Top 13 Joe Rogan Supplements 2023: A Must Read List for All

It is always great to follow in the footsteps of some trusted and renowned role model. It not only provides you with extra perks but also saves you from making the wrong decisions. And Joe Rogan is the legend of his field is undoubtedly a mentor for many. Today we discuss the Joe Rogan supplement stack, which plays a vital role in his lifestyle. The supplements mentioned below are the ones featured on Joe’s popular podcast and other social media platforms.

A point worth considering is that the listed supplements turned out to be pretty charming in Joe’s case, but that does not mean it will be the same for you. The results may vary, taking into consideration various factors such as diets, workouts, individual requirements, etc. But there certainly is the assurance of quality, so you can let go of the fear and focus on your goals. Now without any further ado, let us dive straight into it:

Joe Rogan Supplements: Complete Product List

1. Multivitamin: Pure Encapsulations Ultra Pure Pack

Multivitamin: Pure Encapsulations Ultra Pure Pack

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as of April 3, 2024 6:43 am

These are Joe’s on-the-go multivitamin choices. Pure Encapsulations Pack is a quality-filled supplement that supports optimal wellness. It is prepared by professionals from premium ingredients. The critical factor that differentiates this brand from the rest is its customer care and product service. The products are free from general allergens such as wheat, gluten, tree nuts, etc. This vitamin supplement also refrains from the usage of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, fillers, preservatives and other unnecessary additives.

The brand also promotes sustainable goodness and a green future. The consumption is made super easy as the ultra pure pack contains 30 individual packs, each one containing your daily essential vitamins and minerals. Now that is an excellent list of benefits, and there is no doubt as to why it is Joe’s favorite.

2. Fish Oil: Carlson – Maximum Omega 2000

Fish Oil: Carlson – Maximum Omega 2000

as of April 3, 2024 6:43 am

Fish oil is a powerhouse with many known benefits, and if you are not the biggest fan of fish-eating, then, believe me, this is for you. This dietary supplement of Carlson’s is a professional-strength fish oil concentrate. It can help you to boost your joint, brain, vision, and heart health. A single serving enriches your body with 2000 mg of omega-3s. It is sourced from the best cold-water fish cultivated using sustainable and cultural methods.

The brand also guarantees freshness, potency and purity. It is Non-GMO certified and is tested by an FDA- registered laboratory. The company has been in business since 1965 and is trusted by many. If you strictly follow the podcast on a regular basis, then you might know how much he stresses the benefits of Omega 3 fish oils.

3. Pre-Workout: Shroom Tech Sport

Pre-workout: Shroom Tech Sport

as of April 3, 2024 6:43 am

Pre-workout supplements are a very crucial step when you want to see significant results. They help you push harder, perform better, and even support fast recovery. And Joe turns to Onnit’s Shroom Tech Sport for a decent pre-workout supplement. The product’s official site states,” It can assist aerobic performance, boost exercise volume and help the body with cellular energy.

It is free from dairy, soy, gluten, nuts and sugar. Some of its key ingredients are Cordyceps mushroom, Ashwagandha, green tea extract, Rhodiola, and Methyl B-12. This certified Drug-free supplement works smoothly, which is why it is the first choice of many others.

3. Zinc: Thorne Research – Zinc Picolinate 30 mg

Zinc: Thorne Research – Zinc Picolinate 30 mg

as of April 3, 2024 6:43 am

Zinc has been clearly stated to improve immune function, and no wonder became the need of the hour during the Covid-19 pandemic. Thus, Joe promoted it time and again.

This supplement of Thorne’s helps with growth, immunity and reproductive health. The pack comes in 2 sizes, one containing 60 capsules while the other has 180 capsules. The capsules are free from artificial flavors, soy, gluten and dairy products. 30 mg of zinc provided promotes your overall well-being. It also nurtures your hormone health by helping in testosterone production, which is very helpful for muscle building. Zinc Picolinate is bound to an organic acid, which is naturally produced in the human body, making it easy to absorb.

The ingredients are sourced from trusted and quality suppliers. It is crafted with the utmost care, which is why it is trusted by many professional athletes, international teams and Joe himself.

Joe Rogan’s Supplements | Green’s Supplements

1. Onnit Spirulina & Chlorella

Onnit Spirulina & Chlorella

as of April 3, 2024 6:43 am

Green superfoods are another way to boost your performance and health. Onnit Spirulina & Chlorella is Joe’s go-to supplement for fueling the body with minerals and green energy. This dietary supplement has the potential to provide immune support, boost endurance, support heart health and may provide relief from Occasional Respiratory Distress. It is rich in protein and minerals and has a rich micronutrient profile.

The dosage for this non-GMO vegan supplement is precise and adequate. A daily dose of 4 capsules contains 1000mg of spirulina and chlorella. The tablet is easy to absorb and does not have a strong taste.

2. Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily

Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily

as of April 3, 2024 6:43 am

Joe has to travel frequently, sometimes for a comedy and at times for a UFC fight. That is the time he takes along the Athletic Greens travel pack. A box comes with a month’s supply loaded with 75 vitamins, minerals, and whole food-sourced ingredients. The health drink supports various functions and systems of the body. He says it is a great alternative, and looking at the product’s positive customer reviews, he is not wrong. The powder is manufactured in a TGA-registered and GMP-Certified facility.

3. Quercetin: Thorne Research – Quercetin Phytosome

Quercetin: Thorne Research – Quercetin Phytosome

as of April 3, 2024 6:43 am

In one of the podcast episodes, Dr. Rhonda Patrick brought Quercetin to the limelight. Although it is one of the newly introduced supplements, many have incorporated it into their diets. The results and benefits are remarkable.

Another Thorne product on the list, which Joe highly recommends. It helps with immunity support by helping in the promotion of immune cells. It also supports healthy aging and respiration and even helps with seasonal allergies. It is prepared with advanced Phytosome technology that boosts excellent absorption across the gut barrier. It is free from gluten and artificial flavors. It comes in a pack of 60 unflavored capsules. The product is again backed by brand trust, which is what makes it the first choice of 11 US Olympic Teams. The brand for sure provides innovative solutions for a better you.

4. Creatine: Onnit Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine: Onnit Creatine Monohydrate

as of April 3, 2024 6:43 am

Creatine is considered vital for enhancing workout performance and overall development. It works on grass root level by empowering your cells, leading to muscle growth, better functioning, and brilliant results.

Rogan considers Onnit’s creatine among the few legit supplements that truly give out its labeled benefits. The formula is supported by evident research and is safe for regular consumption. The authentic quality promotes strength and performance. Creatine monohydrate helps supply immense energy to your muscle so that you can train harder and success is yours to feast on. It is vegan and soy and dairy-free. It can also be considered a nootropic supplement that promotes mental well-being. The product, along with its attractive features, is pocket friendly, making it all the more worthy.

5. Nootropics: Alpha Brain Black Label

Nootropics: Alpha Brain Black Label

as of April 3, 2024 6:43 am

In an interview with Andrew Huberman, Joe Rogan revealed that he had been Alpha Brain Black Label for the previous 6 months. Even this comes with the Brand assurance of Onnit. The supplement is the premium member of the Alpha Brain series, which is helpful for better brain health. The effective formula ‘promotes mental processing speed and laser focus,’ which in turn increases the user’s productivity. It even increases the ability to focus and supports relaxed alertness. ONNIT Alpha Brain holds some very potent ingredients such as Huperzia Serrata, Caffeine anhydrous, L-Theanine, Phosphatidylserine, Lutemax 2020 and Mucuna Pruriens. All the ingredients are worthy of enhancing brain functions

The supplement promotes the flow stage and maintains neurotransmitters’ levels. It is even credited for memory enhancement and increased attention span. The reviews stated that the supplement was successful in enhancing cognitive performance.

6. Protein: Onnit Protein Bites

Protein: Onnit protein bites

as of April 3, 2024 6:43 am

Joe’s first protein choice was Hemp protein, but it is no longer available and also that he hasn’t mentioned any other protein source officially. He meets his protein needs by enjoying his hunts. But he is frequently seen consuming Onnit Protein Bites on his social handles; his favorite flavor is chocolate coconut cashew. Each bite brings along 6g of protein and nutritional content of over 60 plant-based ingredients.

They are very addictive, as the reviews say. Because of their taste, you cannot keep your hands off them. It also has 6g of fiber, 7g of fat and only 5g of sugar. You get the instant flow of energy along with a filling feeling. You get to choose from a few exciting flavors, which is what seals the deal. 

It is made from whey protein, and each bar is dipped in rich exotic dark chocolate. The nutritional content changes according to the flavor, so choose wisely.

7. Vitamin D Supplement: Thorne D-5,000

Vitamin D Supplement: Thorne D-5,000

as of April 3, 2024 6:43 am

Vitamin D is one of those underrated nutrients that most people lack. Rogan, in one of the episodes of his podcast, highlighted its importance. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Vitamin D has become all the more important. It can be absorbed from the natural sunlight, but you cannot ignore the effects of UV rays.

Thorne Research – Vitamin D-1000 is a great supplement that supports healthy bones and muscles. It even looks after your cardiovascular health and immune system. The usage of vitamin D3 makes it easy to absorb. The supplement is free from lactose and preservatives. The capsule has 25mcg of Vitamin D3, and other ingredients include microcrystalline cellulose, hypromellose, Vitamin E, etc. The supplement supports lean muscle mass and may also help increase muscle strength. It is even known to enhance brain function and absorption of calcium.

8. Probiotic: Onnit Total Gut Health

Probiotic: Onnit Total Gut health

as of April 3, 2024 6:43 am

Gut health is considered of great importance as it can be easily related to other body systems. And probiotics are a way to help your gut function more efficiently. Fermented drinks, kimchi with game meat and foods enriched with good bacteria are all a part of Joe Rogan’s healthy probiotic diet. And a supplement that is his favorite for maintaining balance in his gut is Onnit Total Gut health.

It is specifically designed to optimize your gut health and includes digestive enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, and betaine HCl. It helps in breaking down food particles and promotes better absorption. Thus all the benefits combined give you ultimate results. It is vegan, keto-friendly and free from soy and caffeine.

9. Electrolytes: Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier

Electrolytes: Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier

as of April 3, 2024 6:43 am

Not just a choice of Joe, This electrolyte supplement stands as one of the best. It is one of the best-tasting non-GMO electrolyte drinks available on the market. It uses CTT technology to deliver hydration to the bloodstream at a faster pace. It has some refreshing flavors to choose from. The mix contains 5 essential minerals, Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12, and Vitamin C. They are trave friendly, easy to use, and stuffed with benefits. 

It may not look like it, but a deficiency of electrolytes in the body can do you some pretty severe damage. And at times, just hydration is not enough, so electrolyte supplements are super beneficial.

Testosterone: Testosterone Replacement Therapy

The basic stereotype is that with growing age, a person starts to degrade, but Joe turns out to be the exception in that category. He has been into so many things, and also by the physique he has maintained, no one can tell that he is 54 years of age. And the secret of this well-maintained personality and lifestyle can be said to be Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

Of course, multiple other factors also play a role. He revealed that he was around 38-39 years of age when he started his TRT. He did it under the medical supervision of His doctor. It does work pretty well for him.

A Glimpse into the Life of Joe Rogan

Original NameJoseph James Rogan
Date of BirthAugust 11, 1967 (Age- 54)
ProfessionAmerican podcaster, UFC color commentator, comedian, host and actor
Estimated Net Worth$120 Million
Height1.72 m
Weight194 pounds
Zodiac SignLeo
Social Media AccountsInstagram: Twitter:
Recently updated on May, 2022

Joe’s parents split up he was 5, and he hasn’t seen his father since he was 7. He attended the Newton South High School, graduated in 1985, and later dropped out of the University of Massachusetts Boston. During those days, he even got into martial arts such as karate, taekwondo and kickboxing, and even made remarkable progress. 

He started as a comedian at the age of 21. And later, when he moved to Los Angles in 1994, he signed a developmental deal with Disney. And appeared as an actor in various shows, such as Hardball and NewsRadio. He hosted the show Fear Factor, which streamed from 2001 to 2006, after which he thought of giving his stand-up career some serious attention. 

He is versatile, as he works in multiple professions at once. His Podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, is widely popular because of its quality content. At a whopping $100 million, Spotify obtained exclusive distribution rights to this well-renowned podcast. He started working at the Ultimate Fighting Championship as an interviewer and color commentator in 1997.

He has even been awarded the MMA personality of the year award for the years 2011, 2012, 2014-2017 and 2019-July 2020. Joe Rogan is the co-founder of Onnit, which is why he frequently promotes the company’s products on his podcast, which is why even the list includes them. The supplement and fitness company was sold to Unilever in 2021.

Top FAQ on Joe Rogan Supplements

How many hours a day does Joe Rogan work out?

Joe Rogan works out for three hours a day. Joe eats breakfast, lunch, lunch, and dinner.

Does Joe Rogan workout every day?

Joe Rogan plans his workouts every Sunday and makes sure to vary his routine. He may do yoga twice a week and then weightlifting three times a week.

What does Joe Rogan do to maintain his health?

Joe Rogan takes multivitamins, probiotics, vitamin B12 and D. He does everything that he can to put his body and his brain in a good place, so he is keeping his engine smooth. He is changing his oil & spark plugs and making sure that it’s operating.

How much sleep does Joe Rogan get?

Joe Rogan does not have a set sleep schedule. His only requirement is that he sleeps for eight hours per night. That being said, he usually wakes up between 10 a.m. and noon, depending on the previous night.

What does Joe Rogan eat for breakfast?

Joe Rogan would eat several eggs and then grass-fed elk or beef steak for dinner. Rogan said he would also eat some bacon since elk is lean meat.

Conclusion: Joe Rogan Supplements 2023

His comedy style is raw and uncensored, which has made him a polarizing figure in the industry. But it’s also this edgy persona that has enabled Joe to build such a massive audience on his channels, as well as his social media presence. Moreover, Joe’s popularity extends beyond just his stand-up comedy performances or his roles on various talk shows. In fact, Joe is probably best known for being an avid fan of mixed martial arts and MMA, which has further enabled him to explore other interests.

Regardless of what you think about Joe Rogan as a comedian or a UFC commentator, there’s no denying that he’s a super-intelligent individual who always seems to have his finger on the pulse when it comes to health and wellness trends. 

Although Joe Rogan does not promote a single diet or offer detailed meal plans for his fans, he does recommend eating whole, unprocessed foods at each meal. When it comes to fitness, Joe follows a proper routine. He tries to include foods and supplements that help with cognitive function and overall performance. And there is no doubt that he has created a supplement stack for total human optimization. So when are you getting started?

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