11 Best Vegan Iron Supplements to Buy in 2023 (Top Picks)

When people switch to a 100% plant-based diet, there are many consequences they may face. It is not at all easy to go vegan. You have to give up your favorite meals and foods. Not just the food, when you are on a plant-based diet, you may also have to give up protein and iron sources. We get most of the vitamins & minerals from dairy or non-veg meals.

It is adjustable to let go of the tasty food, but how would it be adjustable to let go of the essential nutrients? For instance, most recently turned vegans have complained of facing an iron deficiency. If you are one of them, you will be happy to know that various vegan supplements are available in the market. You can choose one from them. 

Best Price
Future Kind Iron And Vitamin C Supplement

Future Kind Iron And Vitamin C Supplement

Future Kind – Vegan Iron with Acerola Cherry Natural Vitamin C, Iron Bisglycinate, and Vitamin C Blend for Energy Boost and Immune Health.
Garden Of Life Healthy Blood Iron Supplement

Garden Of Life Healthy Blood Iron Supplement

Shop this Iron Supplements for Women Energy & Anemia Support.
DEVA Vegan Vitamins CHELATED Iron

DEVA Vegan Vitamins CHELATED Iron

Shop this DEVA Vegan Vitamins CHELATED Iron at the best price.

But the issue is that one might get overwhelmed with the given quantity. Also, when it comes to health, we should not compromise a bit with it. That is why we present you  ✅11 Best Vegan Iron Supplements. The best thing is, all the supplements mentioned in this review are certified and primarily safe for your health. Instead of scraping thousands of articles, you can check ours to get an ideal choice. Let us get started!

Top 11 Best Vegan Iron Supplements

Best Vegan Iron Supplements

1. Future Kind Iron And Vitamin C Supplement

Future Kind offers you a non-GMO product with patented ingredients. The iron form called Ferrochel is the primary part of the product. The added benefit of this supplement is that it comes with Vitamin C. This company also claims that its formula is more absorbent than others.

Future Kind Iron And Vitamin C Supplement

Natural Vitamin C from Acerola Cherry
Future Kind – Vegan Iron with Acerola Cherry Natural Vitamin C, Iron Bisglycinate, and Vitamin C Blend for Energy Boost and Immune Health.

2. Garden Of Life Healthy Blood Iron Supplement

If you scroll through Amazon for the best vegan iron supplement, the first name that will come on the list will be Garden of Life. You get a rich boost of Vitamin C, B12. So, you get more benefits than you pay for! The products’ reliability, safety, and effectiveness make them ideal for most vegan beginners.

Garden Of Life Healthy Blood Iron Supplement

$13.27 $16.99
60 Vegan Capsules
Shop this Iron Supplements for Women Energy & Anemia Support.

3. Deva Vegan Chelated Iron

Another option that the vegan society prefers is the Deva Vegan Chelated iron supplement. The formula is a rich blend of iron and vitamins. Other than the prominent elements, it does not contain any artificial product. Also, this brand promotes animal cruelty-free products, so you also do a little part towards animal welfare.

Deva Vegan Chelated Iron

90 TAB (Pack of 2)
Shop this DEVA Vegan Vitamins CHELATED Iron at the best price.

4. Solgar Gentle Iron

Some people face issues with iron products, including constipation. Solgar noticed this and decided to go with the most absorbable iron called bis-glycinate. There are many positive reviews online about the product’s effectiveness, and most people say that they can easily digest the supplement without feeling nauseous.

Solgar Gentle Iron

$16.60 $18.98
Supplement for Red Blood Cells
Solgar Gentle Iron is ideal for people with sensitive stomachs.

5. Trace Minerals Ionic Vegan Iron

This liquid iron supplement from Trace Minerals makes the dosage intake very easy. As the supplement is in liquid form, your body quickly absorbs this iron form. You can add it to some juice to simple water and gulp it! This one is also a gluten-free product, which could also be an option for diabetic people.

Trace Minerals Ionic Vegan Iron

$9.99 $12.59
This product is simple to use, as it comes with a dropper that can be added to any liquid or food.

6. VegLife Vegan Iron

As you can take a hint from the company name, the ultimate mission of VegLife Vegan Iron is to make vegetarians and vegans a little easy. This one is an iron pill, and you get a 25mg serving of iron in each take. Additionally, vitamin B6, B12, and folic acid are also present in the formula for added benefits.

VegLife Vegan Iron

VegiBlend Food Base
Shop this Plant Based Iron Supplement at the best price.

7. EZ Melts Iron

This plant-based supplement is an excellent option for people who do not like swallowing big tablets. The pill’s size is decent, and it comes with an orange favor. Every tablet contains 18 mg iron. If you wish to exceed the dosage, you compare this issue with other available products.

EZ Melts Iron

Vitamins are specially formulated to provide an energy boost while avoiding the common side effects associated with other iron supplements.

8. MegaFood Blood Builder Iron Supplement

This vegan option is again a popular choice on Amazon. The positive reviews of the customers say how much they love the product! Each pill gives 26 mg of dosage, so our daily iron needs get fulfilled with only one tablet.

MegaFood Blood Builder Iron Supplement

Energy Support with Iron
Premium supplements made from real food and with additional nutrients.

9. Snap Iron Builder with Vitamins B & C Absorption Boosters

If you need something that can give you instant results, you might want to give Snap Iron Builder a chance. The supplement is easy to digest. The only issue is, you have to take two tablets for an ideal dosage, which may be an issue for some people.

Snap Iron Builder with Vitamins B & C Absorption Boosters

Absorbs Quickly Vitamins Organic Nutrients
This supplement boosts blood cell production and fights fatigue for good.

10. Himalayan Organics- Plant-based iron supplement

The Himalayan iron supplement is a hemoglobin booster that fulfills all the duties of a plant-based iron supplement. It is made from many fruits and vegetables that boost red blood cell production. The rich and nourishing formula ensures that your stomach gets a soothing experience!

Himalayan Organics- Plant-based iron supplement

Oxygen Binding Capacity
Buy Himalayan Organics Plant Based Iron with Folate for Improved Hemoglobin, Immunity, and Oxygen Binding Capacity.

11. Ritual Essential plant-based iron supplement

A ritual essential is an excellent option for everyone, irrespective of their gender and weight. You also have to keep in mind that not all Ritual Essential supplements are vegan. But this option that you get is vegan-based and is an effective choice.

Ritual Essential plant-based iron supplement

Shop this Ritual Essential plant-based iron supplement at the best price.

How to Know You Need Iron Supplements?


If you think that everyone is safe to use iron supplements, you are wrong. Not everybody has an iron deficiency. The decision, whether or not you need iron, depends on your food style and diet plans. It also depends on how much iron your body is absorbing. Some people face difficulty processing iron even if they include iron-rich food items in their diet. This may result in low red blood cells or iron deficiency.

Even though the final decision should be made after the doctor’s advice, there will always be a possibility that someone requires an iron supplement. If you happen to be one of them, our list mentioned above will come to your benefit.

Do Vegans Need Iron Supplements?

As vegans have to scrape out most of the nutritious products out of their diet, they tend to face more iron deficiency. Even if they take a rich diet, there will always be a slight chance that their bodies may require vegan iron supplements.

The primary reason is that most plant-based products do not contain iron compared to the meat-based diet. To help them avoid iron deficiency, we have also covered below some vegan food options rich in iron.

Things to Look Out for in Vegan Iron Supplements

When we hunt for vegan products, we have to keep specific criteria in our minds. If you wish to purchase the best vegan iron supplements, look out for the following qualities in them.

1. Iron Amount Per Serving

Most of the time, the label will indicate the amount of iron in the chosen supplement. Also, this is one of the most crucial things to focus on. Some of them might also deliver more than your daily requirement. While you may think it is a good thing, it can negatively affect your body.

One of the most common complaints of iron overdose is constipation, so you may want to stay cleer out of that aspect. In general, you should always start with a supplement that recommends one pill per day. With time, your body can adjust itself for an ideal dosage.

2. Iron Form

If you are a vegan, you have to focus on this thing the most!

Two different types of iron are
Heme and non-heme iron.

It should be noted that heme iron is only present in animal-based products. Non-heme iron is sourced from plants. As a vegan, you already know which heme type is suitable for you. Other than this, you get various options in the pick. For instance, you can pick from pills, powders, and liquid iron. If you are a beginner, we strongly suggest you go with pill-based iron supplements as the pills are easy to swallow and do not leave a bad after-taste in the bud.

3. Vitamin C and B12

Besides the primary ingredient, vegans also have to keep secondary ingredients in their minds. Vitamin C is an essential element to enhance the immune system. And Vitamin B12 is one of the most vital elements for vegans.

You can always go with a purchase that contains a rich dose of all the essential vitamins. Or you can improve your diet plan by going for fruits that are rich in Vitamin c and Vitamin B12. Fruits and veggies like guava, spinach, kale, and broccoli are rich in vitamin C. If you are looking for vitamin B12, you have to go for meat, beef, sardines, and tuna.

What amount of iron do you need in a day?

On average, our body requires around 18mg of iron daily, irrespective of gender. The ideal dosage may also differ according to your weight, age, height. But sticking to the average of 18 mg-25 mg is a safer option. It is always better to start with minimum intake and exceed your take with time if you are a beginner. Do this if you do not wish to face any side effects in the long run.

Which is the best Iron form for vegans?

Vegans are not with many choices. However, if we talk about the most absorbable iron for vegans, ferrous salt will be on the top list. Vegans have been suggested three forms of dietary iron. One of them is ferrous salts, and the other two are ferric and carbonyl. These salts are almost similar in their functioning, with a slight change in their absorption rate.

Vegan Foods that are High in Iron

Iron Vegan Foods

If you do not wish to start with vegan iron supplements right away, you can always get started by including vegan foods in your diet. Various vegan foods, including cashews, almonds, beans, and lentils. The vegan sources are readily available in the market. And if you wish to follow a proper diet, you only have to consume a small quantity of it in your daily diet.

Following is the list of some vegan foods that you can start consuming in your diet today!

  • Tofu
  • Legumes
  • Spinach and broccoli
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Wholegrain cereals
  • Almonds and cashews

Side Effects of the Iron Overdose

When you have too much iron in your diet, it can have unpleasant consequences. As vital as iron is for our bodies, you may have to face some severe side effects if you overdose on it. Some side effects may include diarrhea. Joint pain, muscle pain, constipation, irregular heart rhythm, and nausea. While these may seem like basic consequences, their intensity can be vivid.

Therefore, it is always better to stick with the ideal dosage recommended each day. The best option is to maintain a food journal. With the help of a food journal, you can always count the quantity of iron you are consuming.

Are Vegan Iron Supplements Effective?

This question is a little tricky to answer. As we already know, when we switch to a vegan diet, we have to start saying no to even the essential vitamins, proteins, and nutrients. As most nutrients and vitamins are a part of nonveg foods, it’s always tricky to avoid iron deficiency for vegans.

However, with the above-listed options, you get a guaranteed source of iron in your diet. So, even if your daily diet is not very efficient, vegan iron supplements can always have your back! Therefore, the more considerate choice will be to go with vegan supplements instead of facing iron deficiency. If you are confused about which company to trust, our best vegan iron supplements list will come to your rescue.

🌟 Vegan Iron Supplements FAQ

✅How do vegans get iron?

Non-heme iron can be found in dried beans and legumes, dark green leafy vegetables, dried fruits, nuts and seeds, wholegrain cereals, and bread for vegans. Hemoglobin is a protein found in red blood cells that transports oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body.

✅Are iron supplements vegan?

If the thought of taking an animal-based (heme) iron supplement bothers you, whether you’re vegetarian or vegan, don’t worry. You can supplement your diet with non-heme iron in the form of ferrous sulfate or, for a gentler option, carbonyl iron.

✅Is banana rich in iron?

Yes. Bananas are high in iron; eating banana can stimulate hemoglobin production in the blood and help treat anemia.

✅What are the best Vegan Iron Supplements?

#1 Future Kind Iron And Vitamin C Supplement
#2 Garden Of Life Healthy Blood Iron Supplement
#3 Deva Vegan Chelated Iron
#4 Solgar Gentle Iron
#5 Trace Minerals Ionic Vegan Iron

✅What foods are iron blockers?

➤Tea & coffee.
➤Foods such as grapes, corn, & sorghum.
➤Milk & some dairy products.
➤Foods such as brown rice & wholegrain wheat products.

✅How do vegans treat iron deficiency?

Vegetarians can increase their iron intake by eating the following foods:
➤Blackstrap molasses.
➤Fortified breakfast cereals, both hot & cold.
➤Green leafy vegetables.
➤Whole grains.
➤Dried beans, such as black & kidney beans
➤Enriched rice or pasta.
➤Pumpkin seeds.
➤Prune juice.

Conclusion: Best Vegan Iron Supplements 2023

The life of vegans is not easy! They have to give up everything from their cravings to happy meals to do what needs to be done. On top of that, if they start experiencing iron deficiency, that would not be good.

While there are multiple options available in the market that may claim to be the best vegan iron supplements, do not trust them until you have seen some genuine reviews of the product. But, you can trust our list entirely because we went for in-depth research to offer the best options to you! 

Let’s know what you think about our list of the 11 best vegan iron supplements in the comment section below!

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