant amount of testosterone hormones in men.

Fewer Rates of Digestive Issues

Fewer rates of Digestive issues

We all know that fiber is a vital element to have a good metabolism. An herbivorous diet is a rich source of fiber. I am not saying that a carnivorous diet does not provide fiber to your body. An opposite study in 2012 by the World Journal of Gastroenterology checked the effects of reducing fiber intake for people suffering from chronic constipation.

We all know that it is the opposite of what a doctor usually recommends. After two weeks, they were asked to take a high-protein diet. This study was completed in six months. The 6 monthly study proved that people with high fiber were reported almost no change. People with less fiber intake were reported with fewer gas issues, a significant metabolism, and a good bowel movement.

The problem of chronic constipation with a high fiber diet is unclear. But according to some carnivorous facts, there are certain elements present in the plants and vegetables which could result in impaired digestion.

Is the Carnivorous Diet safe?

What to Eat on the Carnivore Diet | ZERO CARB KETO DIET | What is the Carnivore Diet?

By all means, I can state that the carnivorous diet is entirely safe to eat. At least for the short term, when you are in a process. However, if you are a diabetic person, you should lower your red meat consumption because eating much red meat could increase the risk of a heart attack.

But you are safe to go with the poultry as well as the raw non-red meat. People have been eating meat since the Iron Age. They did not get infected with any of what they have been eating, even raw. You can safely include a carnivorous diet in your health chart.

🌟 Carnivore Diet FAQ

✅Is the carnivore diet healthy?

As we all know carnivore diet only includes animal products and meats. The carnivore diet usually has high calories and offers less beneficial nutrients. However, it is restrictive to carry a carnivore diet for the long term.

✅How does the carnivore diet work?

The carnivore diet is the dietary approach that only contains animal-based foods such as fish, eggs, meat, etc. The primary role of taking a carnivore diet is to lower the carbohydrate level as this offers an excellent amount of protein and fat.

✅Can carnivore diet help to lose weight?

As you have already read in this carnivore diet review that it is a low-carb and high-protein diet. The studies show that this type of diet promotes weight loss. This is because the protein you have taken in your carnivore diet may decrease calories and reduce weight.

✅What are the side effects of the carnivore diet?

As carnivore diet is the entirely animal-based foods, therefore, there are also some side effects of carnivore diet:
1. It increases fat and cholesterol level.
2. It does not include certain essential micronutrients.
3. The carnivore diet does not contain fiber.
4. It does not offer the benefits of plant compounds.

Conclusion: Should you really follow the Carnivore Diet?

Hop on to the various recipes of the carnivorous diet. You do not have to worry even for a second. Just keep in mind; everything should be within the limit. The main motto of the carnivorous diet is to eat within a limit. Just remember this, and you will be fine.

Did you find my latest article on carnivorous diet health benefits? If yes, do not forget to leave a comment in our comments section below. I would love to hear about your experience with the Carnivorous diet. Stay tuned for some more health-related articles. Until then, see you.

Carnivore Diet 2023: Is It Really Healthy or Fat Building?
Carnivore Diet 2023: Is It Really Healthy or Fat Building?
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