7 Best Vegan Mass Gainer – Do Plant-Based Gainers Work?

The vegan diet is considered a healthy lifestyle, but it can be challenging for the vegan to gain muscle. Vegans rely on protein sources like quinoa, nuts, and tofu. However, these protein sources are not very appealing for the taste buds. An athlete can only become a champion if they have the skillset and strength. Aside from that, athletes need to eat well to fuel their bodies with nutrients and calories needed for training and competition. Every vegan should consider Vegan Supplement, which clinical studies have proved its effectiveness in muscle building. So Today, we have brought in our Best Vegan Mass Gainers Review, which would help you in this cause.

Maintaining a low-protein diet might require more effort than what most people are willing to put in; when you think about it, the benefits of being vegan pale compared to the effort needed. The main benefit of plants is that they are not genetically modified and don’t contain artificial ingredients. You know precisely what you’re eating and how it’s (supposedly) been grown. 

The main benefit of plant-based proteins is that they don’t contain any animal products like meat or dairy products. Unlike meat and dairy proteins which can cause stomach aches and discomfort, plant-based proteins are usually accessible on your stomach. Vegan protein powder might be the best way for those who want a quick fix for their workout.

7 Best Vegan Mass Gainers Supplements

1. Protein Works – Vegan Weight Gainer

Protein Works- vegan weight gainer is a meal replacement shake containing a nourishing nutritional blend that includes plant proteins, fiber, and other nutrients. Although many people think that weight gainers are only for bodybuilders, it is beneficial for everyone. Anyone can use it to help them gain weight more effectively and with fewer complications. Even though the brand is based in the UK, it ships its products to Europe, USA and Canada. Protein Works Vegan Weight Gainer naturally support muscle growth without the need to include animal protein or dairy in making it. They are also perfect for those who wish to avoid added sugar in their diet as they do not have any sugar content in them.

This product is a vegan weight gainer composed of soy, pea, and brown rice proteins. Soy protein isolate is one of the highest quality proteins out there, which helps to support muscle mass and burn fat. The Vegan Mass Gainer by the Protein Works has been designed for those who thrive on animal-based protein. This mass gainer is also infused with flaxseed which can increase alpha-linolenic acid intake. It also has dietary fats that can help in maintaining blood cholesterol.

Nutritional Value

  • Calories: 540
  • Proteins: 32g
  • Carbs: 90g
  • Sugars: 9 g
  • Fats: 4.2g
  • It has 500 kcal and 32g protein per serving.
  • Contains Flaxseeds to ensure proper ALA intake (crucial for vegans).
  • It comes in 5 different flavors.
  • Per serving low-calorie intake 

Protein Works – Vegan Weight Gainer 

100% Plant based
Calorie-packed weight gainer created specifically to help you bulk up and gain mass.

2. Vegan Naked Mass

Vegan Naked Mass is a new plant-based supplement that blends pea proteins and brown rice protein to provide a mix of protein sources while still being vegan. Pea proteins are proven to have high biological value and are particularly good for muscle growth. Many plant-based protein powders have been on the market today, but they all contain soy or rice protein. NN Mass is the first vegan-friendly protein supplement containing pea and brown rice proteins.

This mix of pea and brown rice proteins makes for a complete amino acid profile than other supplements with only one type of protein. The supplement provides you with 252 gms of complex carbohydrates that can help power your workouts. It helps you to gain weight by enabling you to take daily required calories. Manufacturers of vegan naked mass are a new supplement that contains plant-based proteins that are synergistically combined and have been proven to aid in muscle growth and recovery.

Nutritional value

  • Calories: 1230
  • Proteins: 50g
  • Carbs: 248g
  • Sugars: 24g
  • Fats: 4g
  • It gives an ample amount of energy required for your extensive daily workout.
  • It has got only 3 ingredients; Organic Maltodextrin, Pea and Rice proteins.
  • It has no additives.
  • It has 10.3g of BCAA’s.
  • Protein powder contains low-calorie content compared to available content in the market. 
  • Has only 1 tub size.

Naked Vegan Mass

as of April 2, 2024 1:14 pm

3. GNC Earth Genius PurEdge Plant-Based Gainer

GNC Earth Genius PurEdge Plant-Based Gainer is a protein powder with a high-calorie count that targets the vegan diet. The GNC Earth Genius PurEdge Plant-Based Gainer is specifically designed to help people follow a plant-based diet. It’s unique because it has more carbs than other vegan protein powders on this list, and it is a great meal replacement.

GNC Earth Genius is a weight-gaining supplement and muscle mass-building supplement. It is sourced from 7 different natural plants. GNC Earth Genius PurEdge Plant-Based Gainer is a vegan-friendly, natural and healthy weight loss supplement containing beta power beetroot-derived ingredients that can help you with quick recovery. Along with this, it also contains digestive enzymes that are extracted from fruits like pineapples and papaya, which would help you with digestion. It enhances athleticism while aiding in the body’s fat-burning process. GNC Earth Genius PurEdge Plant-Based Gainer falls into the trend of plant-based products, gaining more popularity. For weight management, muscle building, and athletic performance.

Nutritional Value 

  • Calories: 570 g
  • Protein: 50g
  • Carbs: 70g
  • Sugars: 10gca
  • Fats: 11g
  • The supplement provides 50g of protein and 70g of carbs from plant-based sources
  • It includes ingredients that aid in digestion. 
  • This supplement is gluten and GMO-free.
  • It contains no artificial sweeteners.
  • Some people may feel a slight headache. 
  • Has got mixed reviews about taste and texture.

GNC Earth Genius PurEdge Plant-Based Gainer

as of April 2, 2024 1:14 pm


The IRONVEGAN Gainer is a plant-based weight gainer high in calories and protein. It helps people maintain a healthy weight by providing a perfect balance of nutrients that the body requires to achieve an ideal weight and keep it there. It stands out when compared to the other products in the market. It has a 2.85:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio and contains organic ingredients like organic greens, fruit concentrates, plant oils, organic sea vegetables and sprouted whole grains. 

This vegan supplement has been proven to help dieters reach their fitness goals. It is recommended for active people trying to build muscle mass and those who want to speed up their metabolism. The IRONVEGAN Gainer has a blend of organic brown rice protein, non-GMO peas, and whole grains. It comes in vanilla and chocolate flavors. The IRONVEGAN Gainer provides you with the nourishment to maintain your muscle mass while supplementing your diet with high-quality nutrients. It also helps you build lean muscles, which are essential for increasing your ability to work out and stay in shape.

Nutritional Value

  • Calories: 720
  • Protein: 42g
  • Carbs: 120g
  • Sugars: 1g
  • Fats: 8g
  • It helps in promoting lean muscle building and recovery.
  • It contains healthy fats that support muscle gain and hormone health.
  • It has 12g of fiber and 1g of sugar.
  • It contains a lower amount of fat, which might not be ideal for some vegans. 
  • Fiber can cause some digestive issues.
  • This mass gainer is sweetened with stevia which many would not like.

IRONVEGAN Gainer Chocolate Protein Powder

as of April 2, 2024 1:14 pm

5. Bulk Vegan Mass

Veganmass is a plant-based protein blend with 30g protein, 43.6g carbohydrates, and 5.8g fat per serving. It is gluten-free and dairy-free. Vegan Mass is a plant-based protein powder with 367k calories. It provides vegan bulkers with the energy they need while also providing nutrition comparable to animal proteins. Veganmass helps gym-goers and other vegan bulkers get it done while also ensuring their calories align with their health and fitness goals. VeganMASS is a plant-based protein supplement that can help you achieve and maintain your desired body composition.

The 1:1 protein and carbohydrate ratio supports lean muscle gains while lessening the potential increase in body fat. This unique protein blend has been formulated with a focus on the health benefits of plant proteins. It is the perfect option for vegans and vegetarians looking for a premium protein supplement. This product is a vegan-friendly supplement that delivers considerable gains in muscle mass without dangerous, hard to find, and expensive ingredients.

Nutritional Value 

  • Calories: 367k
  • Protein: 30g
  • Carbs: 43.6g
  • Sugars: 2.5g
  • Fats: 5.8g
  • It is the perfect mass gainer or daily meal replacement
  • It is rich in protein. 
  • It comes in tasty flavors. 
  • Lower calorie content to other products available in the market. 

Bulk Vegan Mass

No Artificial Sweeteners
A premium, high-quality vegan bulk gainer from a well-known sports nutrition brand.

6. Nutiva Organic

Nutiva Organic has been a leading brand in the organic powder industry. They are famous for their 100% vegan protein powder marketed as a complete source of fatty acids and essential amino acids. This vegan protein powder is marketed as a complete source of fatty acids, essential amino acids, fiber, and antioxidants for weight gain. It is also free from soy and gluten. Nutiva Organic’s vegan protein powders are known for their nutrient-dense benefits. They also have a variety of flavors with great taste. Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein Powder is a great-tasting, high protein supplement naturally found in hemp. It comes in a vegan and paleo-friendly powder flavor.

Hemp protein has been gaining popularity over the years because of its many benefits. Nutiva is a brand known to be organic and free of harmful chemicals. It contains a high amount of Omega-3s. Nutiva Organic, you don’t need to worry about this anymore as these supplements will keep you healthy and give you all that your body needs. The supplement will be the best companion in your workout. 

Nutritional Value

  • Calories: 110
  • Protein: 15g
  • Carbs: 8g
  • Sugars: 1g
  • Fats: 3g
  • The supplement contains 15g of protein and 8g of fiber.
  • It will help reduce toxins in your body and help you gain muscle. 
  • It is free from fillers and artificial ingredients.
  • Low Protein content compared to other supplements available in the market. 

Nutiva Organic

No fillers, artificial ingredients
Nutiva Organic Cold-Processed Hemp Seed Protein is a high-quality source of amino acids, fatty acids, protein, and edestin.

7. PlantVita – Mass Gainer

PlantVita is a supplement that can help you put on mass and get ripped. It helps you consume 300-500 calories more per day which is good for muscle gain, fat loss, and performance. Gain helps your body identify that it needs to consume more food, leading to increased metabolism and thermogenesis, burning more calories while you sleep.

With this new vitamin supplement, people can now put on mass without adding an extra calorie intake or going through strenuous workouts. PlantVita is a plant-based protein powder that helps people maintain a surplus of calories to sustain heightened muscle glycogen storage and provide amino acids to boost. PlantVita GAIN is a 100% plant-made supplement designed to help people looking to gain muscle and weight. The formula is meant for athletes and bodybuilders, but this product isn’t just for the gym – you can use it anywhere, anytime.

Nutritional Value

  • Calories: 359
  • Protein: 22g
  • Carbs: 66g
  • Sugars: 4g
  • Fats: 5g      
  • It contains 359 calories per 100g serving; the supplement is ideal for bulking. 
  • The supplement is protein-rich. 
  • A supplement might not be Organic. 

PlantVita – Mass Gainer 

100% Plant-based
PlantVita Gain enables you to ingest 300-500 calories more per day than you expend through exercise and everyday activity.

Benefits of Vegan Mass Gainers 

Next, in our Best Vegan Mass Gainers Review, we will learn about their benefits. 

👉 Helps you to meet extreme calorie needs. 

The primary benefit of Mass gainers is that it fills in the calorie deficit gap that one often experiences during a workout. These mass gainers help you to meet your calorie goals more quickly. Many people struggle to eat beyond a specific limit. So, in this case, mass gainers come in as a comfortable option rather than adding more plates to your diet. Mass gainers offer over a thousand calories, so you can quickly get 3000-4000 calories by taking one or two. 

👉 Helps you to meet you Creatine needs 

Vegan Mass Gainers are only not just weight gainers but also do give you all your required supplements at once. If you take mass gainers, you would not be required to take protein shakes. Creatine would help you workout for a longer period, which eventually enhances the muscle-building capacity. It also enables better energy availability and helps you decrease muscle breakdown. Creatine, when combined with carbohydrates in mass gainers, pairs along well. If someone notices a water weight gain during the initial introduction of mass gainer in their routines, this could be because of Creatine and a high influx of carbohydrates. 

👉 Helps you with Quick Recovery

After doing an intense workout, it is absolutely necessary that your muscles recover fast and easily. And mass gainers can certainly help you with that. After a workout, while you are doing some other work or taking a rest, mass gainers would help your muscles recover faster and help you be in shape for the next workout. Most weight gainers contain L-glutamine, just like creatine, which plays an important role in recovery. Moreover, many vegan supplements are also considered the best for recovery and help reduce inflammation. 

👉 Helps you to stay lean 

Most of you might say how a mass gainer can help you stay lean if they contain so many calories? Yes, while gaining weight, some amount of mass gain is almost inevitable. But you can minimize it as much as possible and continue to bulk up and have a lean muscle mass. Most mass gainers contain a particular type of dietary formula that helps you stay lean while on your weight gain journey. For this, you should look for products with little saturated fat and medium-chain triglycerides.

Key Elements to Look for before buying the Best Vegan Mass Gainers

Number of Calories 

Vegan Mass Gainers contain a blend of vegan ingredients, making them a convenient source for some extra calories. While deciding to add weight, you also have to make sure to do exercises and bump those calories. For example, if you have a faster metabolism and you buy a weight gainer that contains 100kcal, the chances are that it might not be just enough to gain weight. So we would suggest that you should go for vegan weight gainers that contain 300+ calories so that even if you have a faster metabolism, it won’t matter that much. In some cases, if your metabolism is slow, you should look for those weight gainers that are somewhat low in calories. 


As in the case of most vegan supplements, one must always look at the labels so that you can read the ingredients. By doing this, you ensure that all those ingredients are vegan. Along with this, you should also avoid those ingredients that are harmful to your body. Also, get well informed about the quantity of macro and micro-nutrients that are present in vegan mass gainers. The Best Vegan Mass Gainers should be more than just calories and should be packed with a beneficial nutrient profile and nutrients like calcium, iron etc. 

Taste and Flavor 

This parameter is pretty based on how an individual wants the taste to be. Taste and flavor have been a vital point of debate before buying any vegan supplements. So one should choose a flavor that they fall in love with first because weight gain is something you got to consume regularly. Most weight gainers are sweet to taste. But being too sweet is also something that can be nauseating, and that can gradually lead you towards disliking that particular flavor. It is better to try out the right flavor in such a case by testing it. You can also read some reviews about the flavors before buying them. Most people do like the chocolaty flavor, but some don’t like it. 

Brand and Value for Money

Both these deciding factors do go hand-in-hand. Buying products from a trustworthy and well-known brand gives you confidence before buying any product. It instills a sense of belief when you read good customer reviews about a product. Along with this, the market is flooded with many vegan mass gainers. But which one is legit is the main hidden fact that needs to be evaluated before buying it. Similarly, you should not have the goal of only buying cheap supplements. Instead, you should pick a supplement that contains all the nutritional value you are looking for. 

Are There Any Side Effects of Vegan Mass Gainers?

Well, as in the case with most of the supplements, even vegan mass gainers can have side effects on individuals. Even though they can vary from person to person, you should be aware of them. When we talk about the Vegan Mass Gainers, generally, they can have mild side effects. The ingredients in them can cause potential side effects if the person is allergic to any of the specific ingredients. Many Weight Gainers contain a high level of calories which can also cause your body to gain excessive fat. 

Along with this, it also depends on a person’s metabolism system how he/she can digest a particular mass gainer. If a person has a low metabolism rate, then the chances of quick fat gain become popular. So doing the appropriate workout is vital when taking any mass gainers. At times, you can also suffer from gas and bloating occasionally. And if you take an extreme amount of protein, even that can damage your liver.

Can you take mass gainers everyday? 

As you would have read in our Best Vegan Mass Gainers Review, Mass gainers are not just mass gainers but a whole lot more than that. So on the days when you don’t do a workout, you should consume mass gainers as that would help you to meet your daily nutritional needs. Also, you should maintain a good daily calorie intake but not just at the expense of mass gainers. And most importantly, do follow a regular workout schedule.

Will I lose my abs if I take mass gainer?

Many people wonder if they will lose their abs if they take mass gainer. While the question is not very specific, the answer is yes, a mass gainer will help you keep your abs.

How long does it take to get effects from a mass gainer?

It takes roughly 3-6 months and regular workout sessions to properly gain abs using a mass gainer.

What is the best time to take mass gainer?

To find an answer to this question, we talked to many fitness trainers. The majority suggested that mass gainer shakes are highly effective when you take them after your workout. The first benefit you get by doing so is that it provides the body with the necessary energy and repairs the muscles after a workout. Secondly, it relieves the fatigue and tension that one often gets after an intense workout. It also does not let you feel tired when you come the next day.

Can you mix mass gainer with hot water?

You can mix vegan mass gainer with hot water, but you should be careful to ensure the heat doesn’t damage the quality of the protein in the drink, better to combine mass gainer with the room temperature water.

How can skinny guys take mass gainers?

A mass gainer can be an excellent option for skinny guys to reach their calorie intake goals. By consuming more calories than you are burning, a mass gainer can help you pack on the pounds. Mass gainers are most helpful when consumed between meals and after heavy exercise. They contain large amounts of vital nutrients that replenish the body’s lost energy stores and help to increase muscle mass.

Can Mass Gainers Make you fat?

Mass gainers are packed in with calories which help you in your weight gain journey. But if someone consumes mass gainers supplements without working out, then chances of you getting fat are increased. So it is important that if you are taking a mass gainer, you should follow a regular workout regime.

Can you take creatine with mass gainer?

In our Best Vegan Mass Gainers Review, we have mentioned that creatine should be in the mass gainer you choose. So do ensure that you consume those kinds of supplements. Coming back to the question, one can add 5gm creatine in your mass gainer and shake it well. This would help you in getting your recovery faster.

Can you take mass gainers before going to bed?

We would say No. The ingredients present in mass gainers are something that you should not be consumed right before going to bed. It is also not good to consume a good amount of calories before your bed as you would not be able to digest it efficiently. Instead, as we have said in our review, you should take them after your workout as that would be more beneficial and safe.

Do Mass Gainers Make you sleepy?

Sugar is something that most mass gainers have lots of, but it’s not a good idea to take this many carbs right before bed. By consuming lots of sugar and carbs, your body slows down and needs rest. And after a workout, your body does need rest, and as you take mass gainers after it, it would make your recovery faster. Also, Mass Gainers can make you feel inactive and lethargic as well.

Can you take Mass Gainers with hot milk?

Yes, you can take mass gainers with hot milk. Specially in summer season and during other seasons you can form a mixture in which you can take 4 or 6 scoops per day.

Can Mass Gainers cause Heart problems?

Mass gainers are supplements that help you to gain weight. But at times, gaining an excessive amount of weight can be bad for your health. In fact, a study has found that adding just a little weight can improve the chances of heart failure. Weight gain can affect heart function and alter muscle structure, leading to more damaging outcomes.

Can Mass Gainer and Whey Protein be Consumed Together?

This question is something that most people query about. To begin with, Mass gainers provide you with enough carbohydrates and proteins (approx 140-160 g carbohydrates and 28-36 g protein and fat), whereas Whey Protein can give you approximately 22- 30 g protein. So a person who is aiming to have a bulky and muscular body doesn’t require additional protein supplements. So there is no point in taking them together. 

Are Vegan Mass Gainers really necessary?

Not everybody works the same way, and everyone has different needs. You will find some people who can maintain healthy body weight or gain muscle or lose fat without using any supplements, but for some people, it’s simply not as easy. So, in that case, people should go for mass gainers. For example, let’s say you need 3500 calories to be in 500 calorie surplus, and if you can eat that many calories with a macro balance profile, there is no need to even think about these supplements.

Is Mass Gainer unhealthy?

As in our Best Vegan Mass Review, we have stated that there are some possible side effects of mass gainers, but they are mild. Barring this thought, most of the mass gainers are safe. Before you decide to consume any mass gainer, make sure that you go through the ingredients label and also check with the customer reviews. And as always, if you have some medical condition, make sure that you consult a health physician before buying any mass gainer.

Can you take mass gainers empty stomach?

It is not safe to take mass gainers empty stomach as it can cause gastrointestinal discomfort. And you can also suffer from gas problems. So it is better to take them after a workout and a not empty stomach.

Bottom Line: Best Vegan Mass Gainer

Vegan mass gainers are specially designed to help you maintain your desired weight or gain muscle mass. They are high in protein, vitamins, and minerals and can be used by people looking for a healthy lifestyle change. And with our Best Vegan Mass Gainers Review, we have tried to give you all aspects associated with them. Also, before you buy any of the supplements, make sure that you read about the ingredients and the customer reviews.

Also look for the instructions which informs you how much portion you should consume and when to consume. And make sure that you regularly follow a workout routine that would help you to burn extra calories which you get from a mass gainer. If you are looking for a vegan mass gainer supplement that will help you achieve your fitness goals, you should consider your option in our list of vegan mass gainers.

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