VIVOSUN Review 2023: Facts You Should Know! (6 Best Selling Products)

Nature has bestowed upon us scenic beauty with greenery. Not only are plants soothing to the eyes, but they also help get more oxygen. Therefore, it is wise to grow indoor plants for the heavenly experience at home. Many passionate plant growers experiment with seeds, soil, nutrition, insects, and whatnot. Bonsai has gained traction with cute mini-sized plants.

Hence, indoor plantations are more prevalent as they are easily implemented with the correct products. If you are passionate about growing plants at home, you may like it more if you get the appropriate products.

Growing indoor plants have never been easy, especially amid a busy schedule. It encompasses the proper soil, temperature, ventilation, water, light, energy, seedling, and more. Thus, one has to follow some simple ways to achieve the proper environment to grow plants. Getting a suitable environment for plants becomes possible with growing kits.

It comprises various products ideal for plant health. VIVOSUN is one such brand that makes products like grow kits, tents, lights, seedlings, hydroponics, and accessories for your garden’s health. The VIVOSUN review will describe all you need to boost the health of indoor plants.

VIVOSUN Review – Boost the Health of Indoor Plants

VIVOSUN is a platform comprising all the necessary products for your gardening sessions. It specializes in indoor gardening accessories and has many promising followers on Instagram. It is also seen on reputed platforms like Newsweek, International Business Times, Leafly, and more. Additionally, it has top-notch products that aim to empower growers to grow what they love. They are a team of experienced people and contain all the products that growers need. 

We will see an in-depth review of some of the best-selling products of VIVOSUN.

Best-Selling Products of VIVOSUN

1. VIVOSUN Grow Tent Kit

VIVOSUN Grow Tent Kit

$699.99 801.88
Optimal spectral coverage
Made from 300 g thickened nonwoven fabric, these pots do not retain excess water, allowing your roots to breathe for healthier, more vigorous growth.

First and foremost, one must grow plants in an ideal environment to facilitate their health from scratch. The VIVOSUN grow tent lets you control temperature, airflow, light, humidity, and soil conditions. Eventually, it helps you tailor everything to cater to the plant’s requirements. The LED Grow light provides the optimal spectral coverage to promote flowering and maximize energy conversion.

The product helps move air through the target location for ventilation. The tent also comes with a removable floor tray for cleaning and maintenance. You can also set your personal timer program with the 7-day digital timer. The inner tool organizer is feasible for storing the tools. You also get plenty of openings throughout the tent to set the lighting and other essential things. 

2. VIVOSUN Seedling Heat Mat Digital Thermostat Combo

VIVOSUN Seedling Heat Mat Digital Thermostat Combo

$59.99 $65.98
Maintains a stable temperature
VIVOSUN heat mats are compatible with North American outlets and offer safe, professional temperature regulation for your plants.

The professional heat mat helps maintain the ideal temperature. It is favorable for seed starting and cutting propagation. The mat is durable and supple, with a controller that maintains a stable temperature. It also comes with a manual, and you can change the display.

It provides printed instructions and growing tips. Both beginners and seasoned professionals can use the product. The temperature is feasible for professional horticulture systems. The sensor probe provides accurate readings in cool and warm environments. It is energy efficient, and extreme-temperature tested.

3. VIVOSUN Grow Light with Samsung LM301 Diodes

VIVOSUN Grow Light with Samsung LM301 Diodes

Light-spectrum coverage
This indoor growing light is equipped with a high quality heatsink and ventilation holes to effectively dissipate heat and prevent burning or damage to your plants.

Your plants would want favorable light to grow impressively. In this regard, the full-spectrum LED provides optimal light-spectrum coverage that your plants will love. No grow light fan is required due to the unique design of appearance from ventilation holes and power supply. Thus, you will not get disturbed by the noise.

It allows for more light to penetrate deeper into the highest-quality plants. The super bright lights and multiple input power provide convenience while selecting the products.

4. VIVOSUN 285 GPH Air Pump 9.5W 4 Outlet 18 Liter/Min for Aquarium and Hydroponic Systems

VIVOSUN 285 GPH Air Pump 9.5W 4 Outlet 18 Liter/Min for Aquarium and Hydroponic Systems

High-quality aluminum construction
The pump is equipped with aluminum heat-radiating plates for more effective heat dissipation and long-lasting performance. High-quality aluminum construction and a non-slip base provide reliable and safe operation.

It has a high-quality aluminum construction and a non-slip base. The innovative material engineering on the steel engine cylinder makes the pump energy-efficient and resistant to degradation. The oil-free motor lubrication and low noise generation make it ideal for oxygenating aquariums.

It is also feasible for the plant roots in a hydroponics system without disturbing them. The product sends a large air volume to four adjustable valve outlets. The pump also helps dissipate heat evenly with aluminum heat-radiating plates.

5. VIVOSUN 6″ Air Carbon Filter Odor Control

VIVOSUN 6″ Air Carbon Filter Odor Control

Protects the plants from chemical irritants
This product protects against chemical irritants and eliminates odors, whether from pungent indoor grow operations, bathrooms, basements or kitchens. It also absorbs odors from pets and smoking.

Filtered airflow ensures that only clean air reaches the plants. So, the odor control filter helps deliver 100% filtered airflow. It also protects the plants from chemical irritants and eliminates odors from pungent indoor grow units to bathrooms and other home areas. It absorbs odors from smoking and pets.

It helps eliminate some pungent smells for a fresh feeling for indoor plants. The best thing is that the product has versatile applications and can be used in different setups. It captures three times more air contaminants than average.

6. VIVOSUN 3-in-1 Soil Tester

VIVOSUN 3-in-1 Soil Tester

Analyze the soil watering condition
This VIVOSUN Soil Tester makes it an ideal tool for use in home gardens, lawns, and farms. The tester can help promote healthy growth in plants by providing accurate readings of soil conditions.

Analyzing the soil conditions is of utmost importance before growing. Every plant’s health differs; hence it needs different soil and temperature to grow. One should foster the plants by using soil testers. In this regard, VIVOSUN 3-in-1 Soil Tester helps measure the alkalinity and acidity of the soil. It does not require a battery and is small and portable for use. It provides quick response and high accuracy.

You can determine if your plant gets adequate light. It helps you keep an eye on the planter to ensure a safe and healthy environment. It helps you analyze the soil watering condition. You can use it without any external power. The double sensor’s design is for accurate measurements of soil moisture and pH values. 

Differentiating Features of VIVOSUN

It cares for your plants and comprises everything you require to keep them happy. You may not need professional-level knowledge to grow plants using VIVOSUN products. It has products for ventilation, environment, seedling, lighting, pH testing, gardening, and everything. Moreover, the products are designed to help beginners use them.

Interestingly, the reasonably priced products provide great designs and create a stable growing environment for your plants. It is an all-in-one platform to get appropriate soil and moisture conditions. Thus, you can grow healthy plants with VIVOSUN.

Is VIVOSUN Worth Trying?

VIVOSUN has a multitude of products for those fond of gardening. It is an online platform that helps get multiple useful products for growing indoor plants. Thus, you get the odor control filter, grow light, tent, and other viable products on a platform. The products are reasonable and have many positive customer reviews on their official website.

Using the products is also easy due to their customizable design and user-friendly approach. Those who want to use VIVOSUN products can also take an expert’s help before using them.

Is VIVOSUN a legitimate company?

VIVOSUN is a legitimate company which is based in California. VIVOSUN values reliability, innovation and community.

What are VIVOSUN grow bags made of?

VIVOSUN grow bags are made of 300g of thickened, nonwoven fabric.

How long does VIVOSUN take to deliver products?

For standard shipping, VIVOSUN generally takes 3 to 5 business days.

Does VIVOSUN offer free shipping?

The user will get free shipping on all orders over $59.

Does VIVOSUN offer any discount on their products?

Yes, VIVOSUN offers discount coupons that allow you to save the maximum on your purchase. Click here to sign up at VIVOSUN and get 12% Off on your first order.

Bottom Line: VIVOSUN Review 2023

You can directly place your order from the official website if you find the products of VIVOSUN worth trying. The brand is also kind to provide growing guides to help beginners. Millions of growers trust it, and you can also download the VIVOSUN app for a more seamless experience. The brand has everything you require for indoor gardening, from growing kits to accessories.

It also features the best sellers to help you get your hands on top-notch products. Indoor gardening is no child’s play; hence one should always use the proper products to facilitate plant. The amalgamation of useful products at VIVOSUN helps make the journey of every aspiring grower seamless.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned with us for updates.

Disclaimer: You should always consult an expert before using the product. The article does not guarantee anything that you will experience the desired results. Before buying a product, you must check its official website for updated information about the cost, specifications, and other details. Some information in this article may update; hence checking with a product’s official website is essential. The article information is for educational and informational purposes only. The use of any information provided by us in this article is solely at your own risk.

9.9Expert Score

Vivosun offers a wide variety of products at great prices. Customers have positive remarks to say about the brand before and after purchase, which speaks a lot about the company’s good reputation.

Easy to Assemble
Value for Money
Quality of Material
  • Easy set up with no tools needed.
  • Does not cover too much floor space.
  • Made with high-quality materials.
  • Products come with a 1-year warranty.
  • Great customer service.
  • Super thick and tear-proof material.
  • Affordable price point.
  • A removable floor tray makes the cleaning easy.
  • Offers discounts &amp
  • free shipping.
  • Potential small light leakage.
  • No inside zipper.
  • Does not ship internationally.
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