The Mushroom Latte Review 2023: Ultimate Supplement for Overall Health

Hmm, so coffee is a drink we consume daily more than once. Yes, the flavor and the aromatic smoky taste soothes us. But, lots of coffee doesn’t always make us feel good; it also affects us inadequately. The Everyday Dose brings us an incredible alternative to the long-established coffee. Yes, it is The Mushroom Latte. A nutty brew with less caffeine than the usual coffee. A much healthier and tastier option over regular coffee and other mushroom coffees. 

Let us know more about The Mushroom Latte Review.

In-Depth The Mushroom Latte Review

Everyday Dose – The Mushroom Latte

Immune Boost and Better Skin
Looking for a delicious and nutritious coffee alternative? Everyday Dose is your perfect solution! It is made with all-natural ingredients, easy to prepare, and packed with health benefits.

The Mushroom latte is an upgraded version and an alternative to the usual coffee. The Mushroom Latte has 80% less caffeine than usual coffee. 80% is too much, isn’t is good. The Mushroom Latte is a much healthier option to consume, with a fantastic taste.

The mushroom coffee usually doesn’t taste as tastier as regular coffee, but the Mushroom Latte by the Everyday Dose is yum. The Mushroom latte is a beneficial alternative over the traditional coffee, which is more convenient, healthier and fitting.

Why Choose The Mushroom Latte of Everyday Dose?

The Mushroom Latte is made by combining Mushrooms, Nootropics and Collagens bands with the bit of acidity of cold coffee brew extract and makes the Mushroom Latte. The Mushroom latte made after combining all the ingredients makes a delicious cup of brew, which is as tasty as the mouth-watering coffee. And the most crucial with 80% less caffeine, that is under 40 mg. That is even better. The Mushroom Latte provides a dosage of vitamins, probiotics, minerals, and amino acids, including protein and carbohydrates. 

The Mushroom Latte uses the right ingredients with the right amount of ingredients. The Mushroom Latte is tested. The ingredients used are sourced keeping in mind the exemplary standards and their maintenance.

Coming to the quality, Mushroom Latte assures the quality they maintained during the manufacturing and cultivation of the product. The Mushroom Latte dietary supplement and products used are free from microbes and bacteria like e. Coli, yeast and mold. The Mushroom Latte is free from contamination by pathogens and allergens. 

Tests are being carried out to make sure the supplements are free of gluten. The ingredients contribute active compounds like beta-glucans, triterpenoids and sterols to gain richness and benefit the body. The Mushroom Latte does not use pesticides while cultivating the mushrooms and coffee. The mushrooms and coffees are USDA organic. Mushroom Latte is much better than coffee as far as health is concerned. The Everyday Dose made a dietary supplement by teaming the vital ingredients. The Focus arises with the heath, but Everyday Dose made the Mushroom Latte tastier too!

Mushroom latte is just like a coffee but without digestive problems, jitters, anxiety and crash. As far as taste is concerned, we know mushroom coffee tastes terrible. But the Mushroom Latte is delicious. The Mushroom Latte is USDA organic and fair trade and makes a delicious extract.

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The Mushroom Latte Benefits 

The Mushroom latte boosts energy and provides you with a laser focus. Not only this, the Mushroom Latte has got many more benefits. The Mushroom Latte aids in strengthening immunity and enhances the mood. You will get quality sleep, and it soothes and aids in restoring gut health. Many consumer reviews say there is a noticeable lighter and glowing skin as they consume the Mushroom Latte.

The ingredient contains collagen, which is beneficial for hair and skin. Mushroom Latte provides you with a boost in mood, energy and focus. You will notice a particular reduction in your anxiety level. Slows down or aids in preventing cognitive decline related to Alzheimer’s disease and various forms of dementia. With supplementation of Lion’s Mane for 8 weeks, people performed better cognitive tests. With the Lion’s Mane, many Brain-Derived Neurotrophic factors (BDNF) are being exhibited.

Mental Clarity and Energy Improvement 

You can expect a product with the word “latte” can boos your energy and this product does exactly that. But in a more different way as it contains a little bit of coffee and extract and combines with other ingredients like L-Theanine and Lion’s mane which in turn provides you with greater focus and improved energy levels. 

Reduces Anxiety and Promotes Better Sleep 

You can expect a product with the word “latte” can boost your energy, and this product does exactly that. But in a different way as it contains a little bit of coffee and extract and combines with other ingredients like L-Theanine and Lion’s mane, which in turn provides you with greater focus and improved energy levels.

Boost Immunity and Improves Skin Health 

The Mushroom Latte is said to restore the balance of your immune system with its important mushroom named change. It also contains collagen, which is said to improve hair, skin and even joint health, which in turn will help you to be healthy and improve your immunity.

Few of the other key benefits include: 

  • Easier Recall
  • Easier Learning and Memory 
  • It keeps the Gut Health
  • Healthy Bacterial Balance
  • Strengthen the intestinal barrier
  • Ease Inflammation
  • Prevents pathogens and Toxins from entering the bloodstream 
  • Boosted Mood
  • Sharp Focus and enhancement
  • Regulations of emotions
  • Good Sleep

Mushroom Latte Ingredients – What the Mushroom Latte consists of?

Mushroom Latte Ingredients

The Mushroom Latte is made with Mushrooms, Collagen and Nootropics. It consists of more ingredients. Below are the details of the ingredients used in the Mushroom Latte. It comprises essential amino acids.

Mushrooms and Coffee Blend

The elements used are the Lion’s Mane mushroom. The mushroom is quite popular to aid in repairing nerve damage. It is helpful for our brain, reducing slight anxieties and depression. Like a natural nootropic, the Lion’s Mane tasks are utilized to reduce brain fogs and boost mood. It helps in sharpening memory and acts as an anti-inflammatory compound. Lion’s Mane encourages gut health with nerve regeneration. With Lion’s Mane as an ingredient, it supports increasing focus

The Lion’s Mane is ranked in improving and boosting memory. It supports maintaining gut health and keeps it good. The Lion’s Mane comprises brain-boosting power that is due to the blend of diterpenoid erenacins and aromatic hericenones.

The blood-brain barrier is bordered by the component encouraging myelination to ensure the protection of the neurons with the increase in NGF (Nerve Growth factor). 

The above helps in the generation of new and regeneration of atrophied neutral pathways. The Mushroom Latte uses the whole fruiting body Lion’s Mane in the supplement. The mushroom used is double extracted, and lab tested. The component used is 100% USDA organic fruiting body mushroom. The compounds of Lion’s Mane went through double extraction with alcohol and hot water. The cram was being researched by scientists.

Organic Chaga Fruiting Body Extract

Mushroom Latte Ingredients

The Mushroom Latte consists of Chaga, which acts as an antioxidant. The hot water and alcohol extraction were both used on the Lion’s Mane. These components were obtained to acquire the untouched compounds in Lion’s Mane, which our body can’t always access by just consumption. The extraction made the compound digestible and bioavailable.  


Mushroom Latte also contains 4 g of collagen per serving, which is in the form of type I and Type III hydrolyzed collagen peptides from bovine (cows). As you know, collagen is a type of protein that is found in animals and is in their connective tissues, like tendons, organs, skins and bones. When the collagen is hydrolyzed, it breaks down into smaller particles and becomes easy to use.

And when collagen is already present in your skin, bones, hairs etc., when you supplement it extra, it gives you few add-on benefits. Hydrolyzed collagen supplementation is known to improve skin firmness and elasticity and also can reduce wrinkles. Other benefits include a reduction in

The thinking is that since the skin, bones, hair, and so forth all contain collagen, consuming extra amounts from supplements will lead to benefits in those areas. And as it turns out, this is correct joint stiffness. It is also known to improve thickness and nail health.


Next is L-Theanine, which is present at 150mg per serving in a suntheanine form. Also, it is an amino acid that is found naturally in tea. Also, there are a few interesting facts associated with brain and mental states, as it can increase alpha waves in the brain. And these alpha waves can help you to attain a more relaxed and focused state of mind. Also, it is known to reduce stress and anxiety and can also lower cortisol markers and increase the GABA levels in the brain.

You can also combine L-Theanine with caffeine, and you can expect improvement in your cognitive function, including improved working memory, alertness and less fatigue. So the combination of both is present in The Mushroom Latte, which makes it far more effective and a cut above the traditional coffee or tea. The only issue one can find is that research typically uses 200-400mg of L-theanine for the effects.

Amino Acid Blend

A total of 19 Amino Acids, including 8 of the 9 essential ones, are present in The Mushroom Latte. Amino acids, as you know, are the building blocks of protein, are very important for cognitive health and are used for many reasons; they are important for the production of neurotransmitters.

A few types of research have shown that Amino Acid supplementation can improve serotonin and norepinephrine levels. Also, it can appear to lower the risk of anxiety, depression and stress and also enhances the quality of sleep. Though you can achieve this by adequately taking dietary protein, extra supplementation can help you if you are under a lot of stress.

The ingredients include the Amino Acid Stack,

Alanine, Arginine, Aspartic Acid, Glutamic Acid, Glycine, Histidine, Hydroxylysine, Hydroxyproline, Isoleucine, L- Theanine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Proline, Serline, Valine, Tyrosine

How does the Mushroom Latte Taste? 

Generally, mushroom coffees don’t taste too good, some taste worse. But this mushroom coffee is perfect. The Mushroom Latte has a less stronger flavor and tastes sweet, creamier and smoother. The taste depends on the milk you use, as there is no stronger flavor in the Mushroom Latte

Many consumers reviewed the product and claimed they had noticed less anxiety after consuming the Mushroom Latte. Rather than a high caffeinated regular coffee, it was easy for many consumers to wake up in the mornings with a cup of the Mushroom Latte. More awareness and Focus were noticed after using the Mushroom Latte. The coffee extracts used were mainly used to bury the mushroom flavor in the Mushroom Latte supplement. The Mushroom Latte has a pleasant and creamier taste. 

How to take The Mushroom Latte? 

Consuming Mushroom Latte is as simple as a regular coffee. Add a scoop of Mushroom Latte in water; it can be hot or cold. It can also be consumed by mixing the scoop with milk. 

Servings – 1 Tablespoon that is 6 g. 

Is The Mushroom Latte Safe? 

When we talk about The Mushroom Latte’s overall safety, the product appears to have a few concerns. Firstly, the collagen levels are safe and well within the tolerance level but can lead to a feeling of fullness or heartburn in a few people.

And when we talk about the Caffeine in it, it has the potential to induce a feeling of anxiety and jitteriness and can cause insomnia, but with such a small dose of 39 mg, it is unlikely to yield so. And some people can have allergic reactions to Chaga, like the ones who are sensitive to blood sugar or people who have diabetes or are on insulin. Lion’s mane appears to be safe though it can cause a few allergic reactions that are rare. The Amino Acids and L-Theanine are both safe. However, few people can complain of headaches, nausea or pain in a small number of people.

Side Effects of Consuming The Mushroom Latte

There are very few side effects of The Mushroom Latte. Caffeine generally affects sleep and anxieties. But in the Mushroom Latte, the amount of caffeine used is 40mg, which is 80% less than the traditional coffee. The supplement has amino acids, which are not associated with severe side effects. 

The side effects may vary with the consumption and dosage. The Mushroom Latte supplement should not be consumed more than the labeled Dose. Expecting mothers should consult the doctor for the dosage if any problem arises.

Price Range of The Mushroom Latte (60-Day Money-back Guarantee)

The Mushroom Latte Review - Price Packages

The best part about The Mushroom Latte is that it comes with a Free everyday dose. You can get a free 7-day sample kit which is carefully crafted and a blend of adaptogenic mushrooms, nootropics, collagen, and fair-trade cold brew coffee.

With this Free Trial Dose you get: 

  • 7x Functional Coffee Sample Bags
  • 1x One Day At A Time Poster
  • 1x Everyday Dose Sticker

The price for The Mushroom Latte Dietary supplement is listed below. For Everyday Dose starter kit, it is $60 with free US shipping. The kit includes a Dose mug, gunmetal dose scooper and a poster (motivational Tyler spangler art poster). The Everyday Dose also provides a trial pack at $45, which provides you with a 60-day money-back guarantee. They have an auto-ship that will ship you 30 servings refills every month. The Autoship can be canceled anytime.

The vessel of the Mushroom Latte is $33, which is not recommended for first-time users. It is a 500 ml infinity jar, which does not include the cold brew extract, i.e., their new formula. The jar is made of ultraviolet glass, ensuring the Mushroom Latte dose remains fresh daily. They have 3 pack servings, which costs $99, with 90 servings.

A one-time purchase is $110 for this Mushroom Latte pack. The double starter kit is available for the Mushroom Latte at $120 for one-time purchase and trial packs for $85 for 30 days. You may find the pack details and shop the Mushroom Latte from official website.

Does The Mushroom Latte Work?

After reviewing The Mushroom Latte and seeing its effects, the product does appear to be much more different and effective and is different from your average coffee or energy drink. And, of course, it is likely to work based on the ingredients. There is also research which does support the proposed mental and physical, and energy-enhancing benefits.

Though there are a few things unknown, like the amount of Chaga and Lion’s mane, and if there are low dosages of both, then you might not get the proposed benefits from it. The dosage of L-Theanine is slightly lower than most of the suggested studies. But there are a few studies that do support that even a lower dosage of L-Theanine can give you positive benefits.

Where can We Shop The Mushroom Latte?

You can buy The Mushroom Latte at their official website. Everyday Dose provides free US shipping for the trial packs. They have an Autoship for 30 days, 60 days and 90 days, which you can cancel anytime. Care is taken while packaging and sourcing the Mushroom Latte to ensure the standards are maintained and non-heavy metal pop into the supplement.

Who can consume the Mushroom Latte?

All individuals can consume the Mushroom latte. Everyday Dose manufactured the Mushroom Latte keeping in mind the working professionals to students and everyone. Also, if you are someone who does regular exercise and also has a healthy routine but still is struggling with stress and other issues because of the demanding schedule, then this product is just the perfect one for you.

Where should I find the consumer reviews of the The Mushroom Latte?

You may find the customer reviews on their official website and other social media channels.

Is The Mushroom Latte really beneficial?

You may find reviews about the product on the official website and other sites. The reviews state the product, Mushroom Latte, is beneficial, and they want to try it longer. Not only aids in reducing anxiety and stress, but the Mushroom Latte is also a tastier and healthier option. It has a shallow caffeine content compared to regular coffee.

Is The Mushroom Latte beneficial in weight loss?

The Mushroom Latte aids blood regulation and maintains gut health. It has a soothing flavor and delicious taste. There are a lot of advantages supported by the ingredients used in the recipe of the Mushroom Latte. For people looking for workouts and dietary supplements that will not aid in gaining weight, Mushroom Latte could be an option.

Can Mushroom Coffee Stain your teeth?

Like with regular coffee, if you drink mushroom coffee often without brushing your teeth properly, then there is a high chance that it will stain your teeth.

Is the Mushroom Coffee Addictive? 

No. The Mushroom Coffee is not addictive as it does not contain any psychoactive compounds other than caffeine. But like regular coffee, it contains caffeine, which can make a few people addicted.

Who manufactures The Mushroom Latte?

The Everyday Dose manufactures the Mushroom Latte. Jack Klauber is the founder – Of Everyday Dose. Manufacturing the alternative drink with 3X less caffeine

Conclusion: The Mushroom Latte Review – Should you buy it?

The Mushroom Latte gives you more than a cup of coffee, considering health with taste. The article was written based on reviews and research on official websites. No additional data was used. You may visit Everyday Dose’s official website and social media to know more about the brand and product information. If you are looking to purchase The Mushroom Latte, do make sure that you purchase from its official website. And make sure to read the ingredients and check out if you have any allergic reactions to any of them. We hope that you like our The Mushroom Latte Review, and do let us know with your comments and suggestions.

8.5Expert Score
The Mushroom Latte Review

Mushroom Latte is a healthier alternative to coffee, thanks to the vital ingredients in Everyday Dose’s dietary supplement. Not only does it support better health, but the Mushroom Latte also tastes great!

Health Effect
  • The Mushroom Latte is Gluten free.
  • Non-GMO.
  • Dairy Free supplement.
  • No Sugar or Sweeteners added.
  • Keto Friendly.
  • Kosher Ingredients.
  • Paleo Friendly.
  • No Artificial Colors.
  • No Herbicides Used.
  • No Pesticides Used.
  • No Artificial Flavors added.
  • No fillers or grains used.
  • No Preservatives added.
  • The elements used are lab tested and double extracted.
  • Caffeine generally affects sleep and anxieties.
  • The Mushroom Latte supplement should not be consumed more than the labeled Dose.
Everyday Dose - The Mushroom Latte
The Mushroom Latte is a uniquely different and effective beverage option when compared to coffee or energy drinks.
Reduced Anxiety and Better Sleep
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