Coconut Oil for Curly Hair 2023: Benefits, Uses, & Products

Here are some quick facts about Coconut Oil for Curly Hair; before getting into the how, what, and whys. Coconut oil is commonly used as a moisturizer. Coconut oil for curly hair is the latest topic of discussion among women worldwide.

Curly hair is not considered fashionable, but one can achieve a fashionable appearance with coconut oil for curly hair. The hair is thick primarily, and styling it can be not easy. The oil complements the natural texture of the hair very well. Coconut oil for curly hair is an excellent way to add volume and tame thick hair.

Coconut Oil for Curly Hair: Benefits & Uses

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Key benefits of coconut oil for curly hair:

Moisturizes and may aid in the strengthening of hair.

Who should be using it:

Coconut oil is ideal for those with extremely dry or curly hair.

How frequently can you use it:

You can use coconut oil 1-3 times per week, depending on how dry your hair is.

  • Perfect for:

Coconut oil is excellent for restoring moisture to hair after a protein treatment.

Using Coconut Oil for Curly Hair (👉 The right way)

Despite its alleged thousands of uses, coconut oil has been dubbed the beauty ingredient of the century. Coconut oil is best in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E, making it an excellent component for repairing damaged hair (or skin). Coconut oil is highly hydrating for hair.

It gives hair a slight sheen and keeps it hydrated for an extended period. I swear by rubbing a spoonful of coconut oil from the roots to the ends of my naturally curly hair. However, this does not resolve the contentious issue of coconut oil and hair growth.

1. Prepping your curls

Begin by detangling your hair when it is dry. The best tool for this is a tweeze tangler brush or a wet brush is the best way to apply coconut oil for curly hair. Roughly section your hair and begin at the ends, gradually and carefully working your way towards the roots, one inch at a time.

Coconut Oil for Curly Hair - First Things First Prepping your curls

There is nothing worse than putting an oil mask on tangled hair. The pun was intended! Detangle your hair to the greatest extent possible. Don’t worry if it straightens out; it’s good to ensure even coconut oil distribution.

2. Preparing your oils

Always melt oils over low heat. To make a hair mask, heat a few tablespoons of coconut oil in a small glass jar. Use lidded containers to keep the leftover oil in the fridge for later! Indirectly heat the coconut oil by filling a bowl halfway with hot water and placing the small glass oil container inside.

It has a shallow melting point; the heat from the hot water will eventually melt it through the glass. It will take a few minutes, so get your waves ready while your coconut oil heats up.

Using Coconut Oil For Curly Hair: The Right Way

3. The Application

Once the coconut oil has melted and your hair has been detangled, you’re ready to go. Please do yourself a favor and avoid wearing something that you adore. A single drop of coconut oil can ruin a favorite blouse or pair of pants. Wear an old t-shirt that you can’t get out of.

Long Hair

  • Dip your hair ends into the glass bottle and massage the oil upwards with your hands.
  • Concentrate on the ends, but make sure the oil gets to your scalp.
  • Squeeze any excess oil from your hair gently (so it doesn’t fall out), then twist and secure your hair into a bun.

Medium or Short Hair

For medium/short hair, dab your fingertips in coconut oil for curly hair and rub between your hands. Then, coat your hair in thin layers until it is completely covered. Squeeze out any excess (to prevent dripping!) and clip your hair up in sections until finished. This procedure is referred to as “Medusa clipping.”

Everyone should read this.

Allow at least 15 minutes, but no more than 2 hours, to rest on your hair for the warm coconut oil. Over the years of doing these treatments, I’ve discovered that if the coconut oil “drys” on your hair, it’s a PAIN to remove and can leave an additional residue.

Before showering, I usually apply the coconut oil first, then watch TV (or do something else). An overnight coconut oil mask is not recommended for curly hair. Your hair will thank you for the next week. Your pillowcases will, as well.

4. Washing it away

Things are about to get strange. Apply a small amount of shampoo (with the set in coconut oil). Only do this on the scalp. Do this before rinsing away the hair mask to help break down the coconut oil.


As soon as possible, rinse out the shampoo and coconut oil. Then, as is customary, shampoo your scalp. Allow extra time to rinse your shampoo. Coconut oil is excellent for wavy hair, but it is difficult to remove. Don’t forget to pour plenty of shampoo and water down the drain. After you’ve finished showering, pour a squirt of dish soap and hot water down the drain.

How to Apply Coconut Oil to your hair

Coconut oil accumulation in the shower drain is a no-no. Take care not to tangle your hair when detangling it after using a coconut oil hair mask. You could use a detangling solution like KCKT to assist you over here. Use a conditioner after shampooing to detangle your hair lightly.

After that, rinse out the conditioner/coconut oil/detangler and condition the lengths of your hair as usual. Rinse as usual, but be aware that it may take a little longer.

5. Managing your hair after

The most critical styling tip is to keep it light. If you leave any coconut oil residue on your hair, it will weigh it down. Use a lot less product, especially if it’s your first time using a coconut oil hair mask. I apply half the usual amount of curl enhancers, then mousse as usual.

I strongly advise against using any curl treatment or gel on wavy hair after a coconut oil mask. It’s far too time-consuming! Once you’ve added the styler, you’re done. Have fun with your hydrated, lustrous waves!

6. DIY anti-frizz serum

Coconut oil is a natural hair conditioner that adds shine and fights frizzy hair. By preventing breakage and maintaining hydration, coconut oil for curly hair can help you grow longer, thicker hair.

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7. Apply a coin-sized quantity of the product

Put a few drops of coconut oil as your final step in your styling routine after using any leave-in conditioners or gels. If you have fine hair, concentrate on the ends rather than the roots. Improved shine, hydration, and curl definition will delight your curls! If you haven’t tried coconut oil for curly hair on your strands yet, do so the next time you go shopping (unrefined and cold-pressed is best).

Pro Tips of Coconut Oil for Curly Hair

  • Allow the coconut oil to rest on your hair for 20 to 30 minutes after application.
  • If your hair is particularly dry or porous, you can leave it on for a more extended period; some people prefer to use it overnight.
  • Cover your hair with a shower cap and wrap after applying coconut oil for curly hair.
  • In a hot towel fresh from the dryer for a few minutes to open up the cuticle and allow the oil to penetrate deeper into the strands.

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☑️What happens if you put coconut oil in your curly hair?

Coconut oil, when applied to curly hair, aids in protein repair, adds moisture, and strengthens the hair over time. Regularly applying coconut oil to your hair can improve its shine, softness, and manageability while reducing frizz. Here’s how to incorporate coconut oil for curly hair into your daily regimen.

☑️How long should you leave coconut oil in curly hair?

After applying the coconut oil for curly hair, leave it on your hair for 20 to 30 minutes. If your hair is extremely dry or porous, you can leave it on for a more extended period; some people prefer to use it as an overnight treatment.

☑️What happens if you leave coconut oil for curly hair too long?

Although unrefined coconut oil can be bad for hair if left on the roots and scalp for too long – if it’s absorbed into the scalp, hair growth can slow down, and your hair will become greasy much faster.

☑️How do you use coconut oil to refresh curls?

The bottle is filled the entire way with water after you’ve added the conditioner, gel, and coconut oil. Shake it up, and presto! The water dilutes the products, leaving you with a light mist that won’t clog your curls!

Conclusion: Coconut Oil for Curly Hair 2023

When you use coconut oil as a hair mask, ensure that you thoroughly rinse the oil out of your hair, which may require several wash-rinse cycles. Experiment with the amount of coconut oil you use and how long you let it soak in to get the best results.

If your hair feels heavy or oily after using coconut oil for curly hair, try using less of it or shampooing more after your treatment. After showering, massage a small amount into the ends of your hair as a detangler or as a daily moisturizer for dry hair. Find your way to use coconut oil for curly hair!

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