The Lost Book of SuperFoods Review 2023: The Forgotten Food!

Are you curious to know what our ancestors use to feed themselves in the old times? Or if you wish to know the various food items that can be stocked for longer than the regular food. Read our The Lost Book of SuperFoods Review and get to know about the book that has all the answers to your question!

Due to modernization, we often depend on canned and other easy-to-prepare food. We have become highly dependent on foods that have a short shelf life. During ancient times, people consumed and stockpiled food with a longer shelf-life. This way, they could accustom themselves to unprecedented situations like war, calamity, etc. Of course, during the war years, the world saw extreme food and water scarcity. Now, the question arises, how did our ancestors cope with that unavoidable situation? Moreover, food and water are necessary for living; however, how can one manage when being deprived of these necessities for an undefined prolonged period? 

Furthermore, every problem has a feasible solution. Hence, the ancestors opted for viable methodologies to sustain the scarce resources amid unforeseen situations. If you also want to make yourself flexible in managing food during the atrocities of life, you must read ‘The Lost Book of SuperFoods Review.’ The book contains some essential food management methodologies that may help you store them without refrigeration for years.

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Contains only long lasting foods
The Lost Book of SuperFoods contains beautiful recipes and step-by-step stockpiling advice, complete with colored photographs and straightforward instructions.

In-Depth The Lost Book of SuperFoods Review: A background

It is by Art Rude, a math teacher and contains only long-lasting foods which can be stored even without refrigeration. Somehow, survival knowledge is lost as we modernize. Hence, it seems an interesting book for everyone to know the feasible strategies to cope with disasters without starving.

It has over 126 forgotten survival foods and storage hacks to help people know the basic ways to live in unforeseen situations without begging for food or starving.

The best thing is that even people without cooking or stockpiling knowledge can take advantage after reading this book.

What content can you get with The Lost Book of SuperFoods?

The best book about healthy eating

Some people believe reading is monotonous, boring, and difficult. However, it is not the case with The Lost Book of SuperFoods. It contains interesting, colorful pictures and easy-to-follow instructions. You will also get accurate nutritional values for every food. Thus, it is a good way to keep your nutritional requirements handy with a book. Besides this, you will know the following secrets in the book:

The US Doomsday Ration: You will find how to make your US secret military superfood. It was developed during the Cold War and emphasized feeding the entire US population during the worst situation. In the appropriate conditions, the food never spoils; thus, you can prepare cheap food easily and worry not. The food is lightweight, and you only need to spend a few dollars to prepare it. 

The superfood that saved Leningrad: You will also learn about the food that kept few people well-fed during the Leningrad siege. Famine gripped the city, and people had to be creative to preserve food. It is a forgotten European dish, and people used the affordable cow feet to prepare it. One can also use any fresh meat to prepare it. Thus, the meal does not require refrigeration for months. You may also store it for years in some conditions. 

The shelf-stable food for healthy and vital fats: Of course, fat content is also necessary for vital body functions. In this regard, The Lost Book of SuperFoods informs you about shelf-stable food to gain healthy fats. It is rich in butyric acid and helps you absorb maximum nutrition. It helps stretch your food stockpile and is one of the most inexpensive crisis meals. In 1869, the meal helped save an entire village of Swedish farmers. Furthermore, the food helps protect your gut lining, and you do not need refrigeration for at least one year. 

The Great Depression Food: It is one of the best-tasting survival foods and lasts for about two years without refrigeration. In addition, the lard it is kept in can be used for cooking, treating burns, and making soap. It was used during the height of the Great Depression. 

Frumenty: It is the food that saved Europe during the Black Plague. You will learn the recipe for the survival food that saved Europeans during the Black Plague. Many people are thought to survive with this food. It contains the vital nutrients needed for the body. It also nourished the kings and children in Victorian workhouses. The best thing is that the ingredients required to make the meal can last very long in a pantry.

The Wind-Swept Superfood: It comes from the wind-swept plains of Mongolia. It can be stored for many months without refrigeration. Additionally, the food was suitable for getting a nomad’s vitamins and nourishment. It can be used in any crisis and is a dried and boiled dairy curds dish. 

Some Highlights of The Lost Book of SuperFoods | The Lost Book of SuperFoods Review

The book covers the basic things you need to do when stuck in a crisis. It is a good read for every age group, meaning you will not get bored with colored illustrations. You also get a healthy dietary regime at a minimal cost. The detailed guide about Nutrition facts is feasible to track your nutritional requirements.

The book is reasonably priced and has all the things about history. A money-back guarantee also backs the purchase. You can apply cooking tactics with basic cooking knowledge. It can also be used even when you know nothing about cooking. The wonderful work by Art Rude brings back the struggles seen by our ancestors. It teaches defense mechanisms in the toughest situations in life beautifully. Thus, you can learn cooking and some moral values after reading. 

The Lost Book of SuperFoods Review: Is it worth it?

The amalgamation of fun and knowledge is interesting. You get two months to read the book. It is a win-win situation for the readers. If they are satisfied with the book, they get enough knowledge about easy remedies to cope with the unforeseen situation.

If, for any reason, the book does not provide what the readers want, they have a money-back guarantee. Thus, spending only a small amount in a book is an investment. Considering the benefits of shelf-stable healthy food items, you can try reading the book.

However, one should take a concerned person’s help before preparing meals inside the book. Above all, the recipes are easy-to-prepare and do not need modern tools to survive. With many positive reader reviews, The Lost Book of SuperFoods is full of information about the past and strategies for the future. Thus, it is a must-read for those interested in disaster management and history.

Who can read The Lost Book of SuperFoods?

People of all ages can read it. Children who want to know the history can read it for informational purposes. On the other hand, it helps adults know the various ways to cope with atrocities. Thus, people of any age can benefit from this book. Above all, you can add 126 long-lasting foods to your pantry. The easy-to-follow instructions will prepare you for the hard times. It will remind you about the forgotten superfoods with fun.

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Top FAQs on The Lost Book of SuperFoods Review

What is The Lost Superfoods?

The Lost Superfoods is the ebook or hardcopy book that shares 126 forgotten superfoods and survival food knowledge. In this book, you will discover some photos along with a step-by-step guide on how you can make the most from foraged foods. 

Who is the author of The Lost Superfoods?

Mr. Art Rude is the author of The Lost Superfoods book.

What does The Lost Superfoods book contains?

As we all know, The Lost Superfoods is a famous survival book. This book contains an easy, clear and detailed guide that helps you to make superfoods that can last for a longer period of time without any power or refrigeration. In this book, you will also find the exact nutritional values for each superfood that will help you to know how many nutrients your body is getting. 

Why should I purchase The Lost Superfoods?

The important reason why you should buy this book is to get superfood recipes that can be stored for a longer time without the need for refrigeration or power supply. By reading this book, one can be capable of hoarding foods to survive during local emergencies or natural calamities.

How can I return the book if I am not satisfied?

The Lost Superfoods offer a 60-day money-back guarantee to their customer. You can contact the seller within 60 days of purchase for a refund if you are not satisfied with this book.

The Lost Book of SuperFoods Review: Should you read it?

The book helps us learn about the history and how to prepare shelf-stable food. You can tackle unforeseen events like the pandemic without many facilities like power supply and refrigeration. Thus, it is not a thing of the past; it has useful coping strategies to save millions of lives from starvation. If interested, you can avail yourself of its physical and digital book. For those skeptical about the book, you are not buying it; instead, you are trying it. Of course, unsatisfied readers get a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can get a copy of The Lost Superfoods with the two bonuses for a one-time payment of only $27.

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The Lost Book of SuperFoods Review

The book is designed to be accessible for anyone, regardless of prior experience with cooking or food storage. It provides clear instructions and practical recommendations that can be easily followed and put into practice. As such, it will certainly be of great use in solving famine and food shortages.

Easy to understand
Value for money
Customer Reviews
  • Easy to follow tips.
  • The book is written in simple English.
  • The Lost Superfood book is available in physical and digital copies.
  • Recipes are tried and tested by today's experts.
  • Simple to cook recipes.
  • These recipes do not take long to prepare.
  • Provides 126 survival food recipes.
  • It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • It is only available on the official website.
The Lost Book of SuperFoods
It is a good read for all age groups, meaning you will not get bored with the colored illustrations.
Simple to cook recipes.
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