12 Best Hand Lotions for Nurses 2023 (Experts Recommendation)

Best Hand Lotions for Nurses

Are you looking for the best hand lotions for nurses review 2023? If yes, your search ends here! Amid the pandemic, the frontline workers have played a significant role. Doctors, nurses, sanitation workers and other people involved in catering to the healthcare industry are crucial. They also need utmost care as they serve humanity.

They treat numerous people and take due care of them. Moreover, nurses have an immense role in carrying the difficult responsibilities in the healthcare sector. Therefore, they should take care of their hands and use the best lotions to hydrate them. 

Furthermore, ample hand lotions may promise the same thing, eventually confusing people with which product to choose. So, this article comprises the 12 best hand lotions for nurses as certain the best product. 

Causes of Dry Hands

The major application of a hand lotion or cream is for moisturizing dry hands. First, however, you should know the root causes of dry hands. Many times, hands may dry due to weather and climatic changes. Especially, people often encounter dry hands during cold climates. Moreover, people who need to wash their hands frequently may experience dry hands.

Furthermore, since certain professions entail exposure to chemicals and other harsh substances, people experience dry hands. Also, people having medical conditions may experience dry hands. Some conditions include eczema, wherein people may experience skin inflammation, and therefore their hand gets dry. Apart from these reasons, there may also be different causes for dry hands. 

Importance of Hand Lotions for Nurses

We all are acquainted with the fact that healthcare professionals treat numerous patients. They also interact with patients regularly to keep track of their health. In this regard, they may have high chances of getting infected with some ailments. So, they should use a good hand wash or sanitizer to keep the diseases at bay.

Moreover, the skin may often get dry and cracks due to a lack of moisture due to regular washing. In light of this, a good hand lotion may help retain the essential moisture content in the skin. Eventually, you may get relief from the cracked hands and enhance their appearance greatly. 

Why Do Nurses Need Good Hand Lotions?

When I mention this outside of work, many people are amazed to hear that nursing can require a lot of manual labor that can be hard on your hands. Most of the misconceptions comes from the fact that people only think that Nurses have to work indoors and therefore they are never exposed to any of the harmful elements in the outdoor environment. While certain people from outside the medical fraternity do think that Nurses and other medical professionals have the time and access to expensive treatment for their skin. But all these concepts are just not true. In their hectic schedule which is completely drains out the energy from them, they don’t even have the time to look after themselves. 

Moreover the numerous times they wash and scrub their hands after every work is something that causes their hands to dry. While general people consider hand washing as a good practice, for Nurses it actually becomes a mandatory routine before doing any task. But their hand washing routine goes through a lot of scrubbing which is usually done by using a harsher soap. They also make use of hand sanitizer’s which also leads to their hands becoming extremely dry which then results in cracking which can certainly be painful. 

So Nurses and even Nursing students should apply high quality hand creams which they should apply during their interval breaks or free time. It is very important to keep your skin in a good state and by applying these creams you can certainly protect your skin from drying. While many common and standard creams do also work, but as mentioned earlier that nurses do have a very intense handwork, they should definitely go for high-quality hand creams. And for our Nurses which Awe and have deep respect, here is our list of Top 12 best Hand lotions which are really beneficial!

Benefits of a Hand Lotion

Moisturization: Of course, the essential moisture content in the skin may help enhance it intensely. When the hands lack moisture content or natural oils, they may dry and crack. So, a good moisturizer or a hand lotion or cream may reduce its dryness and improve its appearance. 

May help protects from infections: Our hands are prone to environmental factors like sun and pollution. In this regard, they may get dried easily and crack. Moreover, cracked hands may encounter certain infections easily. On the other hand, you may greatly reduce infections when using a good hand lotion with an intensely moisturizing formula. 

Softer hands: Everyone needs softer hands, which is only possible with an intensely moisturizing formula. So, you may get silky smooth hands by using a perfect hand lotion. So, it may also take care of your skin’s health.

Cleaner hands: In these hard times, hygiene is indispensable, and you cannot overlook it. So, a good hand lotion may also keep your hands clean. However, you should know and understand the best hand lotion to get multiple benefits. 

12 Best Hand Lotions for Nurses

1. Aquaphor Healing Ointment

O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream, 3.4 oz., Jar

as of June 14, 2024 10:09 am

Well Aquaphor Healing Ointment does make at the top our list as it is just ideal for any skin irritation, redness or dryness. And also this Ointment is also a classic skin care product which is really popular among many health care professionals. Its popularity can be justified by the variety of its uses and application. While many people recommend it for wound care but only few people have tried it as a hand cream. What makes this product unique is the presence of minimal and pure ingredients. And its special formula would just protect and heal your skin by creating a barrier over your skin.

This barrier actually does make Aquaphor products to prove to be a much safer choice for healthcare professionals who would need protection from certain cuts, chapped skin and even eczema. The product may come in a semi-solid form and be applied to the whole body. In addition, it may retain the essential moisture content in dry hands to hydrate them. The product may smoothen and nourish the hands and be useful for sensitive skin.

Aquaphor is designed to protect the skin against a variety of environmental influences, including humidity, dry air, cold weather and heat. The product has a hypoallergenic formula is made with 41% Petrolatum and is also fragrance-free hand cream and heal the hands intensely. Also, it may be a multi-purpose ointment for cracked heels, dry hands, chapped lips, and dry skin. The product may also comprise panthenol, glycerin, and more.

2. Burt’s Bees Hand Cream for Dry Skin

Well before you start getting confusing with the name of this cream; it’s actually named after a man named Burt who actually saw the various benefits of beeswax and honey on skin. People with dry skin may encounter cracks when they do not use an ideal hand lotion. So, Burt’s Bees hand cream for dry skin may be an effective formula for revitalizing dry skin. Additionally, the natural fruit acid complex may help moisturize the skin intensely. Interestingly, the product may also help exfoliate the skin.

The main ingredients in the product include green tea extract, baobab oil, pumpkin oil, and others. We must tell you that this cream has an all natural nutty almond scent. So it may not be the best option for a clinical setting, especially if the hospital has strict restrictions on artificial scents or may have an increased risk of severe reactions. Well we are not quite sure that this cream is hypoallergenic but it might not be the risk. It comes with a really creamy fell which some might find weird at first and start thinking that it is going to be greasy but its certainly not.

Almond oil, milk, and Vitamin E are known for their moisturizing properties and all three ingredients facilitate this process. The natural beeswax seals in and conditions the skin, giving it a protective coating that is both light in texture and pleasant smelling to the senses. Moreover, the product may also be dermatologist tested and non-greasy. You need to worry about its odour as the product may be free from fragrance. The product may also not contain parabens and phthalates and be hypoallergenic.

3. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Moisturizing Hand Cream

Frequent washing of hands can quickly lead to dry irritated skin or eczema. Well at such times when you need quick relief and that too fast, you can definitely go ahead with Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream. It has a clinically proven formula which is proven to heal even the most dry and cracked hands. The concentration of unique glycerin complex(40%) does deliver effective and quick results on inflamed skin.

The product may help treat dry and chapped hands. Also, the product may not contain scent and soothe the skin. Also the best part about the product is that even a little would go a long way which means that 2-ounce bottle would at least last for over 200 application. Well with daily use of this lotion, it would certainly prevent dry skin and you can also apply it overnight to soothe the skin. It may improve the appearance of your hands and relieve dry skin. The product is even recommended by dermatologist and is fragrance free. Also its formula is Hypoallergenic and is even endorsed by the National Eczema Association.

4. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration Moisturizer

The product may work for all skin types. It may also be used to treat eczema and be clinically proven. This cream has a fast-absorbing formula which does moisturizes your skin and gives long-term hydration for dry, distressed skin and eczema that can be easily absorbed by the skin. With a formulation designed to lock in moisture on the surface of the skin and also repair moisture levels from deep within, this is how it provides you with both short-term relief as well as long-term hydration. Also this award winning Ultra Repair cream which does get instantly absorbed and gives immediate relief to parched skin.

It is infused with Colloidal Oatmeal which is a soothing moisturizer which leave your skin feel smooth, hydrated.  Moreover, the product may not irritate and suit sensitive skin and the whole family can use it. Furthermore, it may also be free from alcohol, artificial colourants, parabens, phthalates, and other chemicals. It may also work temporarily to treat minor irritation. Also, it may improve skin hydration and work for the whole body.

5. Honey House Naturals Large Bee Bar Solid Lotion

Bee Bars are a unique blend of natural oils and emollients for the hands and body. It is made using the highest quality coconut oil, beeswax, and shea butter, Bee Bars are formulated to provide a lasting layer of protection against dry skin that lasts from wash to wash without feeling sticky or oily. These Bee Bars actually smell great and would immediately soothe as well as soften your skin.

This it does without even leaving a greasy residue, so it works fairly well. It effectively seals in the emollients into the skin so in that case even if you wash your hands frequently you would not have to reapply it. You can apply it directly on to your dry skin and it would certainly not dry out your skin. The product may contain mineral oils to hydrate the skin. In addition, it may not leave a greasy residue and have the essential moisturizing oils. You may get the goodness of shea butter, jojoba beeswax, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, and more. Above all, the product may treat dry skin with intense moisturization. You may use the product for moisturizing your hands.

6. Eucerin Intensive Repair Lotion

This product is quite among the popular lotions around in the market. What makes this lotion popular is the fact that it is specially formulated with healing ingredients for sensitive skin. It does contain trusted ingredients like mineral oil and lanolin which actually protect your skin and also locks in the moisture which provides the skin advanced healing. Issues like peeling skin and even eczema don’t even stand a chance against this lotions. Also many users around have actually loved this lotion as it is free from any irritant ingredients and also artificial fragrances.

The lotion has a formula which has rich consistency and less greasy and you can certainly use this lotion for daily use. This lotion is among the fragrance-free lotion and also rich in emollients. One can presume that this lotion is specially formulated for the ones who have dry and cracked skin. The product may help you hydrate your hands. Also, it may restore the skin’s radiance and not contain fragrance. Furthermore, it may also exfoliate and moisturize dry hands. You may also get softer hands by applying this product. Alpha Hydroxy formula in this product may provide intensive care.

7. Gloves in a Bottle Shielding Lotion

Well this Gloves in a Bottle Lotion is more than just being a hand cream. We say this because you can use it on any part of your body to soothe itchy skin and also does moisturize eczemas and also cracked skin. This lotion is called a shielding one because it itself acts as a shield and protects the skin. This lotion is also formulated to bond onto the epidermis and just lock in the natural oils thereby preventing dehydration. Well it might just be ideal lotion for nurses as well as for people who are suffering from psoriasis, diabetes or may be any conditions which would lead to eczema.

It may moisturize irritated skin and have soothing properties. But the top feature might be that this moisturization is not the one which is greasy. This lotion would protect your hands even from soaps, cleaning products and even sanitisers. It may also help you by providing long-lasting protection from environmental toxins. Skin experts may also prescribe the product. Additionally, it may have a fast-absorbing formula to hydrate the skin intensely. You may also benefit from the product as it is hypoallergenic and treat the skin well. You can use it on all of your body even your feet. 

8. Excipial Rapid Repair Hand Cream

Excipial Rapid Repair Hand Cream

as of June 14, 2024 10:09 am

This cream by Excipal is specifically designed for hardworking hands which the nurses go through their entire carrier. This cream has a concentrated formula which is lightweight and will not leave those nasty greasy residues on your skin. Along with this it also gives intense hydration to your skin which you definitely would want. This formula which is created by dermatologists and is really ideal for nurses which even have sensitive skin. Excipial is also enriched with emollients and skin conditioners which does strengthens and support the natural barrier of skin without even hampering the delicate balance of it.

With this cream you would get a formula which is deeply penetrating and fast-absorbing which contains meadow foam seed oil, glycerin, panthenol, squalene, dimethicone, and vitamin E. You may use the product to hydrate the dry hands. It may also support the skin’s natural barriers and be safe. The product may also not contain fragrance and colourants and have a blend of skin conditioners. Also, the product may be safe for the healthcare workers and soothe the itchy skin. The Excipial Rapid Repair Hand Cream may also repair the skin. It is also free from colors and fragrances which certainly make this cream to be a must in your nursing beauty kit.

9. Thymes Hand Lotion

With this product, you get the goodness of shea butter and vitamin E for an intense moisturization. The product may be viable for smoothing and protecting the hands. It does nourishes your overworked hands and also helps to protect them. This lotion has a fresh fragrance that smells of lavender, balsam, patchouli, sunny lavender flowers, Sardinian laurel leaf, and more. It also acts like a hydrating moisturizer which contains shea butter and Vitamin E which would together to soften and smoothen skin thereby protecting it.

With its each scent you would feel better and the lotion would not leave any greasy residue on your skin and would keep your skin moisturized throughout the day. The product is cruelty-free and not contain parabens and petrolatum. The best thing about this product may be its artfully designed packaging. Thymes lotions are made with natural and botanical ingredients that work to sooth and calm parched skin, helping to keep the redness and itchiness at bay.

10. MD’S PICK Barista Hand Cream

Well you can certainly give the necessary care to your dry and cracked hands that they do deserve by using this MD’S PICK Barista Hand Cream. This fragrance-free hand cream has EWG green-rated ingredients and is dermatologist-tested to protect your skin. This is a deeply moisturizing formula that includes key ingredients such as natural almond oils, coconut oil, olive oil and aquarisia to help soothe your dry skin. It will leave your hands feeling soft and smooth after each use. It does have a creamy texture which would leave your hands soft and smooth.

The hand cream is specially formulated for the needs of medical and culinary professionals in particular. Doctors, nurses, chefs, patisseries and sommeliers can all benefit from the high-performance qualities of this product. The product does not have the scent and gets absorbed easily. It does not contain mineral oil, parabens, sulfates, and others. The best thing about the product is that pregnant women, nurses, and doctors may use it. Interestingly, it may also comprise natural and hypoallergenic ingredients. It may also work for oily, normal, and combination skin.

11. O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream

This pick is specially for those who have a much dryer skin. It has a formula which is formulated for working hands and does instantly moisturizes the skin thereby providing soothes and relief to it. The Nurses out there would definitely LOVE this product as for them it would provide relief from the chapped and painful skin which is caused due to frequent hand washing and even hand sanitising. It does has a clinically proven formula which effectively locks in the moisture and creates a protective layer over skin.

The formula does packs in a punch with combining the power of glycerin, paraffin, allantoin and mineral oil. Also the other benefit you get with this cream is that it especially works well on cracked skin and also in sensitive areas such as the cuticles and fingertips. The major product benefit is that it may facilitate intense moisturization. Also, the product may be hypoallergenic and does not yields side effects. Additionally, it may heal and repair dry hands for enhancing their look and skin. The product may also help protect the moisture loss and be safe for the person with diabetes. Well this product would really help you even in your worst problem area so you would definitely not regret worth giving it a shot!

12. Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Hand Cream

This cream has an intensive healing properties for dry and damaged hands. It is infused with soothing aloe vera and seven different moisturizers which help in keeping your hands deeply moisturized up to 24 hours. Well this cream does not wash away easily and is also dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. The major benefit of the product is it may be hypoallergenic. Moreover, the product may be viable for nourishing dry hands. You may also get the goodness of Vitamin A, C, and E with this product. Vitamin C does help in protecting your skin whereas Vitamin E help in minimising moisture loss. Vitamin A improves the texture of skin. Tested by dermatologists, the product may also not stick or contain the fragrance. The product may also get absorbed easily.

You should purchase the products after testing their efficacy and effectiveness. Some products are meant for dry hands, while some are for sensitive skin. Many companies also mention their applications and benefits on the product’s packaging. So, you should assess your skin type and analyse your requirements. We cannot say that the mentioned products are viable for everyone. However, they may be viable for some.

Are the Products Viable?

You should purchase the products after testing their efficacy and effectiveness. Some products are meant for dry hands, while some are for sensitive skin. Many companies also mention their applications and benefits on the product’s packaging. So, you should assess your skin type and analyze your requirements. We cannot say that the mentioned products are viable for everyone. However, they may be viable for some. 

Things to Consider While Choosing a Hand Lotion

Best Hand Lotion for Nurses Review

Natural ingredients: The benefits of natural products with organic ingredients are unmatched. In light of this, you may consider buying a product that does not contain chemical ingredients. Likewise, you may choose products that do not contain the banned ingredients.

Non-greasy: The hand lotion should not be sticky, which may irritate the skin. In addition, t should be lightweight to help you carry it whenever needed. Finally, you should choose the comfortable hand lotion to use regularly. 

Vitamin E content: Of course, vitamin E has multiple benefits for the skin, lips, and hair. In this regard, it may help you by moisturizing the hands intensely. The best thing about Vitamin E is that it may help prevent the hands from harmful sun damage. 

Skin type: You are your best judge and should decide on a suitable skincare product. So, you should choose the hand lotion or cream that helps retain the essential moisture content in the skin. You may test and try the products meticulously to know what suits you. 

Fatty Oils: Oils like sweet almond oil, avocado or argan oil have the ability to retain moisture and provide intense hydration. You should look for those cream or lotions which is enriched with at least one of the essential oils mentioned above.

Humectants: Its now quite a common ingredients which is found in most of the skin care products. Humectants like glycerin are the ones you should look for which is a non-toxic compound but nowadays many brands around the world use propylene glycol

Side effects: Some people are allergic to certain ingredients. So, you should purchase hand lotions that do not pose any side effects or negative implications. However, some products may also result in skin infections, allergies, rashes, itchiness, and others. So, you should choose a mild hand lotion mindfully. 

Certifications: You should also emphasize buying the products with the necessary certifications as per industry standards. You should also check the product’s expiry date before use. In addition, you may purchase cruelty-free hand lotions or creams. 

Ingredients to Look for Before Choosing the Right Cream 

Of course, there are different ingredients to look for in a hand lotion. However, hereunder are the benefits of some ingredients in a hand lotion:

Shea butter: It may have anti-inflammatory properties and boost collagen production. It may soften the skin and penetrate it easily. In addition, shea butter may be effective to treat cracked skin. Additionally, it may be ideal for treating dry skin. So, many hand lotions and other skincare products have shea butter infused in them.

Cocoa butter: It may help moisturize the skin and reduce the ageing signs. The biggest benefit of cocoa butter is that it may help reduce inflammation. Many cosmetics brands infuse cocoa butter for enhancing the product’s features. 

Coconut oil: It may be ideal for the skin and the hair and provide ample advantages. Many skincare brands highly incorporate coconut oil for hair care and skincare products. Moreover, coconut oil may help retain the essential moisture content in the skin. So, your skin may not dry easily with coconut oil. Furthermore, it may also help reduce the inflammation for good skin. Coconut oil may also be viable for treating eczema and other skin conditions. 

Glycerin: It may be a wonderful ingredient for use in formulating a hand lotion. It may help lock the essential moisture content in the skin. Also, glycerin may prevent the skin from external factors. So, many cosmetics have the essential glycerin content for moisturization. 

Hyaluronic acid: The ingredient may offer multiple skin benefits. It may help reduce the ageing signs like wrinkles and fine lines. Thus, you may get anti-ageing properties with hyaluronic acid. Moreover, it may help reduce the recovery times and facilitate wound healing. It may also help maintain the essential moisture content in the skin. 

Hence, you may consider the products infused with these ingredients. You can also see the labels on the product’s packaging. Also, you may check the ingredient’s concentration before purchasing. Also, you can check the product’s test results.

🌟 Top FAQs on Hand Lotions for Nurses

✅How do nurses keep their hands moisturized?

There are some hand lotions designed specifically for nurses. Nurses are exposed to many chemicals and are prone to getting dry skin. To combat it, they use hand lotions that will prevent chapping and cracking.

✅How frequently should you apply lotion to your hands?

There is no hard and fast rule on how often you should use hand cream. Some recommend using it every time you wash your hands, while others recommend using it occasionally throughout the day.

✅How long should lotion stay on the skin?

It is recommended to put lotion on your hands every time you wash them. It should be kept on the hands for at least 30 minutes so that the skin will be moisturized. The duration of hydration can be determined by how much time is spent in the hand lotion and how much time the hands are submerged in water.

✅How do you know if skincare products are working?

After several weeks of daily use, you will see your skin is looking healthier. You will get brighter and more even skin tones. Know your products are working; when your skin feels less bumpy, the size of your pores has shrunk, and you’re noticing fewer marks, acne, and discoloration.

✅Does lotion expire?

Yes, most lotions have a shelf life of one year. If they are kept in cool and dark places, the shelf life of the lotions would be higher.

✅What happens if you apply too much hand lotion?

Using too much hand lotion can cause your skin to become dry and flaky also increase the risk of infection. The extra lotion can make your skin feel sticky, and it can become difficult to clean your hands.

Final Thoughts:

The 12 best hand lotions for nurses have different benefits. We can infer that the 12 best hand lotions may suit some people. Their effects may also differ from person to person. You may research from your end to know and understand the product’s efficacy before use. We will develop an interesting yet informative article to enhance your understanding of health and fitness products. In the comment section below, your valuable feedback and viewpoints are welcome.

We will be more than happy to hear from you. That’s all for now! Stay tuned with us for more updates on different products. 

Disclaimer: The product information is from different internet sources and may change. We would advise you to know every product’s pros and cons, side effects, applications and benefits, and other potential implications before use. You should also consult the doctor or the skin specialist to know whether to use the product or not. 
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