12 Best Magnetic Rowing Machines 2023 (Ultimate Buyer’s Guide)

Best Magnetic Rowing Machines

Do you wish to have a piece of equipment at home that would take up less space and help you ace a full-body workout at the same time? YOU CAN! Rowing machines come with multiple levels of resistance that give you the most intense workout of your life! Best part? Magnetic rowing machines have a compact design that takes up as much space as a stationary bike! Isn’t that great?

Rowers are great for people recovering from injuries or newbies to exercise. The legs and glutes mainly do rowing, but they also engage the core and back. This makes rowing a great to work your upper body and core muscles. Some rowers come with a built-in LCD monitor, a heart rate monitor, and many workout programs.

This article will help you choose from a list of the 12 best magnetic rowing machines that you can set up in your home gym, a buyer’s guide, and tips to get the most out of your rowing workout!

12 Best Magnetic Rowing Machines for Your Home Gym

Here are our Best Magnetic Rowing Machines for your workout space:

1. Ativafit Magnetic Rower

This well-built magnetic rower includes all of the essentials for a quiet, productive exercise. It includes a workout level that you can adjust with the twist of a resistance knob for a smooth, challenging, tailored workout plan. It also boasts a multi-function LCD monitor that displays vital stats to help you measure your progress and stay encouraged. It boasts a big ergonomic seat, foam-padded handlebars, and textured, non-slip, adjustable footplates with straps, providing safety and comfort during extended exercises!

Ativafit Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine

as of June 15, 2024 12:41 am

2. NordicTrack RW900 Rower

What sets the Nordic Track RW 900 apart from other similarly priced models is not their compact size, high-quality construction, or quiet operation, but rather their unique ability to provide an effective workout for people who want to get into shape without spending hours every day at the gym.

This rower offers an intense workout experience that feels great with these additional features! An experienced trainer provides an engaging class for every experience level via pre-recorded sessions. You adjust your workout intensity by pressing buttons on the handlebars. But you can also change the resistance level manually if needed.

NordicTrack RW900 Rowing Machine

2 new from $1,118.15
Free shipping
as of June 15, 2024 12:41 am

3. Fitness Reality 1000 Plus

Fitness Reality 1000 Plus has revolutionized the industry by offering an innovative design that allows you to get maximum workout benefits without worrying about stability issues. It allows you to perform exercises like shoulder presses, bicep curls, front raises, and many more for a complete body workout. With an adjustable backrest for added comfort, it provides a comfortable, high-intensity, low-impact indoor rowing exercise which helps you burn plenty of calories.

It’s the best indoor rowing machine with Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to connect it to an iPhone or iPad via its built-in headphone jack and then download the free MyCloud Fitness app from Apple App Store or Google Play store.

Fitness Reality 1000 Plus Magnetic Rowing Machine

as of June 15, 2024 12:41 am

4. Stamina Avari A350-700 Magnetic Rower

Stamina AVARI has a large selection of magnetic resistance levels for both upper body and lower body workouts. They’re easy to use because they come equipped with an automatic resistance adjustment, so you don’t need to worry about setting them manually. You push up/down buttons on their smart LCD monitor to adjust the resistance level.

With its various preset workout programs, this magnetic rower lets you choose from several different types of strength training sessions. It comes equipped with a pulse recovery system that helps track your progress by showing how fast you recover from exercise. Research shows that working out at your target heart rate zone helps improve your overall fitness level and burn calories faster than exercising outside your target heart rate range.

It has an angled folding design that lets you save space when folded up but activates your legs simultaneously. Steel construction and long extrusions ensure stability and full leg extension even if you’re short.

Stamina Avari A350-700 Magnetic Exercise Rower

as of June 15, 2024 12:41 am

5. Merax Magnetic Rowing Machine

Many users were pleased with Merax’s excellent quality for its low cost. It wasn’t any quieter than your normal breathing! Another distinguishing feature of this magnetic rowing machine is its 15-degree seat angle, allowing for greater exercise intensity due to increased muscle resistance during workout sessions. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to get fit without spending thousands of dollars on equipment, consider purchasing one of these cheap fitness trackers instead.

Merax Magnetic Rowing Machine

as of June 15, 2024 12:41 am

6. Circuit Fitness Deluxe Magnetic Rower

Circuit Fitness Deluxe is an affordable, reliable, and easy-to-use exercise device designed specifically for people who want to get fit without spending hours at the gym. It folds up easily into a highly compact package when not in use, making storage convenient and hassle-free. Its comfortable padded saddle makes an impact workout enjoyable, and the ergonomic design allows you to exercise without straining your back.

Circuit Fitness Deluxe Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine

2 new from $181.52
Free shipping
as of June 15, 2024 12:41 am

7. Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine

Compared to treadmills, rowers offer a lot of advantages! It’s built well enough for indoor use, so it won’t be too loud when rowing indoors. And because it has an ergonomic design, it’ll feel good even after long sessions of using it. You may also store it upright and fold the screen for more accessible storage.

Its unique design allows for a tranquil and smooth rowing experience, making it ideal for use at home. In addition to providing a comfortable workout space, having a shock absorber under the slide rails makes it easier to exercise indoors without disturbing others.

Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine

as of June 15, 2024 12:41 am

8. YOSUDA Magnetic Rowing Machine

According to scientific research, rowing machines activate muscles through an intense workout. They’re great for building strength and endurance. For rehabilitation purposes, ideal for weight loss, body shaping (for example, losing belly fat), strengthening exercises, etc.

With its 10 lb flywheel and eight adjustable resistance levels, this rower offers double the range of motion compared to traditional machines. The 49.2-inch sliding length fits most people well. Its incredibly soft and cushioned seat will give the feel of a workout bench and be even more worth it! It has been made from high-quality materials, sturdy and durable. YOSUDA guarantees free returns and refunds for up to one year from the purchase date, with a two-year warranty on replacement parts.

YOSUDA Magnetic Rowing Machine

as of June 15, 2024 12:41 am

9. BTM Indoor Home Rowing Machine

With its sleek and sturdy design, this small device will help you get fit without breaking a sweat. Use rowing machines to strengthen your upper body or perform weight training using the resistance tethers. Adjusting the tension knob allows you to select one of eight different resistance settings for each exercise.

With its whisper-quiet slide mechanism, the smart rowing machine lets you row anytime without disturbing others. Its compact design makes it easy to store away when not in use, so it’s one of today’s most portable rowing machines. Use the LCD monitor to track your progress during exercise sessions. It shows you the distance traveled, the time elapsed, calories burned, and even your current heart rate.

BTM Indoor Home Rowing Machine

as of June 15, 2024 12:41 am

10. SportPlus Rowing Machine

With the Sport Plus Rowing Machine, everyone can enjoy training at home, from beginners to advanced indoor rowers, without worrying about finding an open gym or paying expensive membership fees. It has adjustable resistance to adjust it for any fitness level from beginner to expert.

An aluminum rail slides easily under the rower’s padded seat. Comfortable footrests are not slip-resistant, but they come with safety straps for added security. With its large flywheel mass (8kg), the rower offers an easy, dynamic workout without the stress on joints. It’s so quiet that even if someone were standing right next to, they would not be able to hear much! Its maintenance-free design means no longer needing to worry about lubricating parts. It just requires regular oil.

SportPlus Rowing Machine

as of June 15, 2024 12:41 am

11. Dripex Foldable Rowing Machine

With up to 16 different settings for varying degrees of difficulty, this rower’s console provides plenty of options for fine-tuning your cardiovascular workout. You can use the tension knob to increase or decrease the intensity of your workout. Not only does it aid in a cardio workout, but it also helps strengthen muscles during weight lifting sessions. They’ve added extra cushioning, so they’ll be able to support you better than ever before.

The Dripex Adjusta­ble Rower’s 3 kg flywheel is made from lightweight and strong aluminum, which reduces sound. You can easily fold up the Dripex rowing machine, which takes less space when stored away. Pull out the small locking mechanism at the back.

Dripex Foldable Rowing Machine

as of June 15, 2024 12:41 am

12. FIT4HOME Rowing Machine

With the convenience of working out from the comforts of your own home, enjoy the benefits of a diverse bodyweight exercise routine! It uses a magnetic brake system to generate more resistance than traditional rowing machines without making unnecessary noises.

It folds up easily for storage when not needed. It’s easy to store and carry around. With smooth vibration-free action and Bluetooth connectivity, you’ll be able to exercise at your own pace without worrying about distractions.

FIT4HOME Rowing Machine

Alloy Steel Frame Material
Enjoy the benefits of a versatile and comprehensive total body workout from the comfort of your home with smooth vibration-free action and Bluetooth connectivity.

Best Magnetic Rowing Machines – How to Choose a Rowing Machine?

Was this list helpful? Still cannot understand your workout program? Let’s dive a little deeper to know more about the specs and how to choose a rower that you’d benefit from the most!

Magnetic Rowing Machine

What is your exercise goal?

Before buying a rowing machine, you should first determine what type of exercise you want to do. If you want to lose weight, you may buy a rowing machine that focuses on cardiovascular exercises. But if you’re looking to build muscle, you might want to invest in a rowing machine that comes with additional features such as built-in speakers.

How much space do you have in your home?

If you have limited space in your house, you will probably want a smaller model. However, if you have enough room in your place, then you can opt for a bigger model. Just make sure you check whether the size of the rowing machine will fit into your living area.

How often will you use this rowing machine?

If you plan on using the rowing machine daily, you should get one with a higher quality finish. Also, look for a model with multiple functions because these models tend to last longer.

What type of user are you?

Before purchasing a rowing machine, think about your level of expertise. Are you a beginner or an advanced user? Beginners usually choose a basic model, whereas seasoned users prefer something more powerful.

Consider other features when choosing a rowing machine

Apart from selecting the right size and type of rowing machine, there are other things that you should keep in mind when shopping for a rowing machine. For instance, some models come with a display screen, footrests, and speakers. These features allow you to track your progress during an impact workout.

How far should you lean back when rowing?

To reduce the risk of injury and maximize the impact of your rowing movement, lean back as near to a 90-degree angle with the floor as possible when rowing.

Can you lose belly fat on a rowing machine?

Yes, if you use an indoor rowing machine consistently and eat a healthy diet, you can reduce belly fat. Indoor rowing machines give good cardio workouts to help you shed excess fat and grow or define muscles.

Is a rowing machine better than a treadmill?

Yes, regardless of your exercise intensity, a rowing machine is better than a treadmill for muscle building and giving low-impact full-body exercises. On the other hand, a treadmill may be more effective in burning calories and shedding fat. The choice depends on your specific workout goals, body weight, and overall health.

Are magnetic rowers quiet?

Magnetic rowers are quiet when used (unlike other indoor rowing machines) because they use magnets to manage resistance rather than friction, which generates noise.

Which rowing machine is better air or magnetic?

It depends on the needs and desires of the users. Air rowers give you a more authentic water rowing experience, but they’re noisy and don’t have different levels of magnetic resistance for more challenging workouts.

Conclusion: Best Magnetic Rowing Machines for Home Gyms

Rowing machines are economical because you can use them for many different purposes. They help you train and condition your entire body. They improve your upper and lower body coordination. You use your whole body when you row. They increase your aerobic capacity and power output, and they are great for MMA fighters and wrestlers.

Athletes who want to improve endurance should do emerging or rowing because these two sports are very similar. Both require you to use your arms and legs to move forward. To sum it up, a rower will help strengthen your core, build muscle, and help keep your heart healthy! What do you think? Is it worth your investment yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

12 Best Magnetic Rowing Machines 2023 (Ultimate Buyer’s Guide)
12 Best Magnetic Rowing Machines 2023 (Ultimate Buyer’s Guide)
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