Chelsea Houska Workout & Diet Plan, Fitness Journey & More 2023

Famous TV Personality

Chelsea Houska

Born: 1991, South Dakota

Chelsea Houska, known as Chelsea DeBoer, is an American television personality; she received fame from the series “Teen Mom 2”. Chelsea had a troublesome teen life after being forced to drop out of school due to her pregnancy. Followed by many complications in delivery. Chelsea Houska is earning $500,000 per season, and her fan following is worldwide.  She is pretty popular nowadays with her fitness and diet routine. 

Chelsea Houska

Today we are discussing a TV sensation, Chelsea Houska, a beloved Character from Teen mom 2 and “16 and Pregnant.”  Chelsea Houska is a well-known reality television personality known for her participation in “Teen Mom 2.”

Chelsea was born to Randy Houska and Marry Knip. When she was 16, she got pregnant and dropped out of school. Chelsea was fortunate that her family supported her during her difficult pregnancy and troublesome relationship with her Boyfriend. 

Chelsea Houska is a fitness model who has worked with multiple companies, including The Kardashian family. Houska has millions of followers worldwide; she has many videos of her fitness workout channel. 

Current Stats

Birthdate -August 29th, 1991
Height – 5’2 ft.
Weight – 116 lbs
Owner – Chelsea DeBoer’s Home Decor
Body Measurement – 33-26-35
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Chelsea Houska Workout & Diet Plan

Chelsea Houska’s Workout Routine

Our Teen mom believes you can only lose weight and get into shape when you are transforming through “Sweaty sessions.” Chelsea loves to work hard in the gym to maintain a lean shape. She explains her workout routine and how it worked for her. She emphasized sticking to one routine instead of switching from one routine to the other routine. 

Chelsea Houska’s workout routine includes weightlifting and cardio exercise to improve her strength and stamina. Her workouts are not hard-core, so she does not get injured. She does her workouts three or four times a week on days that she does not have work or filming obligations so that her body has enough time. For Chelsea to choose the perfect routine to lose weight was challenging, She is into the zone to look out for the workout routine, which fits her to tone down and helps her manage weight loss

Chelsea Houska Workout Routine

“A lot of people who are trying to lose weight are trying absolutely anything that requires tons of specialized equipment or instructions or doesn’t suit their body and find themselves giving up months later because it’s just too difficult to keep up.”

Chelsea suggests everyone should explore all options before hitting the particular workout routine. Furthermore, she insists that one should start slowly, try new things, and know which is the perfect and effective routine for you. 

👉 Love for peloton 

Chelsea usually does work out on the peloton; for her, Pelton is the best equipment for over full-body workout. But she said you can invest in different options, like cycling, if you are not looking for a big investment right away. Carbon steel aluminum bike is the perfect workout machine for cardio exercise to lose weight while riding on it.  

👉 Intensity matters a most 

Chelsea advises that keeping the intensity throughout the workout is vital to burn the fats. One minute of fast running followed by 2 to 3 minutes of a jog is enough for the beginners to get started. Five repetitions with 1 minute of break is an effective exercise to burn the fat. This exercise is one of the simple and most effective weight loss exercises performed by Chelsea Houska

👉 Breaking the stereotype 

Chelsea makes sure that she doesn’t get interrupted by her kids being a mom of 4 children. Moreover, she takes good care of them. She joked once that she vented to the quick run while younger children napped.   

Chelsea Houska Weekly Workout

Let’s check out the daily workout routine of Chelsea Houska.

Chelsea’s workout starts with kickboxing, and she said that kickboxing makes her strong and relaxes her mind. Secondly, it will also reduce stress and make her confidence high to tackle any situation. 

Monday workout routine: Weight Lifting

  • Static Lunges: 4 sets with 12 reps.
  • Deadlift: 4 sets with 12 reps.
  • Single-Arm Row: 4 sets with 10 reps.
  • Side-Bar: 4 sets with 10 reps.
  • Med Ball Slam: 3 sets with 15 reps.

Chelsea talks about weight lifting that the improper motion of lighting the weight and wrong weight can lead to severe injuries to the back, shoulder, and chest. Chelsea focuses on the correct position, like standing tall and tight abs while lifting the weight. You should choose the correct weight and start with a good tempo in weightlifting

Tuesday workout routine: Crossfit

Crossfit is one of the favorite exercises Chelsea performs in her workout routine. Furthermore, she has been performing the exercise for years now.

  • She performs CrossFit workouts twice a week. 
  • Barbell Deadlift: 5 sets with 10 reps.
  • Barbell Squat: 5 sets with 10 reps
  • Kettlebell Swings: 5 sets with 30 secs
  • Treadmill sprints: 5 sets with 60 secs.
  • Squats: 15. 

Wednesday and Friday workout routine: Kickboxing 

Chelsea reserved Wednesday and Friday for the kickboxing exercise. 

  • Kickboxing: 10 reps 
  • Squats: 10 reps 
  • Lunges: 10 reps
  • Push-Ups: 10 reps 
  • Site-Ups: 10 reps
  • Jump rope for 2 rounds

Chelsea’s kickboxing workout is all over body warm-up; she took intervals between kickboxing and did squats, lunges, sit-ups, and push-ups. Kickboxing burns your calories and speeds up your weight loss. Chelsea Houska is determined and passionate about her workout.

“I make sure that I’m doing the things that I love, and I’m getting stronger, not weaker.”

Chelsea Houska

Chelsea Houska Diet Summary

Chelsea is unfeigned on her admission; like any other teen, she was not diet conscious and glump a lot of junk food and often drank. But after the delivery of the first child, she made some drastic changes in her lifestyle and started eating healthy foodstuff.  

She follows a healthy food diet more focusing on a high protein and low carb diet. She is enrolled in the internet program called “Whole 30,” an online diet program for one month. After attending the online diet program, Chelsea lost almost 50 pounds; she followed it rigorously and said she learned how to eat healthy food to maintain a good lifestyle and completely stop glumping junk food. 

She is in love with the diet program; “ she was feeling great, had more energy than ever, and couldn’t have been happier,” she said. “I felt amazing in my wedding dress and proud that I had done that for myself.” – Chelsea expressed her feelings

Chelsea Houska Meal Routine

Chelsea takes four meals in a day with an interval of 2-3 hours. 

Meal 1 – Fruits and dairy products

  • Greek Yogurt.
  • Eggs
  • Fresh fruit or oatmeal.
  • Hot sauce.

Meal 2 – High protein diet and low carb food

  • Veggies
  • Salmon
  • Chicken breast

Meal 3 – Fruits

  • Grapes
  • Avocados
  • Chia seeds 

Meal 4 – High protein and low carb food

  • Lean beef  
  • Chicken breast
  • Broccoli 

Busy Mom of 4 kids, whose routine is very hectic, sometimes she orders her food but still prefers high protein at any cost. 

Foods to avoid to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Refined sugar  
  • Junk food
  • Fast food
  • Processed foods
  • High-carb foods- Beans and Potato
  • Rice 
  • Bread 
Chelsea Houska advises to eat Chelsea Houska advises to avoid
✔ Leafy greens Refined sugar
✔ Low-carb veggies Grains
✔ Asparagus Junk food
✔ Lean protein Fast Food
✔ Chicken breast Processed foods
✔ Eggs High-carb foods

Chelsea Houska’s Supplements

Let’s talk about Chelsea Houska supplements 

The supplement plays an crucial role in the overall nourishment of Chelsea Houska when she is in on an extensive workout and helps her to gain strength and recover herself after a workout. Let’s check out the bag of Mrs. Houska to check out her supplement. 

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Pre Workout

Chelsea takes the pre-workout supplement for before and after workout benefits. It can help you boost your workout performance, increase strength and endurance, improve sleep quality, and decrease fatigue. Plus, it includes essential nutrients like protein and fiber.

It contains a lot of energy and nutrients to help you feel full for a longer time while also giving you the mental edge to push harder in your workout. The most popular types of pre-workouts are protein shakes. They can be used as meal replacements or as snacks between meals to keep you going all day long. There are a few different types of protein shakes, including whey, casein, and hemp protein shakes.

Carb Blocker

Carb blockers reduce the number of carbohydrates that humans consume to lose weight. Carb blockers work by reducing the absorption of carbohydrates, thereby making the body feel full for longer. Carb blockers work through various mechanisms, including blocking enzymes and receptors involved in carbohydrate digestion and blocking dietary fat from being absorbed by the body.

Hair Vitamins

Like other celebrities, Chelsea takes hair vitamins for its magical benefit. Hair vitamins can be a good way to maintain a healthy head of hair and scalp. It is a kind of supplement taken orally and can be found in capsules or tablets. Vitamins are essential for the body to function properly, but they are also important for hair growth. IT helps produce collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin, keratin, and sebum.

Calcium and Vitamin D

Chelsea is the mother of four kids now; she exerts herself in a workout that will be tough for mom. She needs a supplement that ensures the proper health of Bones and the function of the body’s overall metabolism. Calcium supplement helps maintain better bones, better teeth development, blood clotting in the case of injury, better Nerve signaling, and preventing osteoporosis.

Iron and Zinc

Iron and zinc are two of the most important minerals in the human body. These two minerals work in a symbiotic relationship to help in various body functions. Iron and zinc benefits, men can enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and improve their overall well-being. These supplements can boost immunity, enhance moods and concentration levels, and protect men from chronic diseases such as coronary artery disease.

B Complex

B complex plays a crucial role in overall body function. Following are some benefits of vitamin B Complex:
➤Memory and mental performance will improve.
➤B complex will help you feel more confident.
➤B complex will help you improve your mood and reduce the risk of heart disease, fatigue, and feeling tired all the time.

Prenatal Vitamin

Prenatal vitamins contain folic acid and other nutrients that can help prevent congenital disabilities. They also play a vital role in developing the baby’s brain and eyes. Prenatal vitamins are important for pregnant women because they provide essential nutrients and proteins that their bodies need during pregnancy and their babies’ early stages of growth.

Chelsea Houska Lifestyle

The journey from Terrible outlook to Terrific scenario. It has never been an easy job for Chelsea; traumatic labor pain of 5 weeks early birth, and baby Aubree spent time in ICU. Chelsea’s early years are mired by a traumatic relationship with Aubree’s dada, her ex-boyfriend, court case regarding joint custody for Aubree. 

Blessings in Disguise.

Teen moms suffered a lot, but then she got a ticket to fame; she played a role in an MTV show 16 and Pregnant Teen Mom 2.

Finally, Love at first sight.

She met her husband, Cole Deboer, at a gas station; they looked at each other but never talked. Afterward, they connected via social media. 

Inspirational Quotes from Chelsea Houska

Touchy lines From Chelsea to her Boyfriend Adam Lind

“I hope that he would learn something from being in jail and being away from Aubree, grow up, stop getting in trouble and we could get along and he could see Aubree and she could be part of her sibling’s life and that everyone would be happy. That would be the perfect scenario.” Chelsea Houska

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