4 Best CBD Inhalers 2023: How to Use a CBD Inhaler?

Best CBD Inhalers
Best CBD Inhalers

You don’t have to be a chain-smoking maniac to get the benefits of smoking. You need the right kind of “smoking” device, one that uses high-quality cannabinoids like CBD and natural botanicals as its primary ingredients. So today, we have brought our 4 Best CBD Inhalers for you, which we will review in detail. CBD is becoming more common in a variety of products, from edibles to lotions and soaps. It is served in various forms, such as pills, oils, ointments, etc., and as our star of the day CBD Inhalers

It is generally used as a drug to aid chronic pain, anxiety, and other things. Cannabidiol is a chemical found in the cannabis plant, which is also the extraction source of hemp oil. Though found in marijuana, it is free from the ingredient that has the capacity to get you high. 

Inhalation is one of the faster ways for your body to take in cannabinoids, making these products even more useful and convenient. Inhalers enhance the benefits that are all delivered with greater ease at your very own comfort. But it’s often challenging to find inhalers with this ingredient. So, we have found some high-quality CBD inhaler brands and some general information about inhalers. Let’s dive in and see what the best CBD inhalers have to offer!

What is a CBD Inhaler?

CBD inhalers are a form of cannabinoid dosing designed for rapid absorption into the bloodstream through the lungs. CBD oil inhalers are easy to use, discreet, and convenient. Users simply hold the inhaler near their mouth and inhale slowly over 5-10 seconds as the cannabinoids enter their bloodstream. 

They are traveling-friendly, which is why you can now take CBD anywhere and everywhere, be it your gum or an office trip. Some inhalers use specialized technology to optimize the process. For example, many inhalers use ingredients and mechanisms to break down the cannabinoids and oils into tiny particles that are absorbed at a faster pace. That gives the inhalers an upper hand in terms of speed. These pressure pumps may help you eliminate drug addiction and are also known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Now, with any further ado, let’s have a look at the 4 Best CBD Inhalers.

4 Best CBD Inhalers for 2022

1. Fairwinds CBD Zero 550 Inhaler

Fairwinds is among the leading retailer of CBD inhalers, and it is also an FDA-approved propellant that utilizes some of the most advanced techniques in the industry. Fairwinds Inhaler is one of the best products on the list of Best CBD inhalers that showcases its expertise. It is designed to increase the level of your daily wellness. The product is totally free from THC, which makes it much safer.

The major part consists of CBD and CBG, and there are other minor cannabinoids that can be found in full-spectrum oil. You get all these benefits, and there is no smoke or vapor, or smell. They have crafted it solely for people who want a hemp-only product, as it also does not contain any herbal extracts or essential oils. It ensures that you enjoy daily wellness support with none of the worries. This inhaler does not contain herbal extracts or essential oils, which you usually find in several other products of the brand. This also makes it suitable for people who are only looking for hemp products.

The formula is structured using broad-spectrum oil to increase its effectiveness. It is sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly. The high-quality inhalers refrain from the usage of pesticides, molds, mycotoxins, other artificial ingredients, or preservatives. The product not only has been formulated with FDA-regulated and approved propellant but also is third-party tested. The flavor is enhanced by Terpene-fortification. A single inhaler costs $59.99, and you are free to throw in an Inhaler Actuator Add-on for $2.99, which makes a subtotal of $62.98. A canister can produce 220 servings, with 2.27mg CBD and 0.23mg CBG per serving. The inhaler overall is a complete package and is undoubtedly worth it. 

  • It is an FDA-regulated and approved propellant
  • It does not contain molds, mycotoxins, or pesticides
  • It is also Terpene-fortified
  • Shipping restrictions in a few states across the United States

Fairwinds CBD Zero 550 Inhaler

Sugar-free, Gluten-free, vegan-friendly
Fairwinds Inhaler is one of the best products. It is designed to increase the level of your daily wellness and provide maximum support.

2. Monarch Life Sciences Atomizer(Inhaler) Aerosol

A complete all-rounder company that deals in the best CBD pumps. This science-based Colorado company delivers result-oriented, specified, and effective aerosol devices. They make use of cannabis-derived full-spectrum CBD oil. The hemp of this brand comes from Colorado. They make use of supercritical CO2 extraction for its micelle full-spectrum extracts in their Nano-Mist Inhalers.

They formulate their formula with the help of high-quality, organically sourced ingredients. The nano-mist inhaler delivers a dose of 7.5 milligrams of Purzorb CBD. Their Focus remedy is beneficial for a cognitive response, stamina, stress, and mental alertness. The ingredient list consists of honey, lemon, ginkgo, ginseng, and others. This inhaler device is powerful, and each cartridge dispenses 8.33 mg of full-spectrum CBD with 180 sprays.

All these qualities are what make Monarch Life Sciences superior to its competitors. Their 5 types of inhalers deliver various benefits depending on your goals. The five remedy-specific formulas include focus, energy, relaxation, balance, and sleep. Individual inhalers cost around $59.00, and you can also purchase the set of all 5 formulas just for $221.00. The customer response to the award-wining product is very impressive. Visit their official site for more detailed information. 

  • Offers 20% discount to new users
  • Free shipping on all orders above $50
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Award-winning product
  • Customer support is not 24/7 available

Monarch Life Sciences Atomizer(Inhaler) Aerosol

Quicker effective release and maximum absorption
Monarch’s Nano Mist Atomizers for everyday use. They formulate their formula with the help of high-quality, organically sourced ingredients. Their Focus remedy is beneficial for a cognitive response, stamina, stress, and mental alertness.

3. Koi CBD Ultra-Premium Ceramic Coated Hemp Oil

Koi CBD is based in California and was established in 2015. As one of the leading brands on the market, Koi CBD has set a goal for itself: to create a quality standard for all of those who use CBD products. They are also members of the Hemp Industry Association, the American Hemp Roundtable, and the California Hemp Council.

If you’re looking for a CBD inhaler that is pure and potent, then you’ll love the Koi CBD inhaler. The inhaler is loaded with premium hemp extract. Each dose will serve 5 mg of Purzorb Micellized broad-spectrum CBD. It is very effective and starts working instantly. It delivers approximately 200 inhalations. Dehydrated ethyl alcohol, oleic acid, green tea, mint, lime, stevia extracts, and a few others. It also consists of KOI CBD LLC’s proprietary blend. The product is third-party tested and is also examined for purity and potency. 

Koi’s inhaler has a sleek and modern design, is made from high-quality materials, and comes in a lovely tin that makes it perfect for traveling. The inhaler is easy to use and delivers a generous amount of CBD oil with each inhalation. This smart inhaler contains 1000mg of CBD per inhalation, which delivers a specific dose of 5mg to ensure each dose is metered out. The product contains natural vanilla and orange flavoring, perfect for those looking to take their CBD experience one step further. Koi CBD uses a patented PurZorb Micellized process with its broad-spectrum CBD, which is known for its ability to create a CBD compound that the body can absorb much more quickly.

The cost of each pack is estimated to be £74.99. The customer reviews highly favored the product. The pro is that they lab-test their USA-grown hemp extracts and other factors. Though the brand gives transparency, there is a proprietary blend included. 

  • Very Portable and Convenient
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD
  • Tested in a third-party lab for purity and potency
  • A little bit pricey

Koi CBD Ultra-Premium Ceramic Coated Hemp Oil

Third-party lab tested for purity and potency
If you’re looking for a CBD inhaler that is pure and potent, then you’ll love the Koi CBD inhaler. Koi CBD Inhaler provides a reasonably portable way to take CBD with you wherever you go.

4. CBD LUXE Be Clear CBD Inhaler

CBD Luxe is another American CBD company that offers THC-free CBD isolates made from organic and non-GMO hemp that has been certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture and is allowed to be sold in the United States.

CBD Luxe Inhaler is another decent inhaler in the market that is accredited lab tested. This product is formulated using premium, organic, sustainably sourced Non-GMO ingredients. Luxe CBD inhalers are available in pure full-spectrum hemp oil or a mix of organic extracts. Their Micell CBD is made with hemp oil that goes through the Micellization process. The process allows the particles to break down into even smaller particles which then become water-soluble. The inhaler also contains a small amount of ethanol which promotes better absorption by cleaning the alveoli heads. The inhaler rapidly enters the bloodstream with a 100% absorption rate. Its normal version contains ingredients such as Green Tea, Oleic Acid, Ethyl Alcohol, and Stevia.

CBD Luxe named their CBD inhalers because of the effect they support and the options available as Be Active, Be Calm, Be Well, and Be Clear.

The best part about this brand is the variety that it has to offer. Apart from the regular one(Be Clear), you can also choose from Spearmint Lemon(Be Active), Lavender Chamomile(Be Calm), and Green tea, Honey(Be Well). Each one contains 1100 mg and can deliver up to 200 doses of 5.5 mg. This inhaler is loaded with benefits and is valued at $79.99. It is trusted by many due to its effectiveness. 

  • Food and Drug Administration approved
  • Non-GMO & GMP Certified
  • Full-spectrum hemp oil
  • Refunds are only offered within 30 days on unopened and unused products

CBD LUXE Be Clear CBD Inhaler

Organic, non-GMO ingredients, FDA Approved
CBD Luxe CBD inhalers are one of the most popular CBD inhalation products made with high-quality ingredients that promote health and wellness.

How do CBD Inhalers work?

Unlike vaporizers, inhalers for medical marijuana don’t need batteries or a charger to function. They simply use heat to deliver cannabinoids into the lungs, which is why they are so popular. They use propellants similar to that of medical inhalers to blast the active compounds up into the airways.

These devices contain pharmaceutical-grade propellants like Tetrafluoroethane and Albuterol, just like asthma inhalers that allow for better absorption by stimulating the alveoli heads in the lungs. A new notable term that’s buzzing in CBD inhaler devices is “micell CBD extract.” New technology is being used to increase the absorption of CBD. This is done by encapsulating it with a specialized molecule that’s lipophilic and hydrophilic (water-loving) called micelles. So they can quickly go through the body’s mucus membranes to enter the bloodstream. This technology can increase the oral bioavailability of CBD.

Why use a CBD Inhaler?

If you have never used a CBD inhaler before, you might wonder what the fuss is all about. After all, inhaling through your nose doesn’t seem like much of a difference compared to swallowing a CBD tincture or taking a CBD oil capsule. But it might come as a surprise to you that their list of benefits is significant. 

Inhaling your CBD will often get you the desired health benefits in a matter of minutes while ingesting it can take up to one hour or more. With an inhaler, the cannabinoids will enter your bloodstream through your lungs. Other than that, the chemical has been credited for having anti-inflammatory properties. 

It is even known to promote peaceful sleep, provide relaxation and pain relief, and deliver neuroprotection. It may prove to be helpful in fighting addiction and depression. Unlike vaping and smoking, Inhalers are generally free from side effects. The best part about them is that they can help treat respiratory problems. 

How to use a CBD Inhaler

The best way to use a CBD inhaler is to follow the instructions that come with the product. However, there are a few general guidelines that will help you get the most out of each inhalation with any type of inhaler. Hold the inhaler near your mouth, with the mouthpiece about an inch from your lips. Inhale slowly over 5-10 seconds, then hold the vapor in your lungs for another 5 seconds before exhaling.

The effects should be seen in a few minutes. Be sure to use the inhaler in a well-ventilated area, such as outside or in a room with open windows. Make sure to clean your inhaler regularly to prevent the build-up of bacteria. Also, it would be great to consult your doctor regarding the usage.

A Little More About CBD Inhalers

As we’ve seen, cannabinoids like CBD are often used in medical products, such as CBD oil tinctures, edibles, and sprays. However, some people prefer to use CBD inhalers as their go-to dosing method. And looking at the benefits and instant effects, it is slowly growing, and it won’t come as a shock if someday it becomes CBD’s most preferable form. 

Inhalers provide a quick and efficient way to get the benefits of CBD, making them a convenient choice for people on the go. They are discreet and can be used almost anywhere. They’re an excellent option for those who want to use CBD regularly but don’t want to get stuck ingesting it every day. They help get the daily dose of CBD without having to worry about the taste of edibles or the mess of sprays.

Benefits of CBD Inhalers

The central claim that has been made about CBD benefits is that the chemical has anti-inflammatory properties, which specifically work for respiratory health with bronchodilation that, causes the lung’s airways to expand more and make it easier to breathe. But this claim and also other claims made for CBD have not been verified.

Few Alleged Benefits of CBD Inhalers

  • Reduction in anxiety and stress 
  • Relives Pain
  • Deeper and better Sleep 
  • Decreased Inflammation in the body that is due to chronic pain
  • Helps with sleep disorders
  • Use of a CBD inhaler to quit smoking

Are there any side effects of CBD Inhalers?

CBD is considered safe to use, and looking at the benefits and facts, it is. Most brands use herbal extracts, and clinical studies back their formulas. Inhalers are inexpensive and work as soon as used. There is no official mention of any adverse side effects, and even if they occur, they should be mild, such as nausea, sleepiness, etc. You should check the label to see if there are any cautions or restrictions. 

They are not meant for children under the age of 18, and some specific ones even mention the age limit to be 21 and above. They may turn out to be harmful to pregnant women. Individuals having heart problems are advised to look out for these inhalers, as they may have severe consequences. So it is recommended that you consult a medical professional before you start using CBD inhalers to be on the safer side. 

Are CBD Inhalers safe for you?

CBD Inhalers provide a convenient way to take the same dose of CBD every time with consistent results, capable of providing higher levels of relief and reduced side effects. The alternative, vaping CBD, requires too much guesswork as you have to experiment with different concentrations and can be impractical for some users. After talking to your healthcare provider, trying a CBD inhaler may give you the convenience you’re looking for. These CBD inhalers are generally cheap and work faster and longer, and also are pre-measured. So you don’t have to worry about its setup. 

CBD inhaler gives you the convenience to carry it anywhere, you can take it on the plane, put it in your pocket, and even pack it in your purse or briefcase. Nobody has to know you’re using CBD because we assume it looks good, and a CBD inhaler is totally worth a try.  The sad part is that CBD Inhalers have fallen out of popularity with the rise of CBD products like tinctures, oils, foods, and others. There are still plenty of other popular options like these.

Can CBD Inhalers help with respiratory problems?

Respiratory health problems are something that is a growing threat for every individual around the world. It can cause medical conditions like asthma. Inflammation is a normal response for the immune system to protect an individual from infection and injury. However, it can also lead to a range of inflammatory conditions such as airway inflammation which can be very uncomfortable and may even impair breathing. The first time when doctors had prescribed marijuana for coughs was way back in the 1920s because of the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. 

Quite lately, scientists have discovered various approaches by which CBD can help your lungs. One such approach is the activation of bronchodilation. Cannabidiol is considered a bronchodilator, which enlarges the lungs’ airways and allows air to pass more freely. It also helps to prevent your bronchial tubes from constricting.

CBD is also known to help you quit smoking and save your lungs from the harmful effects that cigarettes have on them. This can be a massive benefit to your health in general. A Clinical study also showed that people who took CBD inhalers had reduced the number of cigarettes they smoke daily by 40%.  While reviewing the Best CBD inhalers, we found that inhaled cannabis goods are in the news due to some serious health complications that are caused by vaping products. But these complications don’t actually appear with CBD Inhalers. But we recommend you consult a health care provider before using it.

Things to look out for in your CBD Inhalers

Certain things that you should consider while purchasing CBD inhalers are:

  • Dosage: The dosage becomes a crucial part. It should be what you are paying for and somewhere close to the daily recommended dose. Apart from that, ensure the inhaler is not dosed with any other additive or useless ingredient. The concertation of CBD is another thing you should pay attention to. Many of them also contain hemp products.
  • Quality: Industrial hemp is a type of cannabis that provides a variety of essential uses and is generally known as a botanical classification of Cannabis sativa cultivars produced for industrial or therapeutic purposes. Full-spectrum CBD and Broad-spectrum CBD are other important aspects of the CBD world. Mixing CBD with other naturally occurring compounds can increase its potency and functioning. Another thing that you should watch out for is CBD oil or any other oil because inhaling oil can cause severe damage.
  • Product Reviews: Customer reviews are a great way to know how efficient the product is. They can help you locate the proper pros and cons of the inhaler. Take the help of various sources when you finally choose the best inhaler for yourself. 
  • Third-Party Test: With the increasing popularity of CBD products, companies are scrambling to see how they can create safe, and top-notch CBD extracts able to compete with the big names. One way for them to ensure that you’re getting a quality product is by having it tested in an accredited third-party lab where safety concerns are not just started but rigorously worked on. These tests are the first step in understanding your unique requirements for a certain extract of cannabidiol. They provide a numerical value for the type of extract with its exact quantities.
  • Full-Spectrum or Broad-Spectrum CBD: There are dozens of different cannabinoids in the hemp plant and some can produce much more compelling effects than cannabidiol alone. CBD is even less effective when it is not combined with other cannabinoids and other compounds like those found in the hemp plant. Speaking about Full-Spectrum CBD, it may contain 0.3% THC but does not have traces of THC. 
  • Oil-Free Inhaler: Always make sure that your inhaler is oil-free. Many times the term CBD oil is misleading. CBD extract can sometimes be called CBD oil even when it doesn’t contain any oil. It is important to note that inhaling oil like MCT oil, hemp seed oil, or olive oil is dangerous and can cause a condition called lipoid pneumonia. If you are using CBD oil, ensure that the ingredient list on your inhaler does not contain CBD extract but contains CBD oil instead.

Pricing, brand, and other perks are also factors worth keeping an eye on.

✅Will CBD Vapor make you high?

CBD, the cannabinoid compound found in marijuana plants, is known to be non-psychoactive, meaning that it does not provide the same euphoric high as THC or cannabis. Rather, it can provide a calming sensation and relieve stress. If you take a CBD-infused oil, tincture, edible, or other product, you won’t get high, but it’ll more than likely help you relax or feel less anxious.

✅Are CBD inhalers right for you?

CBD inhalers produce a more substantial effect than traditional methods of inhaling CBD, such as vaping. Hemp inhalers use the same dose of CBD for every user, eliminating the guesswork and providing various benefits. They can achieve their maximum potency by using CBD to its most significant potential and providing an efficient way to consume the compound.

✅Does CBD inhaler work on asthma? 

In our Best CBD Inhalers Review, we did try to find an answer to this question. If you are having problems in breathing, you can take a CBD inhaler to acquire the correct dose of CBD and get quick relief. But for asthma episodes, you should first consult a healthcare provider and then go for any purchase. 

✅How long will it take to feel the effects of inhaled CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD’s, immediate effects are typically seen within 30 – 90 minutes of ingestion, but long-term impacts can take several weeks to appear. CBD oil can also be infused into drinks and foods. However, this may disrupt absorption.

✅Is Vaping CBD safe?

Despite the growing body of research supporting its safety, CBD has not been without some adverse effects. The most common side effects are mild and would not necessarily prevent people from continuing to use CBD. Dry mouth is among the few common side effects. A Clinical Study showed that people who use CBD inhalers had reported a reduction in the number of cigarettes they smoke daily by 40%. 

✅Can Vaping CBD make you cough? 

There are several factors to play when we talk about coughing while vaping CBD. Factors like specific types of vape juice and the concentration of terpenes can be a significant cause of coughing. Both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD vaping liquids typically contain terpenes. Terpenes are responsible for producing throat itching and coughing, which leads to an overall negative experience. If you are new to vaping CBD, this symptom would be pretty standard, but as you get to acclimate to it, these symptoms would also disappear. But make sure you’re using lab-tested, high-quality CBD e-liquid made from pure hemp extract.

✅How long will the effects of vaping CBD last in your body?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a marijuana compound that has immediate benefits for those who choose to use it. CBD can easily be absorbed into the circulatory system and begin acting in a short amount of time. The lungs are capable of absorbing small fat-soluble compounds like CBD and quickly transporting them to the circulatory system, where they start to take effect. One of the best ways to avoid CBD being in your body for excessive durations is by vaping it. Vaping eases out CBD faster than other methods. It typically takes up to 5-6 hours before it is completely flushed out of the system.

✅What is a Dry Hit?

A dry hit is a disturbance that most vapers have encountered at some point during their vaping adventure, and it can be a bit frustrating to figure out what caused it. It occurs when you feel severe and quick heat at the back of your throat. Vaping technology hasn’t completely solved the issue of dry hits, but who knows what the future holds. Usually, a dry hit occurs when you feel an unpleasant burnt flavor when vaping.

✅Is CBD Inhaler legal in the United States? 

Currently, CBD inhalers are not legal as each state requires the to give approval that meets their standards. Only the states and jurisdictions that have legalized the recreational and medical use of marijuana are referred to as legal states or jurisdictions.

Conclusion: Are these CBD Inhalers Effective?

CBD inhalers are quickly becoming a popular way to consume CBD, as they offer a quick, discreet way of taking the compound without any fear of side effects. They contain pre-measured doses that can be discreetly taken anywhere, and they are also easy to use due to portability. The list includes some of the Best Brands of CBD Inhalers that are optimal for CBD intake. All of them are pretty much affordable, and their benefits are amazing. The dosage of CBD is also adequate. Make sure to check the other ingredients; there is a possibility that you might be allergic to something.

Go through the common information and get yourself well-versed with the inhalers. Choose the best one and take a step towards a healthier you!

4 Best CBD Inhalers 2023: How to Use a CBD Inhaler?
4 Best CBD Inhalers 2023: How to Use a CBD Inhaler?
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